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(Feb. 10, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see, we’re back at the university to interview, once again, Professor Ollie Oxford of the Anthropology Department, and here we are at his office door, so I’ll knock.”

“What! Who is there? Why no peephole in door? Who are you? How would I know if there was a raging fire on the other side, yes?”

“Hey, Professor, it’s Roving and crew for our scheduled interview!”

“Well, why didn’t you say so? Here, let me unlock the door for you. So there’s no fire? You sure?”

“No fire. What’s that all about?”

“Oh, never mind. But wait! Somewhere there’s a fire; somewhere someone is burning and needs our help!”

“May be, but not here. Please, sit and catch your breath. There, now isn’t that better?”

“Better. Thank you. So you’re not the secret police? Your FBI? Your very own Gestapo? But then you Americans wouldn’t know a raging Democratic Socialist from a real Socialist, would you? And no one else would know, either, because there isn’t any difference, being one and the same. FBI murdering people on back roads is a well-known Gestapo tactic: do the blackwork out of sight, preferably in the night to keep possible witnesses to a bare minimum. It is in their rulebook!”

“Hello? Remember us, Roving and crew? We’re not the FBI, okay? All we want to do is ask you a couple of questions.”

“I knew it! But before you take me away, you’ve got some really dumb people running for office. Take your Kasich ‘my father was a mailman’ character; more boring than Bush and not nearly as funny. He talks about helping ‘people in the shadows,’ meaning, of course, the illegal immigrants. Truth is this government treats its illegal immigrants way better than it treats its veterans.

“Listen: in this presidential election there are two political philosophies represented: ‘Not-the-same-old’ and ‘Clone-of-the-same-old’. On the one side there’s Trump, while on the other side there’s the two ineligibles, Cruz and Rubio; Sanders, Bush, Kasich, Hillary, Christie and others.”

“Wait: there’s two political parties. Bush and Hillary aren’t together.”

“Oh, yes they are. They take orders from either the DNC or the RNC, and they, in turn, take orders from “FREEP’: the ‘Federal REservE Political Party,’ so there.

“But there’s more. Where do you think the money that grease the wheels of the RNC and the DNC come from? Why, from the same people, or haven’t you noticed? Airlines – transportation – contributes to both parties, as does BIG OIL (think Arab/Muslim/Petrol Dollars) and everybody else who is paying for favors somewhere down the road. That’s what makes Washington run: money; favors; bribes. Trump’s fixing to put a wrench in the works, and I say it’s about time. He’s not taking money from anyone, ergo he can’t be bought and it’s driving all the not-so-honest ones bonkers, especially the pundits who pretend they have a dog in the fight, which they don’t because they don’t have any money, yes?

“So here’s the deal: it’s Trump or a cookie-cutter of ‘Clone-of-the-same-old.’ Its come down to the voter’s choice.

“But that’s not why I agreed to see you. I want to talk about the world war going on.”

“What world war?”

“See? I knew it! To start, it‘s true that the USA is sandwiched between two oceans that gives the isolationists great comfort, but jet travel has been with us for over half a century, so we’re not really isolated after all, are we? So the point is an attack on a bus in London or a train in any other country really equates to an attack on us all, is it not so? Yes?

“Look, everyone is quite aware who the targeted countries are, with the USA and Israel heading the list. What is not yet understood is that the enemy is well-defined and not some isolated group that’s a splinter faction of anything, yes?”

“I’d have to say you’re right. Yes.”

“Islam’s foreign policy has been nothing but expanding and conquering everything in sight since its inception. The reason the expansion of Islam has exploded in the last 20 years is because of the West’s unquenchable thirst for oil.

“But I’m getting off-track; excuse me. I was trying to explain that we’re all – meaning Western Civilization – in this together: targets of the onslaught of Islam. It’s high time we recognize that the followers of Islam – Muslims – will never assimilate no matter what country they’re sent to as the shock troops for Islam.

“Trump is aware of the danger, but the others, ALL the other candidates for president, might as well be full-fledged employees of Islam, which is what’s in the White House now, yes?

“We’re in a global war. No longer can we afford to play the ‘isolation’ game. Muslims — men and women, young and old — are lining up to murder Infidels, us Unbelievers. Muslims don’t need an excuse to murder us. None of this ‘Oh, if we print a carton of Mohammed they’ll get mad’ nonsense: they’re ALREADY mad: they’re pyschos; bananas; whackos. People who are nuts don’t require a detonating stage: the Qur`an teaches them to be ‘pre-wired’: having the ability to go off for no reason. Therefore, Muslims don’t need and aren’t looking for an excuse to murder Christians, okay? Are we finally on the same page? We certainly hope so, for all of our sakes. A heartfelt A-men to that.

“So, once again, it comes down to ‘America: Yes!’ or else it’s ‘Amnesty and let’s give the keys to the Muslims: No!’ You wouldn’t think there would be a choice, would you? Oh, well, that’s all I’ve got to say.”

“Thank you. Great show. This is your Roving Reporter and crew saying thank you for watching and we’ll be wishing you all a good night: Goodnight.”

“Good show, guys. Burger time. You’re invited, Professor. My Treat.”

Semper Fi


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