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(Jul. 23, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ the show that tells it like it is. What we do is waylay everyday people and have them tell us their concerns. And here comes two Navy guys.

“Hey, guys, got a minute?”

“Oh, sure, we know who you are; you’re Chief New Leaf. Been watching ‘Pulse’ ever since you guys went satellite. We miss Roving but you’re honing your sarcasm skills, which is why we continue to watch.”

“Gee, thank you. I feel like there’s meaning to my life now, thanks to you two.”

“You’re welcome. What’s the question?”

“Islam has – it’s been going on for 1,500 years – declared war on the world. Recently, with Obama at the helm of America’s Ship-of-State, Israel is about to fight for her life – maybe even go under — and Sharia Law is about to be forced down the throats of ignorant Americans. What would be your solution to turn back the tide of what seems to be – at least on the surface – the inevitable conclusion of the importation of millions of Muslims into our country, many of them members of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal has been to sink us once and for all?”

“We have people within our borders who don’t like our way of life and, consequently, have no respect for us. We have millions of Muslims who have no intention of assimilating, never accepting the Constitution as the law-of-the-land – which it is — by giving up their own law: Sharia.”

“Seaman Herman has got it right.”

“And who are you?”

“I’m Lieutenant Howell, and before you ask, we were roommates in college. I’m in for the duration and Herman, here, is a reservist.”

“So your enlistment is for six years and Herman’s is for two?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“So, Seaman, do you have to call your friend ‘Sir?’”

“Of course, and I salute him. Look, I’ll come to attention and salute him, like this.”

“That’s pretty funny, sailor: at ease. Herman comes from money, but not me. Seaman Herman went to a military school while I went to a public school, and the only way I made it to college is on my sport scholarship. Herman also had a scholarship, even though his parents could’ve paid his way.”

“And you became roommates and friends. Interesting. What kind of scholarship?”

“Believe it or not, fencing. Seaman Herman was the captain of the team and made it to the Olympic team as an alternate, but nobody got sick or anything so he didn’t get a chance to compete.”

“Where, pray tell, did you learn how to fence?”

“Seaman Herman learned it at military school and I learned it while I was a member of the DeMolay chapter of our city.

“And the illegal immigrants, most of them of Hispanic heritage, also have no desire to embrace our way of life; why, they don’t even bother to learn English. And this ‘Cinco de Mayo’ make-believe nonsense is a joke. If they like Mexico so much, why don’t they move back there?”

“Hey, you know what? Reminds me of a song that Dylan wrote, ‘Gotta Serve Somebody.’ Build that wall and deport them, that’s what needs to be done.”

“That’s right; England has its Hadrian’s Wall and we’ll have our Trump Wall. Sounds good to me. And I see our train arriving. Bye.”

“Goodbye, guys. ‘Trump’s Wall’; I like that. Next. Hello, what about that Trump guy?”

“He better win, is all I can say. How anybody could possibly support Hillary is beyond me. What do they want, cost overruns and more lying? How about more dead? How come we never learned who gave the ‘Stand Down Order’ in Benghazi? Was it Valerie Jarrett, or was it the de facto president Obama? It couldn’t have been Hillary, could it, since she was asleep while her ambassador was getting killed. And they say he wasn’t tortured; what kind of malarkey are they trying to push on us? They torture everything, from little kids to animals. Bunch of depraved savages, if you ask me, which you are, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but we were talking about Trump.”

“I heard that Navy guy reference a Dylan song. I got another one for you, ‘I Threw It All Away.‘ I mean, this may be — Trump may be — the last gasp of a chance at freedom, and not just for us, but for the whole world. A lot of people just don’t have a clue how close we are to seeing the world’s beacon of freedom destroyed, possibly forever.”

“May I ask what you do for a living?”

“I’m a computer programmer. It’s quite amazing the apps – applications – that we glean from every source available, especially the gaming industry. Matter-of-fact, that’s what my company does. We steal the ideas on how to run the displays from computer games so they’re compatible with the medical field.

“Did I say ‘steal?’ I’m sorry; we used to steal.; now we corporate-raid talent. Money talks; it’s that simple. You see, we’ve learned that the most gullible people on the planet are doctors; I kid you not. Why, any salesperson can sell a doctor anything. Anyway, that’s what I do. I find the programmer who designed the latest and greatest (meaning the most popular/profitable) computer game on the market today and have him or her work for my company. Easy job. I wave a million in cash and make 30. I’d say that’s a pretty good return, wouldn’t you?

“Oh, and one more thing. The DNC computers were hacked and guess what? Hillary has to pay people to attend her rallies, no kidding. Here’s my train. Bye.”

“Goodbye and thank you for talking with us. Well, we learned that Trump’s Wall is a big hit and the future of business is betting on Trump to carry our country into the future. We sure hope so.

“And how about Hilary having to pay people so the television cameras can prove there’s somebody out there who supports four more years of Obama’s nonsense? She going to pay voters to vote for her, too? Imagine, she says she wants not only to continue to import Syrian refugees, but actually increase the original number. You know what today’s definition of a ‘refugee’ is? It’s a former, present and future terrorist, that’s what.

“I see that our time is up, so on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a good night: Goodnight.

“Good show. I hear that Professor Wert is arriving soon, within the week, I think. I believe he’s found the answer of why we’re not as safe as we were in the 1970’s. I believe he’s going to prove that, in the ‘40’s through 1990’s, there was but a handful of Muslims in our country, and that’s the difference, or at least one of them. We’ll be looking forward to interviewing him, I’m sure. What do you say we grab a burger? It’ll be my treat.”

Semper Fi


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