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(May 10, 2016) — At approximately 8:09 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, radio host and political pundit Laura Ingraham told the three co-anchors of Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” that the Obama regime has conducted a “lie-o-rama,” using revelations in a New York Times Magazine article about White House foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes’s admission of misleading the public about the Iran nuclear agreement as an example.

Rhodes told NYTM author David Samuels that “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing” and that the White House has therefore been able to “shape the news.”

Ingraham, a Trump supporter, provided a list of items about which the Obama regime has “lied” to the American public over the years, including “Obamacare,” “shovel-ready jobs” as part of the Stimulus Bill passed in 2009, and the attack carried out by Islamic terrorists on a CIA annex on September 11, 2012 which killed four Americans and injured at least ten more.

Ingraham and the co-anchors also discussed the disappearance of eight minutes of a State Department press briefing during which Fox News Washington correspondent James Rosen asked a question of then-State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki about U.S.-Iran negotiations.

On Monday evening, Rosen reported on “Special Report” with Bret Baier that “the Obama administration campaigned extensively to deceive the media and the American people about key aspects of the Iran nuclear deal,” referring to a controversial agreement forged last year which the Obama regime claimed would prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.  Rosen also revealed that his question regarding “talks” reportedly ensuing between the United States and Iran posed during a December 2, 2013 press conference were excised from a video of the presser posted at the U.S. State Department’s website.

A YouTube video associated with Rosen’s report has been removed for alleged “copyright infringement.”

The Obama regime has lied about another matter which no one in the mainstream media will broach: the authenticity of the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011.

The image was made public following months of prompting by Trump, who harbored doubts as to whether or not Obama is a “natural born Citizen” and therefore constitutionally eligible to serve as president and commander-in-chief.

Following its publication, several graphics experts rested their professional reputations on their determinations that it is a poor forgery.

In September 2011, Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio commissioned his Cold Case Posse to examine the image to put constituent fears that their votes in the 2012 presidential election would be disenfranchised if it were proven to be fraudulent to rest.

On March 1, 2012, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo and Arpaio gave a press conference in which they stated that probable cause has been found to believe that the birth certificate image and Obama’s Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.” The mainstream media reported the findings only on the Internet, with Sean Hannity of Fox News reportedly canceling an on-air interview with Zullo at the last minute later that evening.

While CNN and other mainstream outlets have occasionally and briefly discussed the findings with Arpaio during television interviews, they have refused to investigate the matter for themselves. Congress has also avoided the issue despite Arpaio’s insistence that Obama’s unknown origins  present a “national security” concern.

In 2013, former CBS News journalist Sharyl Attkisson reported that her computers, cell phone, home phones and security system, and other equipment were sabotaged remotely and classified information placed on one of her hard drives which could have made it appear that she had come into the information illegally. CBS News also confirmed that an external entity had breached her work computer.  Attkisson has since filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for invasion of privacy.

In the early years of the Obama regime, this writer reported frequent website hacking, email account breaches, and death threats stemming from its investigation of Obama’s murky history which to this day has not been revealed to the public.

Before seeking the presidency, numerous mainstream reports and other materials stated that Obama was born in Indonesia and Kenya. Many such reports were altered inexplicably to say that he was born in Hawaii after he declared himself a presidential candidate.

On the day the long-form image was released, then-White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer assured the public that doubts about Obama’s alleged birth in Hawaii amounted to “a fake issue,” and Obama himself denounced “carnival barkers” as having created unnecessary distractions in the wake of serious national issues requiring attention.

Rhodes was “an aspiring novelist” before becoming Obama’s foreign-policy point man.

Following Obama’s election in 2008, former campaign Communications Director Anita Dunn proudly told an audience, “We controlled the media.”  Dunn’s husband, former White House counsel Robert Bauer, protected the release of Obama’s documentation and threatened at least one plaintiff during the process.

In a discussion of the role which journalists play in shaping public opinion as portrayed in the novel “1984” by George Orwell, one reviewer wrote:

The role of media in the society presented in the novel by George Orwell, 1984 cannot be underestimated nor can the commentary about the possible future in the novel be ignored. One of Orwell’s astute observations about politics and society that forms the axis around which his novel 1984 is that the media have an incredible degree of influence with respect to  shaping thought. While the responsibility of journalism, whether in print or electronic format, is to inform the citizens of facts (Kosicki 114), the fact of the matter is that the media are by no means neutral (Cohn 25).

The use and misuse of journalism as an instrument of propaganda is one of the central motifs in Orwell’s 1984, and the concerns that George Orwell articulates in his novel 1984 (as well as in other novels by George Orwell such as Animal Farm) are as relevant today as they were during the author’s own time, if not more so. The primary consequences about which Orwell worried because of media manipulation were individuals’ loss of a critical thinking faculty and the diminished capacity for self-expression. Contemporary readers of 1984 may justifiably have the same concerns.

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