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by Michael Gaddy, ©2016, blogging at The Rebel Madman

Salmon P. Chase was Secretary of the Treasury under Abraham Lincoln and in 1864, became chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, where he served until his death in 1873

(Jan. 14, 2016) — (Author’s note: this was part IV in a series of articles about the War to Destroy the principles of the Declaration of Independence, referred to by those who worship government as the Civil War. I was prompted to republish after reading about the State of the Union address delivered by the immigrant-in-chief this past Tuesday evening. I was amazed there have been almost no comments on the myriad of lies and distortions delivered at that address. or what could be more properly referred to as the Super Bowl of Tyranny and Political Lies. Not surprisingly, our chief Marxist failed to mention, along with all his other accomplishments, the crushing national debt which his administration, along with the assistance of compliant Republicans in Congress, has increased exponentially during his time in office. Not mentioned was the fact that for each increase of one dollar ($1) in Gross Domestic Product our government borrowed three dollars and seventy eight cents ($3.78) over the past few years. Not sure how this comports with any thoughts of “Sustainability” but it has deep roots in this country’s sordid banking history. Historians and media shills seldom mention the astronomical rise in the national debt during the Lincoln administration. The 1860 debt was something less than 70 million dollars but had increased to over 5 billion in 1865. The debt was so large an amendment to the Constitution (14th) was required to reaffirm that debt to the international banking cartel. You know, those same folks who control our country today.)


“Conspirators do not make minutes of their machinations, progress, and objectives. Seldom, therefore, can conspiracy be proved by other than circumstantial evidence. It is only by assembling the results, with such evidence as may be of the progress thereof by the participants, that the victim can ever make a case of conspiracy. If in the end there is a completed structure of result, the frame of which has been furnished piecemeal by several individuals, the parts when brought together showing adaptation to each other and fitness for the end accomplished, it is at least reasonable to infer concert in both planning and fabrication.” ~Scheele v. Union Finance & Loan Co., 200 Minn. 554 at 560, 274 N. W. 673 at 678 (1937). (Emphasis added)

Prior to, during and shortly after our Second War for Independence, the Constitutional Republic designed and ratified by our forefathers was hijacked and destroyed by members of the International Banking Cartel and their bought and paid for members of the government, including members of Congress, cabinet members and members of the US Supreme Court. This form of unconstitutional governance has continued to the present day, constantly utilizing bought and paid for members of our government and we are now reaping the full whirlwind of that wind sown back in the 1850s.

These politicians, members of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government and their useful idiots throughout the last 154 years can certainly be applied to the “conspirators” referenced in the court case quote above.

Our government is operated by criminals; we are hopelessly mired in a debt from which there is no recovery; members of our military who should be protecting our borders and our Bill of Rights are dying and being maimed or taking their own lives, not for God and Country but for the financial bottom line of those who have bought influence in our government; our basic individual rights are falling away like leaves in a hurricane and we are slaves today to those same interests who hijacked our government those many years ago.

All of the above has occurred not because our Constitution does not work or needs amending, it has occurred precisely because it was abandoned and justified with the blatant and patently false belief that it was necessary to perpetuate a union by force of arms, inflicting hundreds of thousands of deaths and to free a race of people who today are in bondage to a welfare system, black on black crime, abject poverty, and institutionalized ignorance, just as, if not more heinous and unjust than any other form of slavery.

We can no more change this pattern of corruption and mendacity by electing new members to the criminal cabal who will in turn appoint and support more unconstitutional bureaucrats than we could change the overall goals of organized crime by electing or appointing a new hit man for the mafia.

One of those “hit men” in our history who was bought and paid for and spent most of his adult life destroying the Constitutional Republic was Salmon P. Chase. Chase was one of the “founders” of the Republican Party and was elected Senator from Ohio in 1860. When Lincoln was elected president, he appointed Chase to be Secretary of the Treasury, not because of any special talent for that position but because Chase had supported Lincoln at the Republican Party Convention. Chase is often mentioned as a “civil rights activist” by historians; again the unmentioned intimation is if someone of that era was an abolitionist then whatever they did must be seen in history as acceptable. Any form of corruption is acceptable and even laudable if it is cloaked in the language of “civil rights.”

It is irresponsible to mention Chase without also mentioning the “Hazard Circular.” In all probability this is an object in history that is almost completely unheard of to most people, but using the theory established in the quote at the beginning of this article, one must not discount the questionable if the results are obvious, even if by so doing we are called conspiracy theorists.

It is necessary to demonize those who might present the Circular as evidence because it was circulated to the American Bankers by none other than the Bank of England. The Bank of England was founded by William Paterson in 1694 who once said, “The bank hath benefit of interest on all monies which it creates out of nothing.” Need I say more?

Hazard Circular: “Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power, and chattel slavery abolished. This, I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor, and carries with it the care of labor, while the European plan, led on by England, is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages.

The great debt that capitalists will see to it is made out of the [Civil] war must be used to control the value of money. To accomplish this, the Government bonds must be used as a banking basis.

We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States to make this recommendation. It will not do to allow greenbacks, as they are called, to circulate as money any length of time, as we cannot control that, but we can control the bonds and through them the bank issues.” (Emphasis added)

We can discern from the Hazard Circular that Secretary Chase was being manipulated or controlled by the banking cabal. While there are those on the left and right who deny the existence of this circular and the cabal’s control of Chase, and by default, Lincoln, we must ask ourselves did the events as predicted in the circular actually occur.

Secretary Chase proposed and supported the National Banking Acts of 1863 and 1864.

“Government bonds must be used as a banking basis.” “We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States to make this recommendation.” ~Hazard Circular.

Secretary Chase, realizing the necessity of collecting taxes in order to continue the war of aggression on the people and property of the South, also created the Bureau of Internal Revenue or what we commonly refer to today as the IRS.

Chase was also ambitious and challenged Lincoln for the presidency in 1864 and would eventually run for president again in 1868 and 1872 while sitting as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Chase would use his position on the Supreme Court to further the interests of the banking cabal, especially in Texas v White. Chase, as Chief Justice, also presided over the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson, whom the Radical Republicans who supported Reconstruction schemed to impeach in part because Johnson called the Reconstruction Act of 1867 a “bill of attainder against 9 million people, absolute despotism” and stated in his veto, “such a power has not been wielded by any Monarch in England in 500 years.”

In Texas v. White, Chase completed the destruction of the Constitutional Republic as established in 1788, the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of 1791 and obliterated the “consent of the governed” clause of the Declaration of Independence of 1776. Chase converted the “free and independent states” of our founders to the highly centralized and controlled government we have today.

For many decades students in accredited law schools have been taught that the Constitution means whatever the Supreme Court says it does, as if our founders had no meaning in mind when they wrote the words and phrases; that these meanings were founded on Natural and Common law; were thoroughly explained in the Ratification Conventions and are not subject to radical judicial interpretation. The trouble is many of the politicians running for office today and all too many ordinary citizens believe judges to be the gods of wisdom as to our founders’ intent.

Therefore, when the question of nullification or secession is brought up, the almost immediate referral is to Texas v White. It is imperative one know that when Texas v White was litigated, Texas was living under martial law and had no representation among the people or free elections.

There was a motion made during the legal proceedings to dismiss the case on the basis Texas was not a “state’ at the time of the proceedings but was in fact a “conquered territory under military occupation.” Of course, to suit his banking cartel handlers and forever taint legal precedent, Chase denied the motion and stated that despite Texas being prostrated under military rule, she was still a state. Against all intentions of our founders and those who ratified the Constitution, Chase claimed that we are an “indestructible union of indestructible states.”

To insure the interest is paid on their fraudulent loans and bonds to our central government, the banking cabal cannot allow any state to relieve themselves of the obligation to pay by simply opting out of the violated contract. Therefore, Chase stepped up to the plate for the bankers and rendered the desired decision. In return Chase’s likeness was placed on the $10,000 note and his name is forever memorialized by one of the most powerful financial institutions in the Federal Reserve District on Wall Street. (Chase Manhattan Bank)

“They [Radical Republicans in Congress] insisted that the existing governments of the Southern states be abolished. Also, to the Radical Republicans, the defeated Southern states offered a unique opportunity for a large-scale social experiment. They viewed the population of the South as simply a human chessboard. Central planners in Washington could micromanage the region and Federal troops would force compliance with their dictates. It was a bureaucrat’s dream come true. (Different from today, how? We have federal agencies and militarized law enforcement.)

Radical Reconstruction laws, which were passed over Johnson’s vetoes, consolidated the 10 excluded Southern states into 5 “military districts.” The responsibility for most civic functions, including elections, was removed from local communities and assumed by military governors. These governors were appointed by the Federal government and given unheard of powers. Registered voters, suspected of having aided or abetted the Confederate war effort, could be removed from voting lists at the discretion of the appointed governor. He could also add voters to the list if he believed they had been incorrectly omitted.

“Entrances to polling places were controlled by Federal troops. When voting was complete, ballots were sealed and transported to military headquarters to be counted. Next, the ballot tally had to be certified behind closed doors by the military governor and his appointees known as a “returning board” who would determine the “intent” of the voters. Needless to say, the Republican ticket carried every election in the occupied Southern states.” ~Gail Jarvis, Evil Republicans. (Emphasis added)

Is the unconstitutional view that might makes right and we are slaves to a large central government without the right to peacefully remove ourselves from this tyranny and oppression common today? Of course it is; just listen to people who say that the law is whatever the Supreme Court says it is and if that fails to convince you, read the words of one of the current members of the Supreme Court.

When asked by a playwright if a state could legally secede, the very “conservative” Justice Antonin Scalia replied:

“I am afraid I cannot be of much help with your problem, principally because I cannot imagine that such a question could ever reach the Supreme Court. To begin with, the answer is clear. If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede. (Hence, in the Pledge of Allegiance, “one Nation, indivisible.”) Secondly, I find it difficult to envision who the parties to this lawsuit might be. Is the State suing the United States for a declaratory judgment? But the United States cannot be sued without its consent, and it has not consented to this sort of suit…”

Here, in one fell swoop, Scalia claims that the “war” (force and coercion) or guns and bullets settled a constitutional issue, not the intent of our founders. He also referenced the Pledge of Allegiance, a piece of national socialist drivel of which Hitler would be proud, written by  a Socialist minister who preached “Jesus the Socialist” from the pulpit and was a founding member of Boston’s First Nationalist Club.

The pledge, a ritual chant in support of government that compels one to ask: is such a pledge appropriate for a free people? Since the banking cartel controls our government are we chanting allegiance to them as well? Would a free and independent people not be better served pledging allegiance to the Bill of Rights?

We labor today under a tyrannical de facto government that is diametrically opposed to the government our founders believed they were creating and the delegates to the State Ratification Conventions believed they were endorsing.

Our government is the evil spawn of the bankers and their bought and paid for splendid dupes in the White House, Congress, courts and unconstitutional bureaucracies that Patrick Henry referred to as “federal sheriffs.” This government, under the guise of preserving the Union and freeing an oppressed people, has made slaves of us all. It cannot be remedied at the ballot box by voting for incumbents or those endorsed by the leadership of the two major parties.

“War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is strength.” ~George Orwell, 1984


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