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by Sharon Rondeau

Bill Kristol is founder and editor of The Weekly Standard and holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University.  He served as campaign staffer for Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who won his seat in 1976

(May 31, 2016) — On Tuesday, Bloomberg TV reported that an “impressive” third-party presidential candidate touted by Weekly Standard co-editor Bill Kristol over the Memorial Day weekend will launch a campaign in an attempt to prevent business mogul Donald Trump from winning the White House in November.

Kristol believes that Trump is unsuited for the presidency and for months has publicly urged a candidate to challenge him.

National Review Online columnist David French is reported to be the candidate, although some in the “#NeverTrump” movement have highlighted the fact that French is encouraging former presidential candidate Mitt Romney to run.  At the end of January, just before the Iowa caucus began on February 1, National Review devoted an entire print issue and online articles from 22 writers expressing vehement opposition to Trump.

Writers for that issue included Mona Charen, David Boaz, L. Brent Bozell III, Erick Erickson, and Kristol.

Kristol and others in the “#NeverTrump” camp had claimed that in order to procure a viable alternative to Trump and Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton, the candidate would have to be identified by “the end of May.”

French is a Tennessee attorney and Iraq War veteran.  The Post & Email has reported extensively over the last six years that Tennessee’s judicial system is completely corrupt, with hand-picked grand jury foremen, dishonest judges, and prison corruption among the widespread, systemic problems.

According to its editor, Jack Fowler, National Review contains commentary only and not news articles.  Its columns as of this writing are critical of Obama, Clinton and Trump.

On Tuesday Breitbart News reported that French offered no comment as to whether or not Bloomberg’s report about his candidacy were accurate.  Over the past week, rumors have continued to swirl that Romney will, in fact, join the race for the White House.

In February, Romney took the extraordinary step of publicly excoriating Trump’s character, temperament, and truthfulness in a televised address from the University of Utah.

In 2012, Romney appeared deeply grateful that Trump endorsed his then-presidential candidacy.  Trump went on to host a fundraiser for Romney’s campaign which ultimately failed to unseat Barack Hussein Obama.

Trump’s response to Kristol’s efforts was to label Kristol is a “loser.”  Kristol also faced considerable criticism on Twitter, while he remained silent.

Joining the discussion about a new candidate, Townhall columnist Guy Benson wrote on Tuesday that there are “immense logistical challenges and expired deadlines” facing such a contender.

National Review and Washington Examiner columnist Byron York retweeted a comment from Romney made in reaction to French’s name having been floated with, “I know David French to be an honorable, intelligent and patriotic person. I look forward to following what he has to say.”

York has been contacted about corruption in Tennessee but has chosen not to investigate further.

Glenn Beck, another National Review anti-Trump columnist and longtime radio host, was notified on Tuesday that his daily broadcast on SiriusXM satellite radio has been suspended for a week as a result of comments he and author Brad Thor made last week interpreted by some to be a threat against Trump.

During his hosting of Thor as a guest last Wednesday, Beck had responded that he “agreed” with Thor’s hypothetical scenario about “a patriot” removing Trump from office if Congress would not.  After various media reported the comments in their own columns, one Beck supporter labeled them “yellow journalism,” stating on trevorloudon.com that she “agreed” with Beck and Thor.

The interview remains posted on Beck’s website.

Beck is reportedly on vacation this week.  On Tuesday, a Beck spokesman, Dom Theodore, wrote a “response” to the announced suspension “so that the unfortunate fabrications surrounding his interview with Brad Thor don’t spread any further.”

Beck was previously visited by the U.S. Secret Service in response to comments he made on-air about “stabbing” someone.  Beck’s employee and protege, Dana Loesch, also a member of the #NeverTrump group, at that time vehemently claimed that Beck’s comments were not directed at Trump or any other presidential candidate.

On Tuesday evening, The Post & Email logged on to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) website to determine if any new presidential candidates had filed the necessary documents in order to run. Upon seeing no new names, we contacted Judith Ingram, spokesperson for the agency, to ask, “Is there a deadline by which any more presidential candidates must file their documents for 2016?” to which she responded, “No, not from the federal point of view. States, which control ballot access, will be the ones to set deadlines.”

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  1. Honestly, Kristol has missed the boat and is eating the dust of the Trump Train. The paradigm shifted and he missed it when he blinked!

  2. Kristol’s man (whoever he is) is just a spoiler. They think that they only need to file before the deadline in the three to five top key swing states in order steal enough electors to deny Trump a majority and send the election to the House or to give the election to Hillary outright (or to her replacement if she is knocked out by indictment).

    They are not in to win — only to deny the will of the people by blocking Trump. They are despicable. Hopefully, Kristol and Company only end up cutting their own throats (politically speaking).

  3. Next year they’ll have to change their tune to ‘Never PRESIDENT Trump!’ HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    I only hope that Obama’s Muslim Brothers from the Hood don’t take out Donald Trump so that the Manchurian Muslim from Mombasa’s Civilization Jihad subjugation of the American Experiment can proceed unimpeded.