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William Penn, born an Englishman, traveled to Delaware in 1682 to claim land left to him by King Charles II. He founded the Delaware Colony and what is now the City of Philadelphia. Penn was a Quaker and was imprisoned in Britain, where he wrote the book “No Cross, No Crown.”

(May 20, 2016) — “How are we supposed to, what do they say, ‘monitor the situation?’”

“Look, Jackson, you heard the man as well as I, so just cool it. It’s a catch phrase that covers every and all contingencies, like in the phrase ‘Catch-22,’ which covers anything that’s not already in the UCMJ.”

“But that’s already covered by Article 134.”

“You know what? Having a conversation with you reminds me of my ex-wife, I’m sorry to say.”

“That’s it, Grant, I’m complaining. I’ll never stand another four miserable hours on guard duty with you. Now, if you would be so kind, answer my question: what are we ‘monitoring?’”

“See that intersection down there? The one with the mosque on the far corner?”

“Looks like a grocery store.”

“I think it doubles as a grocery store. I think they all start as grocery stores and then morph into mosques.”

“For real?”

“I’m tempted to clean my piece and ‘accidentally’ shoot you. Have you always been so dense? As I said, you remind me of my ex. She was cheating on me and she was really bad at it, like her ‘tell’ signs were textbook whenever she lied to me.”

“What’s a ‘tell?’”

“It’s a giant flashing neon light that says ‘This person is lying to you.’ It’s the same whenever the subject of Benghazi comes up around Hillary or the BIRTH CERTIFICATE comes up around Obama.”

“Truck approaching.”

“Got it.”

“What do you think they’re hiding?”

“You know, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it was full of those girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria, on their way to become ISIS brides.”

“You mean on their way to die.”

“Now you’re paying attention.”

“We could shoot one of the rear tires out.”

“That we could. Look, it’s just sitting there. Maybe it’s a Shia blowing up a Sunni mosque.”

“Or the other way around.”

“We should arm both of them and let them kill each other.”

“And not too long ago that’s exactly what the major weapons manufacturers of the world did: gave Iran and Iraq* discounts on weapons so they could kill one another. Too bad it ended way too early in a draw.”

“Right; too bad. Maybe we could help them start another one?”

“That truck is just sitting there.”

“Why are we here?”

“Why is the American military protecting the opium fields in Afghanistan or why are we here in the universe to start with?”

“The ‘Why are we protecting the opium fields?’”

“Money. It’s all about money; always was and always will be: money and power. But the Muslims have thrown a wrench into the works, in a way.”

“What way?”

“Well, the dumb ones, the fanatic jihadists and all, are being used by the Imams, Islamic ‘scholars,’ and the Ayatollahs. In other words, 99.9% of them are doing the dirty work for the few privileged ones: Totalitarianism at its best, one could say.

“Reminds me of Democrats, specifically the Bernie Sanders followers. Delusional people who believe that people are as gullible and stupid as they are as to believe in the totally fictitious nonsense that people are as sacrificing and inherently ‘good’ as they – in their minds – pretend to be: and are blind to the quite obvious fact that, to carry on the legacy of Hitler’s Brownshirts, they have to give up the Constitution and God and embrace the concept of being forever ruled by tyrants: ditch the ‘Golden Rule’ and embrace selfishness as the new politeness.”

“No kidding?”

“It was William Penn who said it first: your choice: to be ruled by God or by tyrants.”

“Hey, our four hours are up; let’s get back.”

“What about the truck?”

“What truck? For all know it’s full of bricks. Burgers tonight in the chow hall.”

*Iran-Iraq War

Semper Fi


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