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by Sher Zieve, ©2016

(Mar. 28, 2016) — In February, 2014 I published an interview of an NSA Whistleblower.  This is a follow-up to that column.  Due to recent threats to her person and other exigent circumstances, the Whistleblower has decided to come out of the shadows and into the light.  I am honored that she again chose me to write her story.

Her name is Karen Stewart.

Karen Stewart BIO


Freshman year – Schiller College, Strasbourg, Fr.

Sophomore – Senior years, graduated from Florida State University (79)

BS in German Language and a minor or co-major equivalent in fine art

Work History

1982-2010 NSA (National Security Agency)

Underwent initial retraining from 1982 – 83 , on the job training to become a linguist in a needed foreign language (chosen to train in depth in Russian since my college major,  German was not in demand but I had also studied Russian and French with good results).

Worked various projects over the years, not just USSR/Russia, but various countries researching/reporting on foreign military status and alliances, weapons development and proliferation, the Chernobyl disaster and aftermath, the fall of the Iron Curtain and changing relations among newly liberated countries, economic and diplomatic developments of certain target countries.  I researched and wrote a series of intelligence reports in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom that kept secret Russian countermeasures sold to Iraq from wreaking havoc on the American invasion. This ultimately is what got me fired because I questioned why my work was used to promote another employee who had no experience with but was credited with my work.

Note...Due to the Top Secret nature of the work, the above summary is slightly vague, by design.

The Interview

Sher: Karen, thanks for taking the time to speak with me and it’s so good to have you back and this time under your name! As a Whistleblower, what finally made you decide to come out from the shadows?

Karen: I always intended to link my name with my story because it is a story that needs to be told, but since I have a lawsuit against NSA (technically an appeal of an unlawful, employer action, i.e. my termination at the 28-year point of my career for trying to request an investigation by the NSA Inspector General), sitting under a gag order demanded by NSA, on the docket at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in Baltimore, I could not do so without risking the adjudication going against me for that reason alone.  However, in 2015 NSA Security made the decision to yet again engage in a massive slander campaign against me in my new location, thus breaking its own gag order so I feel no compunction to be held to a standard required by the EEOC judge at NSA’s request that NSA itself clearly holds in utter contempt.

Sher: Since we last talked, a lot has happened with you. You have refused to drop your discrimination lawsuit against the NSA and have shared with me that the agency has stepped up its efforts against you…personally.

You’re now being stalked by what appear to be NSA operatives. Is that correct? As you reported to me they, also, seem to be using electronic emanation technology to both stop and damage you. I believe former NSA employee and Whistleblower Russel Tice reported on this, also. This is really deep “dark side” information. Would you tell the readers what they’re doing to you, [possibly] others and why?

Karen: First of all, the case STEWART V. NSA is a “righteous” lawsuit, (brought in 2010) meaning it is a clear case of employer abuse of power and position to an egregious and even premeditated criminal level meant to circumvent whistleblower protection laws like the No Fear Act.  Simply put, I asked the NSA Inspector General (IG) to investigate why my award-winning intelligence report series supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) was used to promote an entirely different woman twice (2004 & 2005) one who had nothing to do with my reports whatsoever, and was a known incompetent, but had methodically sexually compromised many of the male managers within the Weapons & Space (W&S) Directorate.  Instead of following correct procedure, the IG and NSA Security decided to cover up the infraction by attacking me. Threats were made to paint my complaint as “paranoid ”and to fire me for a non-existent mental illness if I did not drop my effort to get credit for and the promotion for my own work, given to the wrong woman. These threats quickly took shape as false accusations against me by the guilty personnel obviously coached by Security, manifested with stalking harassment masquerading as an “investigation” by NSA Security goons from 2006-2009.  In late 2010, despite all evidence showing my innocence from ridiculous and impossible charges, I was fired by an NSA Kangaroo court with a predetermined agenda. My EEOC appeal (lawsuit) had been accepted for adjudication and the judge had ordered no adverse action until its adjudication, but NSA ignored his orders.

I moved from Columbia, Maryland back to my family’s hometown of Tallahassee, Florida in 2011. All was quiet until February 2015 when I instructed the law firm I had hired to subpoena evidence from the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles identifying a burglar (a now retired NSA Executive) who had broken into my home very shortly after I had tried to make my 2006 Inspector General request for an investigation, and stolen extra house, car, and mail keys as well as illegally bugging (burst bug) our home and phone/internet to facilitate further harassment and likely search for blackmail material (no luck for them there).

After the subpoena, I began noticing Security types in Tallahassee following me and photo-stalking me by March/April.  Their license plates suggested Naval Security Group from Pensacola and NSA Security personnel from Georgia (Augusta) and Texas (San Antonio).  A quick check with the Leon County Sheriff’s Department, specifically Duty Officer deputy Canon,  confirmed that NSA also had personnel land at a private airport and deputies had escorted them the the Phipps property north of Lake Jackson (near where I now live) for a “secret exercise”, just before the second round of stalking harassment began.  The sequence of events seems to have been for NSA Security to contact the Naval Security Group in Pensacola, Florida (Headquartered at Ft. Meade, Maryland along  with NSA) to initially stalk and photograph me under ridiculous false pretenses until NSA could send its own Security personnel to Tallahassee. Once there, under guise of authority, it appears that NSA enlisted the help of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and its civilian group, “InfraGard”, made up of civilians recruited from their Ride-Along programs.  As usual, NSA personnel fabricated some big lie as to why the civilians should actively and passively stalk and harass me, and despite quite obvious questions about why laws and due process were to be completely suspended in my case, the group eagerly jumped at the opportunity for hundreds to gang up on one person (for Federal money, I may add).

Thus, under NSA tutelage and FDLE auspices, suddenly I was a “cast-iron target”, meaning multiple people covered me wherever I was, whatever I did. Cars were even stationed near my home overnight on rotating shifts, beeping to each other when changing shifts but also for my benefit. NSA also sought out willing neighbors to augment their snooping and harassment efforts, which could be anything from hosting an NSA Security goon for accessibility to my property, both home (to bug and monitor short-distance transmissions) and car (to install and switch out vehicle GPS trackers to facilitate car stalking and impeding as harassment. ) Those were the active participants, others not assigned to me on a certain shift were ordered to quickly text in to a special site “the big bad threat” to report my location and time I was there. People even snooped in my shopping carts to be able to tattle to someone about what I was doing, what I was buying. (“God help us, she bought bananas!!! Save the children!”).

This was annoying enough but I tried to ignore it because I thought NSA once again was going for the usual “See, she’s paranoid, reporting harassment every day – now just dismiss her lawsuit!” But I did report acts of harassment that caused physical damage such as hit and run, purposely sideswiping my car, and botching the placement/removal of a GPS tracker under my rear spoiler that destroyed my spoiler. (They feared my mechanic would find their tracker so they botched its removal the night before my appointment).  I even made fun of my stalkers when I could, using my hobby art shop on a popular internet site to create bumper magnets making fun of them. After all, they were mostly naïve, unsophisticated boobs who desperately imagined that they were little James Bonds and that the greatest existential threat to their country was a woman waiting for her lawsuit to be decided, living in Tallahassee, walking her dogs, visiting friends.

In late November 2015, however, NSA apparently decided that I was not sufficiently being intimidated by their civilian confederacy of dunces to back off my lawsuit to recover my stolen salary and stolen retirement at the appropriate pay level.  In 2009 I had researched “gang-stalking” and discovered it was a real and growing phenomenon, but when “electrical harassment” was mentioned, I could not really grasp the concept and wondered about its existence. But I was to find out first hand in November 2015 that it does exist and is a horrific crime against humanity.

NSA and its operatives started using small, mobile devices called Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) against me and my family in the night. These mobile weapons emit multiple types of electrical emanations from ultrasonic, to microwaves modulated to radio frequencies, to other kinds of wave variations I can’t say I understand yet. Now, with the help of certain mercenary and morally depraved neighbors, the effort is almost 24/7 now with the intention being torture and slow-kill. These types of weapons over a lengthy time cause cancer, autoimmune disease, heart attacks, seizures, strokes, etc. It is the perfect stealth murder weapon for a corrupt government.  At this point, when we leave the house, a criminal base of stalkers has been enlisted by NSA to follow us and aim the DEWs at us wherever feasible to increase exposure in order to speed up death, with the help of the InfraGard dimwits still texting in my location like good little sheeple.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Department as well as the Tallahassee Police Department are dragging their feet, making excuses, denying any such thing exists, or insulting me when I try to enlist their help to come up with a strategy to combat this new crime – before I or one of my family is dead. They can’t quite grasp the fact that this is domestic terrorism and nothing protects the police or any official from this new weapon held and wielded by criminals. Yet, plenty of recruits in their ranks have experience using the mobile DEWs in Iraq.  It is very interesting to me that the Naval Security Group headquartered at Ft. Meade with NSA is also called the “Silent Warriors” because they specialize in the use of Directed Energy Weapons. I’m sure the Naval Security Group base in Pensacola has many on hand and may have even gotten a request from NSA to borrow a few for their “secret exercise” in Tallahassee.

Clearly, NSA is of the opinion that you do not have Constitutional Rights unless they say you do. If they use this to get rid of an inconvenient lawsuit such as mine instead of simply “settling” for a tenth of the cost of harassment, then they must feel confident they can murder anyone, anywhere, for any reason and get away with it…including any leader or politician.

Sher: Why in the world do you think the NSA simply didn’t settle the suit? With all of the documentation you have, it seems that they are guilty of the discrimination and could have spent far less of the taxpayers’ money to simply pay you off and “make it go away.” They would, also, have avoided this coming out into the open.  Are they that arrogant and narcissistic?

Karen: This has truly NEVER made any sense to me or any of my friends, even those who worked at NSA. NSA could have investigated, claimed a “mistake” had been made and retroactively promoted me without even addressing the unethical behavior of W&S personnel. Instead, the IG refused to investigate, illegally of course, but I could not have made him do his job. Plus, the guilty were instructed to blame me for what turned out to be the first leak by ex-NSA executive Thomas Drake, despite the fact that I had no access to, knowledge of or training in the type of material he leaked (computer technology) and he was identified as the source of that leak six months before I was fired. The polygraph section of Security actively tried to sabotage my polygraph exams in response to the false counter-accusation by inappropriately screaming and threatening me, making it impossible to pass a polygraph, which ruined my first polygraph in this regard though I passed the next two of the three given in reaction to the false accusation.

The EEOC is capped at $300,000 actual damages, no punitive allowed. My intention was to get the lost difference in my wages as a GS-12 when I should have been a GS-14, and to get the appropriate level of retirement. Yet, clearly, NSA has spent millions organizing and paying civilians (and greasing the palms of crooked law enforcement) to harass, bully, intimidate, and quite obviously viciously slander me.

Do they engage in such psychopathic behavior “because they can”? Because they simply have no real oversight?  The operational head of NSA Security is indeed rumored far and wide to be an actual  psychopath who is obsessed with paintings of Dante’s Inferno.

A coworker who worked in NSA Human Resources says she remembered when the resumes of inappropriate people (criminals, perverts, mentally unstable) were automatically thrown away but suddenly when General Hayden, a former NSA Director, promoted this particular man, the resumes of thieves, moral degenerates, etc., were then coveted by Security. She said that she was so upset that she had to find a different job. I did read an opinion on the Anti-polygraph site that NSA Security leadership, and hence  all of Security in essence, could be said to suffer from Dark Triad personality disorder, which is a dangerous combination of such things as (malignant) narcissism, sociopathy, etc. Their egos are such that they are obsessed with winning at all costs…even fighting to keep a known false accusation from being proven false by their victim, because they exist in their own projected narrative.  They exist in their own lies and cannot stand being exposed.  This means they follow their own agendas.  What is good for NSA Security leadership, even at the cost of NSA or the USA. Their allegiances are to themselves. This has made me wonder, of late, if the woman who Security protected instead of reprimanding or firing for sexually compromising W&S management was not a Security plant, meant to do just that. And, in so doing, was NSA Security procuring a means to blackmail these managers for themselves or another entity, perhaps foreign?

Sher: You have multiple photos and even drawings you’ve made of your stalkers. You’ve also indicated to me that the NSA has been in touch with your local law enforcement. Said law enforcement is siding with the NSA against you…a private citizen. What do your attorneys have to say about these?

Karen: At the beginning of my search for a law firm to take my case, Melville Johnson PC informed me that I had potentially two cases, in 2009, an employment law case and a criminal case. I could only afford to pursue the employment case since I was facing illegal termination on false pretenses within a few months. While my lawyers have recorded the information about the new assault campaign by NSA in Florida, thus far their pleas with the EEOC for some kind of response because their client is now in physical danger have been completely ignored.

What has been going on in Florida is entirely criminal and could be a separate lawsuit, to even include law enforcement in regard to their depraved negligence…if not complicity. But, at the moment, I am concerned with surviving the relentless Directed Energy Weapons assaults. If I do not, then my family will have to consider a wrongful death lawsuit against NSA, FBI (that refuse to get involved because NSA is involved), and the FDLE, the TPD and Leon County Sheriff’s Department as well as certain complicit neighbors accepting a new riding mower or new carpeting in exchange for helping NSA murder an “inconvenient” person who actually thought she had any Constitutional, human, or Civil Rights.

Sher: With regards to your lawsuit, what are your current plans?

Karen: Good question. Reporting and recording the new barrage of assaults has whittled deeply into my retainer. This was hard enough to maintain after spending about $110,000, thus far, and often countering ridiculous and frivolous legal shenanigans by NSA to waste my money. With an outrageously unresponsive EEOC, which may indeed be a complete and obscene sham for show, one wonders ‘why continue with the pretense that we exist as a nation of laws’? Clearly, we do not.

The government has no desire for a level playing field to impede its quest for complete tyranny. We are now a nation of wolves and sheeple. I’m sure that after getting wind of this article, NSA will come to the EEOC with big crocodile tears claiming they need to win by default because “I” broke the gag order after they themselves spent millions, bald-faced lying to thousands of civilians, law enforcement and (apparently) the FBI about me, invoking National Security Letters to swear them to secrecy and to hide the true nature of their faux “secret exercise” in Tallahassee–i.e., enticing a foolish community to stalk, harass and commit murder for Big Brother.

But, God forbid the victim would speak out!

It truly sickens me that I spent my career trying to protect and serve my fellow Americans when not only my government but these unworthy mercenary, sociopaths have stabbed me in the back. Some of the stalkers have even been Iraqi War veterans…some of whom might not have returned alive without my reports.

I can’t think a lot about the lawsuit with each nocturnal assault leaving me wondering if I or one of my family will not wake up tomorrow. I’m sentenced to death for being a patriot. What a country. I read Psalm 91 & 94 nightly, praying God will want to erase this growing evil from our country. But, I also remember that Ruth Graham said a while ago, “if God doesn’t judge America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Americans are just not the people they and we used to be and, therefore, our leaders are either apathetic cowards who tolerate evil or potentially monsters like NSA Security–who show that they can be and are not responsible to anyone but themselves.

Is NSA Security even able to be reined in anymore? Or would any potential leader be found dead of a microwave-induced heart attack if he tried to? Someone ought to care but I may not be around long enough to see it.

Sher:  Thanks you so much for all you’ve done and I sincerely hope and pray you’re wrong, Karen.  It’s individuals like you who founded the United States of America on Godly principles and an unwavering sense of ethics.

*Karen may be contacted for interviews at kams56@ME.com

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  1. Its unbelievably disgusting how criminal our government and some of the agencies have become. All kinds of decent, honest, hard working American employees AND Veteran’s have been abused, threatened and even harmed by the actions of a few VERY ROTTEN, VERY EVEIL, VERY POWER HUNGRY, DEGENERATES who’ve taken over our government. We DESPERATELY NEED more honest hard working Americans to step up and help take it back, or we really ARE Doomed. These people have destroyed lives, destroyed businesses, and are destroying America, one executive action at a time. Get Trump back inside any way we can.

  2. Why can’t we get this into a new DNC movie like Hillary’s America 2016 along with the 5 American Veterans who were falsely imprisoned and had their careers and personal lives destroyed for being “whistle blowers” against this DNC crime ring and given a prison record for false claims, all to protect an illegal POTUS dual citizen Muslim and his accomplices, Biden/Pelosi/Axelrod/Hillary/Jarrett/Bill Clinton/Ayers/Eric Holder.

  3. When I ran for president in 2012, part of my platform was to deny Muslim immigration and to deport those who were here, along with illegal immigrants, and for that, I believe, I received death threats.
    I could have received protection from the FBI but how was I to know who was threatening to kill me?
    I could have brought the proof of the threats to the county DA and to the local police force but how was I to know if they were on my side or not?
    Bottom line: do what you have to do to protect yourself.
    Inform your neighbors of a possible stalker who may very well be a previous convicted child molester and rapist targeting you.
    Talk about a Neighbor Watch working for you, you got it.
    Protect yourself.