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(Jun. 15, 2016) — “So, what next?”

“O Exalted One, Zwtkcjt (pronounced ‘Sam’) has his report to show you.”

“Send him in.”

“Give your report, Zwtkcjt.”

“O Exalted One, allow me to show you the planet I designed that I call earth. Here we have the Irish, a people who like the color green and male tenors.

“Next let me show you the Germans. These people like strong beer and take simple mechanisms and deliberately design them to unimaginable complications that lead to a difficulty factor that is off the charts.

“And then we have the Italians who like nothing more than to be left alone so they can enjoy delicious food and gaze at magnificent works of art like sculptures, paintings and even whole buildings..”

“What’s going on over in this area?”

“O Exalted One, here we have the ‘Nations of Islam’ who don’t get along with anyone, I’m sorry to say. They murder strangers.”

“You’re ‘sorry to say?'” What kind of flimsy excuse is that? Don’t they breathe the same air, drink the same water? Aren’t their cows, sheep and goats the same as the others? What makes them so bananas?”

“O Exalted One, they call themselves Muslims and they kill the Irish, Germans and the Italians for no other reason other than, well, because they can for whatever whacked-out fantasy.”

“But that’s plain stupid, Zwtkcjt. If that made a lick of sense, then it would be okay for the Irish to kill the Germans and the Italians to kill the Irish with everyone thinking it’s normal behavior. I’m sorry, but unless you can do something about these out-of-control Muslims, you’ll never get promoted.”

“O Exalted One, I’ll do my best.”

“I certainly hope so, Zwtkcjt.”


“Well, Zwtkcjt, how’d it go in there?”

“Everything was going fine until he noticed the crazy Muslims killing everyone.”

“Did he ask why the Muslims were killing everyone?”

“He did.”

“Too bad. Did you tell him about Trump?”

“I did. He said to return next June to give a follow-up action report.”

“Well, let’s hope you get promoted.”

“No problem.”


This is our world; we made it and are remaking it every day. In reality, there is no “Zwtkcjt (pronounced ‘Sam’)” flying around our galaxy designing planets. Truth be told, each one of us, no matter how small a contribution, makes up our own Zwtkcjt of our world.

And just as in the example above, the Irish and the Brazilians get along, as do the Swiss and the Russians. Everyone gets along to live in peace and harmony EXCEPT the followers of Islam.

Now some of you may very well say that not all Muslims are raving psychopaths; that they don’t subscribe to the philosophy of “Kill the Jew and Christian whenever and wherever Ye may find them;” “No Jew between me and the sea;” no “Two women witnesses equal one male witness;” and certainly none of this Sharia Law nonsense where FGM is the normal behavior of the Muslim community. If that is the case, then those people may NOT call themselves Muslim. They can call themselves whatever they want, for all we care. It’s up to them, not us.

That said, the reality of it all is that the rest of us — living on the surface of the planet that we call “earth” — should not have to live with nor put up with many thousands – and more than likely many millions – of our fellow human beings who want nothing more to do than to murder us.

Call it whatever you want — a “religious Jihad” – the end result is the same. Our murdered are the work of serial killers (psychopaths) who have used fear and intimidation so they can continue their childish destructive rampages — from generation passed down to generation — for the past 1,400 years.

It’s about time that we put a stop to it once and for all. Going after ISIS is but a first step of many steps to eradicate the Islamic brand of Muslim psychotic behavior from the face of our earth once and for all.

Rational people do not tolerate millions of people who want nothing more to do than kill others while committing suicide. Rational people end the threat. Rational people think the problem through and arrive at a viable (doable) response in order to live in peace and harmony. Rational people don’t tolerate stupid, brain-dead zombies who believe that the key that unlocks “Paradise” is through the suffering and death of strangers. Believing that the torture and death of children — as occurred in Beslan, Russia — can somehow promote an everlasting positive outcome could be fathomed only by a crazy person.

These wanton murders are not acceptable. It’s up to us to put an end to it once and for all. We gave them 1,400 years to change their behavior: they have failed and it’s time for us to do the right thing. It’s up to us to make a perfect world.

Semper Fi


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