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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2016

Who instructed a State Department staffer to remove a portion of a press briefing given by Jen Psaki (above) regarding the Iran “nuclear deal?”

(Jun. 2, 2016) — In George Orwell’s prescient novel, 1984, first published in 1949, the protagonist in the story, Winston Smith, labors away at the Ministry of Truth.  There, he rewrites newspaper articles to correspond with the accepted dogma of Big Brother, by deleting and discarding inconsistent or contrary facts and words down the “memory hole,” never to be seen again.  Rumor has it that the book has become required reading as a precondition of employment at the current regime’s State Department.   

Specifically, we now know that a portion of a video confirming that the State Department flat-out lied to the press and the electorate with regard to the treasonous “Iran Nuclear Deal” forged by the regime at 1600 was altered – after the fact – in an effort to cover up the original lie.

And even as your faithful servant types this missive, the story continues to unfold.  But wait… there’s more.

In the Fox News piece addressing the cover-up, former White House Press Secretary (under President Bush 43) Dana Perino noted that the deliberate editing of the video to delete the confession was “likely” a violation of the Federal Records Act.


To be clear, there was nothing even remotely resembling a “likely” violation of the act.  Instead, it was a conscious, deliberate and actual violation of the Federal Records Act.  As noted here, the Federal Records Act establishes by statute the clear protocols for the preservation of federal records as well as the mandatory and “exclusive” procedures governing the disposal and destruction of such records.  In fact, 44 U.S.C. § 3106, entitled “Unlawful removal, destruction of records,” specifically addresses the “alteration, corruption, deletion, erasure, or other destruction of records in the custody of the agency.”

Those statutes, rules and protocols apply to the records of all federal agencies, including State Department records, both in paper form and as electronic form.  They cannot be destroyed “except in accordance with the procedures described in Chapter 33 of Title 44, United States Code.  These procedures allow for records destruction only under the authority of a records disposition schedule approved by the Archivist of the United States.”

Rest assured, the Archivist of the United States has not been notified of the State Department’s destruction of the incriminating portion of the video where former State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland confessed to the lie.  And if the State Department now produces a document purporting to prove that such notice was given to the Archivist, and/or that the erasure from the video was approved, you may also rest assured that those documents will be forgeries.  Perhaps they will appear as images posted to the Internet, thereby confirming their authenticity… right?  I mean, people cannot post things to the Internet that are not true… can they?

But then again, forgeries and alterations of documents to reverse-engineer deceptive, calculated results seem to be the sine qua non hallmark of the current regime and its sycophants…. if you get my meaning.

In addition to 44 U.S.C. § 3106, numerous other statutes in the United States Code bear directly on these issues.  For example, 44 U.S.C. § 2902 includes as one of the congressional objectives of assuring “efficient and effective records management” the goal of the “judicious preservation and destruction of records.”  44 U.S.C. § 3105, entitled “Safeguards,”  specifies that “[t]he head of each Federal agency shall establish safeguards against the removal or loss of records the head of such agency determines to be necessary and required by regulations of the Archivist [of the United States].”  And 44 U.S.C. § 3314, entitled “Procedures for disposal or records exclusive,” unambiguously states that the “procedures prescribed by this chapter are exclusive, and records of the United States Government may not be alienated or destroyed except under this chapter.”  Translation: no executive-order destructions of evidence allowed.

Stated otherwise, the State Department and its Hydra-headed apparatchiks appear indisputably to have intentionally, consciously and deliberately violated these (and probably many other) federal laws in order to cover up their treacherous dealings with sworn enemies of the United States.  The “leaders” of the State Department, oozing up from Hillary Clinton to John Kerry and, ultimately, to the Usurper-in-Chief at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, do not have the better interests of the people of the United States at heart.  Instead, they seem determined to do as much damage as they can get away with in the few remaining months of this sickening nightmare known as the “Regime to Change America As We Knew It.”

Worse, the Witch of Benghazi not only seeks to insure that the outrages of the current regime continue unabated until January 2017, she actually seeks to build upon and exacerbate those defalcations by asking the electorate to elevate her into the White House.  Meanwhile, Pravda on the Hudson, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Mark Zuckerberg, Katie Couric, et al, wonder how millions and millions of Americans could possibly be flocking in to support The Donald.

Really?  Memo to the aforementioned intellectual losers: the people are flocking to Trump because he “tells-it-like-it-is,” unfiltered through the multifaceted prisms of political correctness.  He wants to try to repair the damage wrought to the nation by an incompetent, intellectually lazy and, oh, yeah, constitutionally-ineligible chief executive over the past seven years.  They flock to him because he believes in America and all that the Founding Fathers intended it to be.  They flock to him because he does not subscribe to the “new world order” mantra that the United States is but one of many equally-situated, generic nations of the planet, no better (and, in the view of the aforementioned losers, much worse) than any other.

These losers may be American businesses and citizens, but they are not patriots.  They are first-class, blue-ribbon, Olympic gold medal hypocrites, and one need look no farther than the unfolding deceit of the State Department to confirm this fact.  If you doubt it, ask yourself what their reactions would be if a Republican occupied the White House and his/her Secretary of State had ordered such a destruction of federal records.

In truth, the acts and omissions of the Witch of Benghazi and her supporters actually tend to trivialize the terms “hypocrisy” and “felony.”  It will be most interesting to watch how these folks “twist slowly, slowly in the wind” as more details of the deletions, e-mail erasures and Memory Hole “events” – not to mention Fifth Amendment claims – emerge.

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