by Michael Gaddy, ©2016, blogging at The Rebel Madman

(Apr. 4, 2016) — I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the mayhem of this presidential campaign season. The forces that have combined in an attempt to derail a Trump phenomenon the Republicans never saw coming is most revealing. The popularity of Trump among those in this country who are beginning to catch on to the political scam of the two major parties has created chaos within the GOP, the media, and with Democrats. Did the Republican hierarchy really believe the people would not eventually see through the scam that no matter which R they voted for, once elected, they legislated like a full blown progressive, socialist Democrat?

The GOP, all corporate news media, and the socialists Dems joining together in order to destroy Trump is most telling. Their joint effort should be visible even to Stevie Wonder. They all represent the power cabal or deep state unconstitutional government. These forces have combined in a last-ditch effort to avoid the inevitable: elimination of the Trump threat by other, possibly violent, means.

It will be interesting to see how the GOP mafia rewards John Kasich for staying in the race when the prospect of him ever being successful simply do not exist. The flaming Marxist Socialist, George Soros, apparently supplied the financing for Kasich to stay in the race. Kasich obviously continued throughout the primaries solely to prevent Trump from going into the convention with the required 1237 delegates. When Socialist George’s contributions to anyone in the GOP doesn’t seem repulsive to those within the party hierarchy, the fix is most obviously in.

Surely, Trump understands that each of his media interviews is an ambush planned in advance to create controversy.  Chris “I get a thrill when I listen to socialist speeches” Matthews sprung his trap on Trump last week using the emotional issue of abortion.

Several readers have voiced their concerns when I wrote that Trump was most clearly not a constitutionalist. The interview with Matthews has been described as the leading element in Trump’s worse week ever. Had Trump been in possession of knowledge of our Constitution, instead of being the “ambushee,” he could have been the “ambusher.”

With a working knowledge of the Constitution, Trump could have responded to Matthews on the issue of abortion. Trump could have said…“Chris, when it comes to abortion, there is absolutely nothing in Article II of our Constitution which expressly delegates any power to the executive which would permit the president to address or involve himself/herself with the issue of abortion. Also, Chris, there is nothing whatsoever in Article I, Section 8 of our Constitution which would allow the Congress to involve themselves with the issue of abortion. If we followed the dictates of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Chris, any legislative action on abortion would rest with the people of the individual states as is demonstrably outlined in our Tenth Amendment.  

Assuming Matthews would offer any intelligent response to the above, I am sure he would fall back on the Roe v Wade decision. Again, another door would be opened which would allow Trump, if he were a constitutionalist, to educate Matthews and the idiots in both parties on the proper constitutional role of the US Supreme Court.

When Matthews referred to Roe v Wade, Trump could have said…”I’m glad you brought that up, Chris. First of all, the Supreme Court, as planned by our founders, can only issue opinions on the constitutionality of a particular piece of legislation; they were never, in any scenario discussed by our founders, delegated the power to legislate from the bench. 

Once Matthews regained his breath on the mere suggestion the infallible nine are not the masters of the universe, Trump could have said… “Chris, as a matter of fact, if we are to place credence in James Madison, a founder often referred to as ‘The Father of the Constitution,’ when he addressed how to understand and interpret our Constitution as intended by the founders, we would learn Madison said the following: ‘If we were to look, therefore, for the meaning of the instrument beyond the face of the instrument, we must look for it, not in the general Convention, which proposed, but in the State Conventions, which accepted and ratified the Constitution.’

Then, Trump could have said… “If we are to follow Madison’s words as to the true meaning of our Constitution, we would find in the Virginia Ratification Convention of June 1778, John Marshall’s statement in that convention that the US Supreme Court was not expressly delegated the authority to overrule the laws of any State and could not constitutionally do so. Therefore, Chris, the 10th Amendment would reign supreme in discussion, litigation, or rulings on the issue of abortion. Abortion is not in the realm of the central government’s purview. Of course, the same could be said for universal health care, gun control, taxation and a plethora of other issues in which the central government has overstepped its constitutional boundaries.

 If Matthews were to mention that as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall actually ruled SCOTUS could overrule the legislation of a State, Trump could have said, “Exactly, Chris, Marshall obviously violated the terms of his oath to our Constitution, not to mention his own promises in the Ratification convention and should have been impeached, just as any other elected official or bureaucrat who violates their sacred oath should be impeached and face criminal proceedings where appropriate. I take violations of one’s sacred oath to be deplorable and unconscionable, and, as the next president, I will move to initiate impeachment proceedings for any and all elected and appointed employees of the central government who violate their sacred oath. I can assure you members of the federal judiciary at all levels will not be excluded from such actions. 

Of course, such answers and statements will never issue from Donald Trump or any other candidate for president, Congress, or the judiciary in this country. While millions claim they want constitutional leadership, in the vast majority of cases this is patently untrue.

Democrats and Republicans want to see their party-vetted candidates elected—they care nothing for constitutional governance. A distinct majority in this country just want to be comfortable—if an unconstitutional government can provide the illusion of comfort, that is all that is important. Do not interrupt their entertainment with trivial pursuits such as freedom, liberty or constitution-based government.

Considering the above, Donald Trump may have been in more elective hot water than he is now if he had dared to say anything such as references to our Constitution, but it sure would have been fun to watch all of the “beltway pundits” become apoplectic and Ignoramus Americanus lapse back into the self-induced coma of institutionalized ignorance after the initial tsunami of attacks on the Donald by the media and those bought and paid for by the deep state.

“Trump could have said…” But he didn’t—and probably never will.

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