by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 17, 2016) — At 12:05 p.m. EDT, Fox News is reporting that seven police officers have been shot in Baton Rouge, LA, with three killed.

On July 5, Alton Sterling was killed by Baton Rouge police in what became an escalation of hostilities between citizens and law enforcement officers.  One of a group of protesters arrested, DeRay McKesson, was then invited to the White House to meet with Obama and others concerned about “community policing.”

McKesson is a leader of the Black Lives Matter organization.  “He now works for the Baltimore public schools as interim chief of human capital, responsible for staffing and dealing with reform,” reports ABC News.

The killings follow those of five police officers in Dallas, TX on July 7 by a former Army Reservist who is said to have worked alone and was killed by police that evening.

Sterling was reported to have been unarmed, but a police statement last week said that he was reaching for a gun as he was shot by two Baton Rouge officers.

At 12:26 p.m. EDT, some on Twitter are praising the killings.

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  1. Why are police officers using deadly force when dealing with African-Americans? What is wrong with using electric TASERS instead of guns in close proximity? The car stop in Baton Rouge,Louisiana death could have been prevented if the police officer wasn’t so high strung.Before giving the driver a chance to get his wallet which the officer asked the driver to do,the officer fires his gun at the motorist essentially killing him.The motorist was NOT given any time to get his wallet which could have been done with his left hand if the officer suspected the motorist was reaching for a gun!A TASER instead of a gun WOULD HAVE PREVENTED THE DEATH OF THE MOTORIST PROVIDED THE MOTORIST DID NOT HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION WITH HIS HEART.Electronic Tasers incapacitate those shot by them AND SAVE LIVES both of police officers and Law breakers!Having Tasers available on the market, WHY do police departments AVOID using them INSTEAD of their deadly glocks?BOTH NATIONAL POLICE INCIDENTS WHERE INNOCENT CITIZENS WERE KILLED BY POLICE OFFICERS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED IF POLICE OFFICERS HAD USED ELECTRIC TASERS INSTEAD OF GUNS!As a result of using their guns instead of Tasers, these incidents resulted in the deaths of SEVEN police officers and two citizens!looking at the videos of both national incidents, it CLEARLY shows EXCESSIVE,UNCALLED FOR DEADLY FORCE!IT MUST BE MANDATED THAT POLICE OFFICERS BE REQUIRED TO USE TASERS AS THEIR PRIMARY WEAPONS WHEN IN CLOSE PERSONAL PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH potential criminals.Tasers when used properly DISABLE those shot by them and in most cases SAVE Lives not resulting in nationwide riots and police officer ambushes!ELECTRONIC TASERS ARE THE WAY TO GO BECAUSE IN RECENT TIMES, POLICE OFFICERS ARE MISJUDGING THE PROPER TIME TO USE DEADLY FORCE, FAR TOO MANNY TIMES AND CAUSING NATIONWIDE PROTESTS, ENDANGERING THE ENTIRE COUNTRY WITH OVERWHELMING ANARCHY AND RACE RIOTS LIKE IN THE 1960’s!