by Oscar Y. Harward, ©2016

(Jun. 19, 2016) — President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats are blaming the Orlando, Florida massacre on guns.  Their arguments are misguiding; used only for their own political gains in efforts to damage or destroy the Second Amendment and our Constitution.

The Orlando massacre and many other attacks in America and around the world are directly connected to radical Islamic Muslims practicing Islamic teachings from their Quran.

President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats continue inviting more ‘unchecked’ radical Islamic Muslims into the USA with their campaign of Jihad terrorism. This administration is inviting more Islamic Muslims into the USA while at the same time, denying most Judeo-Christians from coming into America.

There is an high number of terror-based ‘attack-and-kill’ crimes involving guns in America’s black minority communities.  Islamic Muslims routinely ‘attack and kill’ non-Muslims around the world.

President Obama and most Capitol Hill Democrats appear determined to destroy the SecondAmendment of our Constitution, all for the wrong reasons.  President Obama and others want to eliminate all guns and our Second Amendment.

Envision what it would be like in America if and when (y)our government denied us all the right to own or even possess a gun for practicing target-shooting, for hunting wildlife game for (y)our family’s nourishment, for protecting yourself and/or your family against a home invasion, for defending yourself, your family, and/or your properties against lawbreakers, and/or a government’s mutinous coup.

President Obama and Capitol Hill legislators fail to propose effective laws to stop criminals from breaking and entering, looting, and otherwise, stealing guns to use guns against ‘law-abiding’ citizens, yourself and/or your family, and/or against a mutinous government.  Yet, these same referenced President and legislators are directing their laws to deny law-abiding citizens their rights to keep and bear arms.

In cities and states across America where elected Democrat Party officials are elected and rule, crime is exploding, even in their own ‘unconstitutionally’ legislated gun-free areas.

Radical Islamic Muslims terror in the USA and around the world is on the rise.

There are common-sense solutions for these problems:

A.   The first cure is to leave ‘law-abiding’ citizens and our SecondAmendment alone.  Our guns must remain as a safety against lawless criminals and any mutinous government.  There is a fear in America of an attempted takeover by a mutinous government.  Americans’ rising law-abiding purchases of guns substantiate these fears.

B.   A second cure is to stiffen laws against lawbreakers who ‘illegally’ use guns in crimes. The first illegally-associated gun crime must mean imprisonment immediately.  Any second murder conviction should and would again automatically mean a convicted criminal is to receive a ‘death’ penalty.

C.   Thirdly, restore and teach the U.S. Constitution, its history, and our Founding Fathers’ history in our public schools.  Current results prove that only a low percentage of Americans have the ample knowledge of the details of our Constitution, our Founding Fathers, and our American history.

D.   Teach our children to respect guns; the history on gun safety, target-shooting as a sport, hunting for food, safety protection of yourself, your family, and your properties in our ‘public’ schools.

E.   Restore God’s Word back into our public schools.  Request SCOTUS to reexamine ABINGTON SCHOOL DIST. v. SCHEMPP, (1963) Proverbs 22:6  “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

F.    Stop terrorists from entering through our open borders.  Prosecute all criminals and upon conviction, permanently, deport all from our USA.  If they return, incarcerate them into facilities without windows, comfort conditioning, TV, Internet, etc.; only meager necessities.

America and our Judeo-Christian values are at war against radical Islamic Muslims, and it has become a major crisis in the USA. 

In confirming Presidential appointees, U.S. Senators are failing their responsibilities, our American sovereignties, and our required expectations of these elected Senators.  In doing so, many questionable decisions within our Federal Judiciary appear to be unconstitutional.

Protection of our SecondAmendment is essential to a free and open society.  The Second Amendment protects all other rights in the Bill of Rights.

God Bless America!

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