by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 1, 2016) — On Monday, The Post & Email received the following letter from an inmate at the Northwest Correctional Complex (NWCX) who has corresponded with us before.  Identification of the inmate and correctional staff involved have been redacted to avoid retaliation from either side.

NWCX is operated by the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC), whose commissioner is Derrick Schofield.

As Schofield and other Tennessee authorities have failed to respond to our many reports over the last nine months of prisoner abuse, corruption, and lack of adequate medical, The Post & Email has reported this and other incidents to an authority outside the state, speaking personally with an individual who noted our concerns.

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  1. Nwcx is the worst prison in Tn. It’s horrible. My son has been there for about 2 years and he’s told me things that sound like they came out of a nightmare. A few weeks ago he got caught with a very small amount of contraband. He DID NOT EVEN GO BEFORE THD DISCAPLINARY BOARD AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO YET THEY WENT ON THERE OWN AND JUDGED HIM FOUND HIM GUILTY AND TOOK AWAY HIS VISITATION RIGHTS AND OTHER PUNISHMENYS??? HOW CAN they do that and get by with it. It had been a couple of weeks and he hadn’t been taken before the board yet so I called the new assistant warden. He told me that my son had been to the board and plead guilty WHICH WAS A FLAT OUT LIE!!! HOW DO THEY KEEP GETTING BY WITH THE B.S THEY DO??? MY SON IS A NON VIOLENT NON GANG AFFILIATED IN MATE AND THEY HOUSED HIM WITH EVERT KINF OF GANG MEMBER THERE!!! I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THAT PLACE AND WILL POST AGAIN SOON. I WANT TO TALK TO THE COMMISSIONER BUT IM SURE IT WOULD FO NO GOOD. THANK U FOR THIS SITE. UR AWESOME FOR MAKING IT