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(May 1, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation.’  We’re broadcasting from the armory out near the airport again, this time to hear what some of our retired Veterans have to say about our government refusing to enforce the immigration laws.

“Thank you for inviting my crew and me to one of your monthly, weekly…oh, sorry, meetings. How do you want to do this? You want me to ask questions or do you just want to speak? Ask questions? Okay, what do you say I just ask a question and any of you can respond?  Just introduce yourself first; is that all right with you guys? And would you please look at me, not the camera, when you speak? Thanks.

“First question: what do you think about Trump* deporting 20 million illegal immigrants?”

“John Kempher; Korea; Army and, yes, it was cold like you wouldn’t believe. It’s really a shame that when somebody takes an Oath they don’t listen to the words. Wasn’t Obama supposed to ‘protect and defend’ the Constitution, and isn’t the Constitution there to protect us from the excesses of the government?”

“You tell it like it is, John. Oh, sorry:  Rodger Ward; F4 pilot, off the Oriskany CV-34; Vietnam. John’s right, you know. Obama hasn’t done one single thing to curb the inflow of people who are willing to reap the rewards without paying any dues.”

“And dues are important to you men?”

“It’s the only thing that counts. Bruce Wallace; Army; Desert Storm. It’s not just Obama; it was Bush, too. We kicked Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. Afterwards I was stationed at the border and stood there and watched as Saddam’s big brave army beat on the civilians who thought that we’d come on in and save them: really disgusting. I suppose that’s when the out-of-kilter Rules of Engagement started.”

“Chief Jacob Foster. Look, if people would treat others, as they too would wish to be treated, there probably wouldn’t be such a tremor over these illegal immigrants: the Golden Rule, you know. However, our so-called ‘justice system’ lets them get away with murder – for real, I mean literally – these illegals continue to commit crimes, and some of them commit the same crimes over and over. Some have been deported 5, 6, 7 times and still they return to do us harm, like that murder in San Francisco.

“My son-in-law is a border agent and he says it’s worse than we can even imagine: murderers, rapists, torturers and child molesters commit multiple crimes and they don’t even serve time. Today’s get-out-of-jail-card is to just say, ‘No comprendo.’”

“Robert Ewert; World War II; Army. Before the white man came to Texas there was nothing but scrub and rocks; reminds me of Israel, when before the Jews arrived it was the same: a wasteland. But the American Pioneer worked his tail off, just as the Jews did.

“The Jews cleared the land by hand. Back then they didn’t have any tractors or other machinery like cultivators, just backbreaking work. They dug wells the old-fashioned way: with shovels. And when they finally planted the crops, the tomato and the orange tree, they watered each individual plant by hand, carrying – walked — a tin of water from the well to the plant. Back and forth; day after day: there was no irrigation: there was no money for hoses and pipes.

“No, it wasn’t easy for the Jews or the Texans. They worked from sunrise to sunset. They posted sentries to protect what they had: the Jews from the Arabs and the Americans in the Border States from the Mexicans.

“It’s interesting to note that the reputation of the two people – the Mexicans and the Arabs – is one of laziness and that neither wanted the sand and lizards until other people sacrificed to make the land productive.

“The solution the Jews applied was they built a wall. And it works.”

“Well-said, Bob. Captain Williams; Vietnam; Navy. Yes, a wall is a no-brainer. You take the number of people who are killed and maimed by the illegal immigrants in America and compare that to the Jews killed by the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood before the Israelis built their wall and the numbers are about the same.

“And that reminds me: think of 20-some million illegal immigrants in our country and then think of our country without the illegal immigrants: fewer Food Stamps and Welfare payments, less emergency room crowdedness and less traffic, not to mention fewer Americans being murdered, tortured, raped and molested.”

“Ewert again, if I may?”

“By all means.”

“Thanks. I just want to say that any one of us could’ve been the victim of an illegal drunk driver. In their culture driving drunk is no big deal; it’s nothing to get upset about because they all do it: it’s a cultural thing. Believe me, there’s no ‘Mothers Against Drunk Driving’ – MADD  — anywhere south of the border.

“Now, about these protesters against Trump. I don’t care if they’re illegal immigrants or full-fledged citizens; if you’re against something you must be for something; am I right?’’

“You’re right-on, Bob.”

“If you’re against Trump you must be for jobs going overseas and for the continued keeping of the fence around the ghettos – plantations — by graduating Johnny from high school and college even though Johnny can’t read or speak proper English, am I right?”

“Right-on, Bob.”

“Anyway, sorry to interrupt. It just seems to me that the Jews faced the exact same problem we’re facing today. They dealt with it, will we?

“Getting back to these anti-Trump protesters, it’s a crying shame that Governor Jerry Brown doesn’t give a hoot about the Constitution any more than Obama does, for if he did all those violent Mexican-flag-waving protesters would have been cleared from the streets and arrested or deported.”

“Thank you, Bob, and the rest of you gentlemen. Unfortunately, we’ve run out of time, so on behalf of my crew I’ll be wishing you a safe and a pleasant goodnight: Goodnight.”

“Hey, Roving and crew, thanks for visiting with us. We’ve some charcoal that’s white-hot out back; care for some dogs and burgers? Our treat.”

“Don’t mind if we do. Thanks.”

“Eh, excuse me, Mr. Roving. John Kempher, remember? Look, I didn’t want to say this while you were filming, but there’s no difference between a rock and a bullet. I mean, let’s say the bullet misses but the rock hits you in the mouth, the eye or on your temple. You’d be just as dead as if a bullet hit you between the eyes.

“So what we’re saying is that we have the right to protect ourselves; if someone throws a rock at me or my wife, or my kids, I’m pulling my piece and using it: I’m not going to sit around and wait for the next rock, see what I mean? I have the right to defend my family, my country and myself. Years ago we all took the Oath and – as far as we all understand it —  there’s no expiration date on defending our country. I guess what I’m saying is that we’re going to fight back.

“The boys wanted me to tell you, by the way, that we all enjoy your show. We watch you and then tune in to NEWSMAX.”

*I consider that the best foreign policy speech I ever heard.

Semper Fi


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