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by OPOVV, ©2016

(Jul. 1, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ the program that brings you the news of the day. I’m Chief New Leaf filling in for Roving who is, by the way, joining us tonight from an undisclosed location somewhere out on the coast. We have Roving via Skype, which is susceptible to atmospheric conditions, as we all know, so we’ll give it our best shot.

“Hello, Roving. How do you read me?”

“Five by five, Chief. And hello, viewers.”

“Okay, Roving, we also read you loud and clear. Take it away.”

“Will do. As the Chief said, I’m at an undisclosed Naval base somewhere on the West Coast. With me here is Admiral, well, we’ll just call him ‘Admiral.’  Is that alright with you, Admiral?”

“Yes, it is, since that’s what I’m called anyway.”

“Admiral, you contacted me because you said you had some pretty important information that you’d like to share with the American people. Well, I believed you, which is why you’re on ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ Okay, you’ve got the podium.”

“Recently, Major General Paul Vallely wrote an editorial, “Path to Glory,” for a popular political blog, The Post & Email News, which decided for me to lay it on the line; to go public.”

“Excuse me, was there something wrong with the General’s editorial in any way?”

“No, not at all. Matter-of-fact, I wish I had written it. A 4.0 if there ever was one, but, as I was saying, I’m just the one who’ll expose the conclusion, in a way.

“Don’t get me wrong: all I’m doing is telling you, well, remember Paul Harvey? He was a radio editorialist who was the master of the pause. The story would be over and then he would hit you with kind-of an extra, in a way; a bonus to the story, as it were, which is what I’m doing.

“Look, I’m sorry if I’m not making myself clear. I’m not a public speaker; I’m a strategist, and not one of those nitwits you see on TV: “Republican Strategist” or “Democrat Strategist.” No, I’m a real United States Naval strategist, even taught at the War College for a couple of years; also at The Academy.

“All I’m going to tell you is this: put what the General said and what I’m going to tell you together and you’ll, well, first let me say my piece.

“I’m not going to give you the whole history lesson about the de facto clown of a president – that would be Obama – we have, and I’m not going to break down all of the violations of the law – the General’s already done that for us in his editorial – but I will say this: these divisions that our country is experiencing have been done on purpose, and yes, with a specific goal in mind.

“Let me repeat: during every conceivable opportunity, the Obama Administration has bent over backwards to do harm to our people, from same-sex marriage to changing the wording in the UCMJ, to making our military the laughingstock of the world’s armies – you all know what I’m talking about – and messing with the judicial system where a person who was qualified to ask the question as to whether his president/Commander in Chief was Constitutionally qualified to hold the office – and I’m not just mentioning LTC Terry Lakin, but also OPOVV, a former presidential candidate, part Cherokee Indian, Honorable Discharge from our military and parents both born in the USA of American citizens – refused to hear the case. Lakin wasn’t allowed to present a defense (he was sent to prison and given a Dishonorable Discharge), while OPOVV received multiple rulings of “NO STANDING.”

“What I’m saying is it’s all been meticulously planned and executed. Oh, I’m not saying the shootings were planned, but if you throw a bunch of psychos (Muslims) from an Islamic State into a Democracy, you just have to expect things like the Boston bombing, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Orlando, San Bernardino, the rape of a little five-year-old girl; these things have to be expected, I’m sorry to say.

“What I am saying is that Ferguson, MO, would’ve been okay if the White House, via the DOJ, didn’t throw fire on the flames. There was never any of this ‘Hands up, don’t shoot,’ make-believe nonsense: it was all made up by Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood henchmen.

“But we know all of that. All of the above is just a very small percentage of the division. The major division is, as the General said, between the supporters of a Totalitarian regime — Socialism/Communism/Sharia — and those who would honor the Oath to support and defend the Constitution.

“Look, this is all taking way too long. Let me say that the division in our country has all been manufactured to achieve one goal: a reenactment of the Civil War. But in this case, the sides are blurred because the divide isn’t about territory but over one idea: will our grandchildren be free or slaves?

“And while our focus is on the police – which, incidentally, have been following orders directly from the DOJ and not from the governors or the majors – breaking into private citizens’ homes to violate their Second Amendment rights, while made-up anti-Trump scenarios are blasted 24-7 on Big Brother’s radio and television propaganda machine. While our attention is diverted, the enemy will just walk right on in and . . .Presto! You are now a prisoner in your own country.

“You will either proceed to the collection areas or you will be shot. No hesitation on their part. They are in control and we let them by not keeping our eye on the ball: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION.

“Obama, Holder, Lynch, and Hillary have all been acting felonious: we let Lois Lerner of the IRS walk out of a congressional hearing, right on national television, and NO ONE lifted a finger to stop her.

“Lois Lerner violated our fellow citizens’ Constitutional rights, and each and every member of Congress in that room let her do it, let her get away with it, and so did the Sergeant-at-Arms and all of the spectators: everyone just sat quietly and watched her walk out the door.

“Is that what’s in store for us? Are we going to just sit quietly while our police follow illegal orders from the DOJ; while our military continue to follow illegal orders from an imposter of a president; while our judges turn their backs on trust and hold out their hands for measly pieces of silver?

“Obama has just a few more months left to destroy Israel and our country. I’m an active member of our military and I know what’s going down and it doesn’t look good, this I can tell you. All these Muslims ‘immigrating’ to not only our country, but everywhere else, aren’t immigrating to assimilate: they’re being systematically deployed to achieve BLITZKRIEG – “lightning war” – upon Western Civilization, and it’ll be over before you know it. We will have lost, not only the freedom and liberty for our grandchildren, but also the meaning of all who have sacrificed and died fighting for Freedom since the time of Spartacus and through every war that has been fought in the name of Freedom and Liberty.

“Take what I said, or what the General said, with a grain of salt, if you will, but remember this: there’s truth in our words. We’ve spent a lifetime reading the tea leaves and the leaves tell us we better get it together as Americans, or there will be no America. That means ALL Americans.

“Right now the only possible hope this country has is if Trump gets elected. Will the votes be counted fairly? Good question. Will the idiots riot? Will the Muslim Brotherhood/DOJ follow the orders of the New World Order dictator, Obama, and declare the Constitution null and void and welcome us to the horror that is Sharia?

“It can happen fast, in a day, and the Obama Administration has been working at it for almost eight years: millions of judges, police, military, and Muslims at their beck and call. And that’s what I wanted to say: it’ll be over before you know it. ISIS coming to town, the gutters running with blood. The United States will look EXACTLY like those towns and villages in the Middle East. It will be like what happened in Palmyra: utter destruction. Sculptures; paintings; works of art; antiques all smashed to smithereens, and so all the animals in all of the zoos, all of the pets, all of the swine, and all of us.”

“Gee, whiz, man, could you possibly paint a more dismal picture?”

“I contacted you because I believed you to be a man of truth. I contacted you, out of all the people on our planet, to expose what the Obama Administration has in store for the United States. I just gave you the facts, is all I did, just as the General did in his editorial. Fact after fact, laid-out plainly and clearly; I can do no more. It’s up to you to spread the word.

“The General said we better put our differences aside and fight the foe as one, because divided we don’t stand a chance. That’s all I’m saying. This Muslim Brotherhood and C.A.I.R. operating in our country ought to be a wake-up call; heck, even the Egyptians realized years ago how dangerous the Muslim Brotherhood was. Look, I did my patriotic duty. And I’ll be out there in the streets, if that’s what it’ll take, but this I have to tell you: it seems that most Americans could care less about their country or their lives, certainly whatever happens to their children. You want to see stupid? Just watch one episode of The View. I rest my case.”

“Man, you sure took a heck of a lot of time saying, well, what you said. And with that I turn it over to the Chief. You got it, Chief; I’m out of here. Goodbye, viewers.”

“Okay, I got it at this end. Well, it was long but interesting. The Admiral said that there’s a Muslim takeover in the works and he may be right. I know they sure want our guns. I’d like to see them try and come on any of our reservations and try it.

“We ran over on time tonight: a double program. And so, on behalf of my tired crew, I’ll be wishing you all a good night: Goodnight.”

“Man-oh-live, but that Admiral just went on and on. I think what he was trying to say was ‘Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.’ Burger time: Roving’s treat.”

Semper Fi






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