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(Jan. 22, 2016) — “If I didn’t see it I wouldn’t believe it.”

“Well, I did see it and don’t believe it, so there.”

“I saw it all and don’t believe it, and even if I saw it again I wouldn’t believe it. The only possible explanation is that the rules of common sense have been suspended in our quadrant of the galaxy.”

“There you go again, off on a tangent that even Stephen Hawking couldn’t understand. Look, it’s no longer a question of ‘How stupid are they?’ It’s a question of ‘What is it that makes them blind to the obvious?’”

“You’re right, of course. If something doesn’t work, like the IRS, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, or the Bureau of Land Management, why keep funding them? Why not fire them all and give them Food Stamps?”

“It’s the greatest mystery of the universe, is what it is, besides us being out here. Come to think of it, why are we here?”

“It’s a purely philosophical question, akin to ‘Am I real?’ and ‘Why are we here?’”

“Okay, from what I can make of it, we’re here for no reason.”

“You mean that’s the reason, ‘No reason’?”

“That’s precisely what I mean.”

“I get it: if the military will blindly follow orders that don’t make any sense – for no reason – then they’ll continue to follow stupid orders, or even illegal orders, for that matter.”

“What’s an illegal order?”

“In Vietnam it was to get your troops killed for no reason.”

“And now?”

“Now would be to follow any orders given by our de facto Commander-in-Chief, Obama.”

“But what are supposed to do?”

“If the Joint Chiefs of Staff would earn their paycheck for once, they would lead a company of Marines to arrest Obama, but they haven’t the love of country, respect for the Constitution, and any honor they may have had to their Oath to the American people: they went over to the Dark Side.”

“But how to explain what we just saw?”

“I’d have to say that we just witnessed the epitome of what’s wrong with the Department of State, which in reality is a micro-example of what’s wrong with America.

“We just witnessed a roadside IED planted next to that bus stop over there. Now our rules of engagement clearly state that we are not to interfere – in any way whatsoever – with the planting of explosive devices unless the suspect is armed. The so-called ‘suspect’ didn’t have an AK47 on his back so he was cleared to go, which, by the way, he knew.

“Of course we don’t know if whatever our suspect planted was an explosive device, and we won’t know until it explodes and kills a few and maims a lot, maybe even some Americans if they just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“But what really got our goat was when that Colonel went up to our suspect and handed him a wad of cash, another example of winning ‘Hearts and Minds,’ no doubt.”

“And then someone else gave him a visa to come to America. Is this nuts or what? What do you say we just shoot them all?”

“Good idea, but it gets us nowhere. We can’t change what’s in place now, but there’s one thing we can do.”

“What’s that?”

“Vote for the guy who isn’t part of the problem, is what. Vote for the guy who can’t be bought; who isn’t a member in good standing of a political machine that is in power for themselves at the people’s expense.”

“Then Trump it is.”

“Only possible choice.”

Semper Fi


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