by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 15, 2016) — Initial reports of a truck plowing into bystanders on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France on Thursday have been amplified to say that at least 84 are dead, including ten children.

The perpetrator, who was killed by French police in the coastal tourist city bordering with Italy, is reported as Tunisian citizen and Nice resident Mohamed Bouhlel.

Among the dead are a father and son from Lakeway, TX.

Bouhlel not only plowed the truck into the pedestrians, but also fired shots at them before being killed by local police.  Firearms and explosives were later found in the truck.

On November 13, Paris was attacked by Islamic terrorists in a series of assaults which killed 130 people, and in January, the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office was attacked by Islamic jihadists, killing 17.

Those on the Promenade were celebrating French independence on Bastille Day.  The truck driven by Bouhlel reportedly mowed down revelers on the Promenade for approximately a mile.

On Friday morning, ABC News reported that 18 people remain hospitalized in critical condition, with others injured less seriously.

Following the horrific attack, French President François Hollande said that the heightened national security period which had been scheduled to end on July 26 following the November attacks will now be extended through October 26.

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