by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Col., USA (Ret.), ©2016

(Jul. 13, 2016) — It is long past time; we must correctly label the muslim killers of babies, women and children. They are NOT radical, they are normal! Every muslim is taught from infancy that muslims are destined to control the known world! How can that be? Simple:  Muhammad was a psycho, a sociopath. That stupid, arrogant believer that god was the moon. He gave it the name “allah” because he heard a voice in a cave that revealed to him all that is relevant to muslims.

Just who are muslims? They are the offspring of nomadic Arabic tribespeople who fell for Muhammad’s snake-oil routine. He was, without doubt, a teller of tall tales, a sorcerer who began believing his own nonsense, just as Barry Soetoro-Obama apparently believes his own brand of untruths. Individuals with this mindset are a danger to society and to all those around them. They are prone to accepting their own outlandish rhetoric as reasonable, rational, and absolutely correct. They have a nasty habit of becoming volatile when someone disagrees with them.

Obama is right on target; he knows that the muslim mentality, nurtured over many millennia, is to kill those who disagree with their vision of Islamic destiny. They have been taught by fanatics that islam will eventually rule the entire planet. Muslims utilize any tactic, any deception, any lie to further their ulterior aims through the deceptive practice of taqiya (dissimulation, lying).

“Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn talks about metastasizing Islamic terrorism, his struggles to reform intelligence-gathering, and the risk of lurching from crisis to crisis in an Internet-accelerated world.  – the editors.”  http://breakingdefense.com/2014/08/flynns-last-interview-intel-iconoclast-departs-dia-with-a-warning/

This General, with some 33 years of service, and a patriotic American, was forced to retire because he used the term “Radical Islamic Jihadists.”

We Americans properly use the term “radical” when we see some filthy, bearded, sword-wielding muslim beheading or cleaving in two the body of a child. As a matter of fact, to those murderous barbarians, their actions are NOT radical; they are in keeping with the teachings of imams, ayatollahs and other so-called Islamic clerics.  Obama is importing these killers in defiance of our ineffective Congress and in direct violation of our immigration laws. When questioned about the legality, Obama’s standard answer is some variant of “Because I said so” or “In my position as President, I have the authority.”

These actions by Obama are illegal and in direct violation of Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution. His actions are TREASON, plain and simple. These imported jihadists are “THE ENEMY,” and Obama is giving aid and comfort to a vicious enemy. AND, what does the 114th Congress do? NOTHING! If ever there was cause for IMPEACHMENT, this is it!

For some stupid reason or other, the leadership of both congressional chambers treats Obama as if he were a potentate or a friendly caliph. He is neither; he is a TRAITOR and the direct cause of numerous murders by these Normal Yet Radical Jihadists. For the Love of God and for the security of this republic, you misled idiots in the Congress need to get your heads screwed on properly; IMPEACH AND CONVICT THE TRAITOR. At one point, I was beginning to think all of you had at minimum a modicum of common sense, but NO! Your dedication to self and to party politics is leading us over the precipice to certain ruin.  You have the audacity to grill FBI Director James Comey when YOU are supposed to be the first line of defense against an obnoxious and threatening executive.

If I were able, and I am not: I would find a way to politically remove Obama as a threat to my republic and yours.

Go on; rename all the buildings you want, play the game of governing, let the traitor walk. I detest slackers and cowards by the name of Ryan, McConnell, McCarthy, Scalise, Cornyn, Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Pelosi, Hoyer and all the rest with no character and no courage!



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  1. Trump is the only hope we have to save our Republic, short of a second revolution, which will otherwise be forced upon us sometime in the future when these treasonous idiots ignore the 2nd amendment and begin collecting our guns.

    Obama and his treasonous crew have known from the very beginning, when Juan McCain and the Republican Party agreed they would not challenge his eligibility nor his forged identifying documents, Obama knew he was home free and they would never challenge him on anything he chose to do.

    Vote Trump. He is our only hope.

  2. Dr. Davis, many of us have been trying very hard to see Obama/Soetoro impeached since 2008 before he was elected the first time. I filed voter fraud charges against the Texas DNC chair in Sept. of 2009 when we found out he had 3 fake CLB’s, a fake draft card and over 20 social security numbers.

    The point that did it for me was Nancy Pelosi submitted two certificates of nomination for the Obama Biden criminal enterprise. Both different for a real reason and it was clearly criminal to anyone with half a brain. I’ve been told there may be a third iteration.

    The Texas corrupt SOS refused to do anything as well as the corrupt Texas attorney general who is now our illustrious governor.

    Since then we sought to have the new Texas AG enforce a Texas election code law (look up 273.001)that states the AG “shall” investigate if two voters have evidence of criminal voter fraud.

    They and the Texas Supreme Court refused to hear it. Corruption is a big as Texas in Texas. People here in the establishment republican party have clean forgotten how to “cowboy up”.