Growing Pains


by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 23, 2016) — As most readers know, The Post & Email became a “free” website on October 19, 2015 by removing the paywall and accepting advertising so as to maintain its viability on the web.

Since that time, our readership has grown exponentially and our reach continues to expand.  Please feel free to tweet, Facebook and distribute our article links to your mailing lists using the icons placed on the site last month.

Without your support, we could not have come this far so quickly.

We are aware that two recent advertising campaigns, one of which was launched late on Tuesday night, may need some adjusting.  Should you receive a “Malware” warning pop-up when clicking on an article, please simply close that window.  Do not call any phone number which accompanies this error message.  We will have this repaired as soon as possible.

The Post & Email is also working to fine-tune any ad campaigns which may contain elements not in keeping with our family-friendly policy.  Please bear with us as we work with our advertisers to meet our specific needs with these newly-launched campaigns.  As it is Holy Week, it might be difficult to reach everyone involved, but we have contacted the stand-in for our advertising representative in that case.

If anyone is experiencing challenges other than those described above, please advise at or

We appreciate your readership and understanding as we work through these growing pains.


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