by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2016

(May 11, 2016) — Stunningly self-percolating is the thought that Political Justice has replaced Justice, but the headlines at The Hill pondered “Justice’s reputation hangs in balance of Clinton Probe,” giving rise to the preponderance, “If Justice is in the Balance who is Judging?” Of course the answer is all of us, each one of us, with the moral compass within each one individual.

Within the context of the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s sabotage of oversight by We The People in committing her correspondence in the Office of Secretary of State to her private server, we are left with a jurisdiction question only?

Who employed Hillary Clinton? It’s not a political question. She worked for The People of the United States, and now we know that the State Department of Obama was definitely in on the action of setting up Hillary Clinton’s affair on the people.

That’s right; she had a responsibility to The People with their paying her in her job and she deliberately went and set up a system outside our jurisdiction requiring the 100-150 FBI agents over the last year to assess damages and spend all of their time figuring out for The People, what went wrong, who made the decisions, and how it can be fixed and discouraged from happening again.

As I read the the report I just shook my head at the reporting that is subject itself to all of us scratching our heads wondering how this would make it past an editorial decision? From the article:

This ‘line’ seems incredibly deceptive reporting, as the FBI has not released any reports [According to reports, federal prosecutors and FBI investigators have yet to dig up evidence that could lead to a criminal indictment]

Why hasn’t The Hill included a report of the emails Jan. 24, 20[09] that showed Obama’s State Department fostered the private server of Clinton, especially for purposes of avoiding FOIA?

[Emails January 24th, 2009 ‘The Stand Alone Separate network PC is [a] great idea From under-secretary for management, Patrick Kennedy, of the State Department CC: Huma Abedin, Daniel Smith

Also- January 24th, 2009 Luwis Lukens former Deputy Secretary of State and Executive Director of the Secretariat [set up stand alone PC in the Secretaries Office connect to system but not through our system to enable her to check her email from her desk..] CC: Huma Abedin, Patrick Kennedy, Daniel B]


Let’s all remember in this Clinton sending Email is not what’ this is about. Of course others have done that in her position, her defense of the practice diluting the poison publicly hoping for a digestible version staying the hand of criminal indictments and also whipping up fall-out if they are not. What does she hope for? A few cities to be burned if the FBI brings charges against her? Some people are dumb but generally they get the idea it is not solving their problems if they end up sitting in her ashes verses her sitting in her own.

The facts completely change when you focus the fact on Clinton setting up a Private Server all her government on-the-job daily email went through completely out of the over site of We the People in her job we hired her for, unless by Court Order, [she] was Ordered to produce them. Get that? She!

Read the rest here.

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