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(Jan. 28, 2016) — Last night I was closely following the developing events in Burns Oregon, even before they happened, due to an ongoing disagreement from the previous day between Mark Connors and Pete Santilli.

What happened last night was nothing short of the cold-blooded murder of LaVoy Finicum,  a man, a father, a husband, a grandfather – someone standing up peaceably for everyone’s liberties.

LaVoy Finicum was doing nothing more than traveling to a public meeting with Ammon Bundy and others,  to discuss the issues and express the cause for the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  They were going to this peaceful meeting arranged by the Sheriff, and they were stopped for a “traffic stop” by that same Sheriff and  the FBI.

Did they have  a headlight out, or perhaps they came to a rolling stop  at a stop sign?

No, it was a deliberate ambush on a desolate road that had no cell service due to surrounding canyon walls.  According to the eyewitness report of Victoria Sharp, there were even snipers in the trees awaiting them, and as many as 40 law enforcement vehicles involved, all for a “traffic stop” of people only going to a peaceful public meeting, which the Sheriff and FBI were fully aware of in advance.   It was unmistakably a planned ambush.

The claim it was a  “traffic stop” is nothing but the gross misrepresentation of fact to pretend legitimacy under the color of law.

The media is reporting that there was a “shootout”.  For there to be a shootout, there has to actually be shots fired from both sides, yet none of those traveling with Ammon Bundy fired a single shot.  There cannot be any sort of shootout when one side does not fire even a single shot.  Reuters, MarketWatch, The Guardian, Institute for Public Accuracy (oh, irony).

The media is reporting  only three shots being fired,  resulting in the death of LaVoy Finicum, yet the eyewitness report is that approximately 120 shots were fired at the vehicles and occupants, with numerous shots into the vehicles.

The media would have us believe that these occupiers of the Nature Preserve have no legitimacy, and are nothing but terrorists.  Despite the fact these occupiers have  inadequately conveyed the legitimacy of their actions, the inescapable fact is that the federal government has no constitutional authority to claim ownership of any lands within a State, beyond forts, arsenals (military bases), dock-Yards, Post Offices, and other “needful buildings”.

Only a day before this lethal traffic stop, in a video interview, LaVoy Finicum  had indicated the need for more dialog, and was alarmed by the abrupt change in “tone and tenor” of the federal authorities, leading  to this grossly unwarranted abuse of lethal force.  It is clear that the intent was to shut down this disobedience, and do so in such an excessive fashion that it limits further uprisings by overwhelming intimidation.

LaVoy Finicum had surrendered with his hands in the air,  and was indicating his desire to speak with the Sheriff, and was shot repeatedly, his life brutally ended when he was only traveling to a public meeting so as to engage a dialog to find a peaceful resolution.   Additionally Ryan Bundy was shot three times, and another was wounded as well.

Robert LaVoy Finicum was murdered in cold blood by federal agents only one day before his 56th birthday, today.

Every single federal agent and the  Sheriff officers that fired their weapons last night, need to be taken into the people’s custody, pending an autopsy and ballistic analysis on Finicum, as well as the shots into the vehicles.

At that point,  all officers that fired their weapons should be charged with First Degree Murder.   Conspiracy to Commit Murder,  the Denial of life and rights under the color of law, and numerous other charges,  and prosecuted by a jury of their peers to the fullest extent of the law, with the death penalty being applicable.

When man can no longer rely on the rule of law, then he becomes subject to the rule of men – tyrants – and we no longer have a civil society.

Yet what is the LEAD BANNER on Drudge?   Rubio surging in Iowa!

On Breitbart?   Trump and the debates!

On FOX  News? A plea for the PROTESTERS to be reasonable!

Last week  KrisAnne Hall gave a lecture in Burns Oregon on the Constitution, and she had a security detail accompanying her while there.  That security detail was not  because KrisAnne had  any fear of the protesters occupying the nature preserve, by her own statement, but rather because she was afraid of our own federal government, and did not want to be taken into custody, without anyone knowing her whereabouts.

This is not the America we are promised, nay, guaranteed by the Constitution!  However that Guarantee will never be honored if we do not demand it.

If we do not all rise up NOW, and demand these federal agents be prosecuted, and the Federal government returned to its only legitimate “box” within the District of Columbia, then we are lost as a nation.   God help us, because  if we do not do so, we are doomed to be nothing but serfs, slaves to tyrannous government dictating every aspect of our lives.

T. J. McCann, III
Valley Forge

KrisAnne Hall on the Oregon Events

See the video here.

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