by Sharon Rondeau

Photo courtesy of PPSimmons News & Ministry Network via Facebook

(Mar. 10, 2016) — In a tweet issued between late Wednesday and early Thursday, radio host and reporter of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse investigation into Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form Carl Gallups announced that in a meeting with Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio on Wednesday, he was sworn in as “Special Deputy for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.”

On Wednesday, Gallups had tweeted that he would be meeting with Arpaio “in coming days” and that followers of the story should “”stay tuned for something awesome.”

The photo contained the announcement: “This JUST in! Carl Gallups met with Sheriff Joe Arpaio today for about two hours. During this time Carl was honored to be sworn in as “Special Deputy for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.” Carl will be giving us special updates in following days and weeks resulting from this meeting. Stay tuned everyone!”

At the beginning of the investigation, Zullo also was deputized by Arpaio, as have other citizens serving the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office on any of the 41 volunteer posses under Arpaio’s direction, the Cold Case Posse being one.

Gallups is a pastor in Northwest Florida, host of the weekly radio show “Freedom Friday,” and a close follower of the investigation launched in September 2011 by the Cold Case Posse under Arpaio’s direction. Gallups and colleague Mike Shoesmith of PPSimmons News & Ministry Network have provided updates in the case on Freedom Friday as they have become available.

On March 1, 2012, after approximately six months of probing, Zullo and Arpaio held the first of two press conferences in which they announced that Obama’s long-form birth certificate, posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011, is a “computer-generated forgery.”  The same was found to be true of Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form which has been distributed to a number of Americans filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for the document.

A second press conference on July 17, 2012 revealed that the standard of probable cause in the forgery of the birth certificate had been surpassed. The press conference was punctuated by Arpaio’s request to Congress to launch its own investigation into the posse’s findings.

Congress took no action, and the media showed little curiosity as to how and why forgeries of a sitting president’s only publicly-available documents had been manufactured, instead vilifying the messengers.

In late January of this year, Gallups met with Arpaio in his office with Zullo and reported that Arpaio had given the impression that a third press conference was being contemplated.

In November 2013, Zullo had told Gallups on the air that a third presser was planned for March 2014; however, new and unexpected information was presented by former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery at approximately the same time which Arpaio deemed worthy of further investigation.

Before entering the ministry, Gallups served as a deputy sheriff in the state of Florida. In 2013, he accompanied Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in the Washington, DC area each year featuring a number of speakers and activists in the “conservative” community.  While there, Zullo, with Gallups as a witness, presented some of the evidence compiled by the posse on the birth certificate and Selective Service documents to a number of individuals in attendance, including then-Rep. Steve Stockman and former Rep. Allen B. West.

Gallups and Zullo reported afterward that while Stockman had sought them out at the conference, West retreated from their overtures, citing his “future political ambitions.”

Gallups’s own congressman, Jeff Miller, indicated at the conference his willingness to meet privately with the two men in the coming weeks but later reneged on that offer. As proof, Gallups released the email chains exchanged between Miller’s staffers and him indicating disingenuously that Miller had never indicated any interest in a meeting.

CPAC continues to ignore the constitutional requirement of “natural born Citizen” in regard to the 2016 presidential candidates and has said nothing about the forgeries of Obama’s documentation.

Last month, Arpaio remarked during an interview that “with a couple more lucky breaks,” a third release of information might be forthcoming.

At the conclusion of an interview on February 19, Gallups commented that “The last time I was with Sheriff Arpaio, he assured me, you, us that the investigation of the Obama fraud was still going forward and was planning on a press conference.  I believe I know what he’s waiting on to time it, but all of that’s still on, huh?” to which Zullo responded, “Yeah, it is, and let me just wrap it up very quickly. I just received information from a very big news outlet last week…” then was cut off by the music indicating the end of the segment.

It has long been suspected that Barack Hussein Obama, contrary to his claim of a birth in Hawaii, was born in a foreign country and is not a “natural born Citizen,” as is required by Article II of the Constitution to serve as president and commander-in-chief. The declared forgeries of his purported documentation solidified that view in the minds of an unknown number of Americans but remains unaddressed by the media, Congress, state attorneys general, governors, the FBI and other officials who have been informed of it.

Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate who questioned Obama’s qualifications in 2011 or at any other time, with the apparent result being the White House release in April 2011 of what was later declared by Zullo to be an act perpetrated against the American people “with the intent to deceive.”

Trump insists that Ted Cruz is ineligible to serve as a result of his birth in Canada.

Zullo remained virtually silent during the extended period of investigation but appeared on Freedom Friday on two occasions, January 29 and February 19, to discuss the meaning of the Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 term in the U.S. Constitution of “natural born Citizen.”

On January 26, Gallups was a guest on the Bill Martinez Live radio program, during which he said that Arpaio likely planned to release more information “sooner rather than later.”

Early in the investigation, Zullo revealed that the computer used to upload the birth certificate forgery to the White House server had been identified, but not the actual user. However, subsequently, Zullo stated that the identity of the forger or forgers was known.

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  1. You really have to think ….. who would have the power to turn off the mainstream media and every federal authority capable of acting on Obama’s documentation?

    I got $50 says that Obama is being run by the DoD/CIA crowd.

  2. Its not Arpaio against the government and their lies. Its Arpaio and the American people against corrupt politicians and paid liars. When you beat a dead horse long enough pretty soon you get hamburger. FIRE UP THE GRILL!

  3. No matter who has what it needs to be heard! Either there’s something or someone is coveting the truth from the American people! ! This has gone on too long! ! We all know that Obama has been caught in numerous lies and still nothing is done. Look where we’re at now. ..

  4. What people don’t seem to realize is Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his cold posse are going up against the US Congress, US Justice department and the lame liberal stream media including Fox News who are complicit in the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the US Constitution and the American people.

  5. I believe that both Zullo and Trump are playing a long con game.

    If Trump had anything he would have shown it.

    Same goes for Zullo. He says that there are 3 legal hurdles to overcome before he can release any info and that he has only the last hurdle to clear. But Zullo has never stated exactly what those 3 legal hurdles might be. In fact, he has recently stated that he may never be able to overcome that last hurdle. No specifics on the nature of the so called legal hurdle.

  6. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has endorsed Donald Trump for president. One would think that he and Mike Zullo would be privy to the “absolutely unbelievable” things that Trump’s detectives discovered in Hawaii.

    Perhaps the P&E should talk to Zullo.

  7. “Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate who questioned Obama’s qualifications in 2011….”

    Trump said in an interview in 2011 that his people on the ground in Hawaii were discovering amazing things. Yet he has never released his findings.

    I think the P&E should ask Trump what it was his people discovered.

    1. An NBC reporter recently asked a Trump spokeswoman that question on television. While The P&E would very much like to ask that question and others, we do not have a direct conduit to Trump’s campaign or any other.

  8. (Harrison cont.)
    Posse members of the MCSO are delegated their law enforcement
    authority by the Maricopa County Sheriff.

    So, this action seems to award Gallups “official powers” as
    spokesperson and perhaps other assigned duties from Arpaio.
    Legal and other concerns are likely to be addressed here
    too by this move. This could be like a major chess move…

  9. To me, Gallups being sworn in as “SPECIAL DEPUTY” today is
    important because in Lt. Zullo’s Affidavit in item no.# 7
    it states: “Upon activation by the Maricopa County Sheriff,
    certified Posse members are empowered to act as if the Sheriff
    himself were present when called upon to do so. Posse members
    of the MCSO