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by Sharon Rondeau

Mike Zullo presenting evidence on March 1, 2012 to the public that Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate is fraudulent

(Feb. 20, 2016) — On his weekly “Freedom Friday” show on February 19, host Carl Gallups interviewed Maricopa County Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo to discuss the meaning of the Constitution’s Article II, Section 1 clause 5 term, “natural born Citizen,” which is a requirement solely for the president and commander-in-chief.

The Cold Case Posse has conducted a four-year criminal investigation into the image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 purported to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate and presumably proving his claimed birth in Hawaii.  On March 1, 2012, following six months of probing, Zullo and Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio stated at a press conference that the image is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Gallups began the show by stating that the issue of whether or not presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz is a “natural born Citizen” is now “front and center” and “sweeping the nation.”

Multiple ballot challenges and lawsuits have recently been filed against Cruz as a result of his birth in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in December 1970, which may disqualify him.  Cruz’s father was a Cuban citizen and his mother a U.S. citizen.

Gallups reiterated that Zullo has unsuccessfully attempted to gain the attention of Congress and the media on the matter of the birth certificate forgery.

Gallups said that Jordan’s late King Hussein married an American woman, known as Queen Noor, who never renounced her U.S. citizenship, and that their second son, Prince Hashim, who was “born on foreign soil,” has “the exact same situation” as Cruz.  “You have a man born on foreign soil to a mother who’s an American citizen at the time of his birth to a father who is not an American citizen at the time of his birth.  Ted Cruz fits those qualifications perfectly, and he’s claiming he’s natural born and eligible to be president, and all I have to say, Mike, is if Ted Cruz is eligible to be president, then so is the prince of Jordan.”

Zullo agreed, except that in order to claim eligibility, Prince Hashim would have to reside in the U.S. for 14 years, according to Article II, Section 1, clause 5.

Prince Hashim will be 35 this June, which the same article states is the minimum age for the president.

Zullo explained that when the U.S. Constitution was drafted, a “special category” was created for the Founders, who fought the American Revolution, to serve as president until “natural born Citizens” were old enough to serve.  “People want to take ‘natural born Citizen’ and make it into a lot of things that it’s not,” Zullo said, which he called “disingenuous.”

Much of the media has conflated the terms “citizen” and “natural born Citizen.”

Zullo said he has been “having a very difficult time” with statements made by Cruz, his father, and commentator Glenn Beck, who is supporting Cruz.  Zullo believes that Beck is using his television station, available on a paid basis, to promote Cruz’s candidacy.  “I have yet to see Mr. Beck go to his famous blackboard and do the history of ‘natural born Citizen,’ because he can’t, because it doesn’t work,” Zullo said.

Zullo called Cruz “outright disingenuous” for claiming that he is a “natural born Citizen.”

Gallups mentioned Beck’s recent opinion that “God brought about the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in order to encourage Americans to vote for Ted Cruz.”

During the interview, Gallups reminded his audience that the constitutional eligibility of Marco Rubio is also in question.  Rubio was born in the U.S. to two non-U.S.-citizen parents, which Gallups and others have termed “an anchor baby.”

Gallups responded that Cruz is a “constitutional lawyer,” having argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court yet claiming to have had no knowledge that he possessed Canadian citizenship until renouncing it in 2014.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has threatened to sue Cruz over the eligibility question.  Gallups speculated that a court could say Cruz is eligible, which would open the presidency to someone such as Prince Hashim.  If a court ruled that Cruz is not eligible, Gallups mused, then Barack Obama’s eligibility would then have to be scrutinized.

Obama’s claimed father was also never a U.S. citizen.  Zullo said that historically, the father’s bloodline was used to determine a child’s citizenship.  Zullo recounted that Cruz claims that because he wasn’t “naturalized,” he is a “natural born Citizen.”  “No, you’re not,” Zullo rejoined.

At 16:04, Zullo said that Cruz’s wife, Heidi, spent time in Kenya and Nigeria, as Cruz stated during his presidential announcement speech on March 23, 2015.

Zullo described Heidi Cruz as now holding “the second-highest position” at Goldman Sachs in charge of “private loan management.”  Zullo reminded the listeners that Ted Cruz apparently obtained a loan from Goldman Sachs for his 2012 Senatorial campaign.

Zullo also said that Heidi Cruz is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which he believes is working to dismantle American sovereignty.

“I wonder where the Obots are…who accused us of being political,” Gallups said, referring to accusations made by Obama supporters, known as “Obots,” having claimed that anyone questioning Obama’s eligibility was racist or would not hold a Republican to the same standard.

The recording of the show can be accessed via Gallups’s website and selecting “Podcasts.”

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