How Stupid IS Obama? (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2016

(Jan. 9, 2016) — “Welcome to yet another exciting episode of ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ Glad that you’re joining us tonight because we’re in the den of Dr. Professor Goldman to discuss a very important subject, which, truth be told, shouldn’t be in the news at all, and the only reason it is . . .”

“Is because of stupid people trying to connect the dots. What dots? You see any dots? Tell me if you do and then I make phone call, see, here’s a phone and I can call. I push these too darn small buttons and then you’re Baker Act-ed upon; saved for your own good and for the good of the rest of us. Yes; maybe it’s about time someone Baker acted this Obama clown. Here, let me show you.”

“Ah, maybe a little later, Doctor.”

“Call me ‘Professor’: if my parents wanted a doctor they would’ve named me ‘Doctor,’ don’t you think? I think so, so call me ‘Professor,’ please.”

“Very well, Professor. Okay, let’s get this figured out: why do governments want the people’s guns?”

“No, no. Good governments don’t want people’s guns. It’s the bad governments that want the people to be defenseless, to be the easy prey of the bad people, whether the bad people collect a government paycheck or not. Bad governments want the police to be armed, not the people. Want the police to be feared, no want police to be part of the community; want police and government – federal government – to be in complete control. Stop every moving van crossing state lines, that sort of harassment.

“It has always been so, and never more so than today, which feels like it was in 1930’s Germany. Obama and fellow gangsters using NAZI blueprint for taking over a country: it worked then and is working now.

“Listen to me: American people really dumb, you know what I mean? So okay, they deserve to be marched off to the showers, just as the gullible stupid people were herded off to ‘resettlement work camps’ in World War II. But the rest of us? Why should we suffer because of our fellow citizens are a bunch of dumb bunnies? No reason: we should not suffer because of the Stupids!

“So, the government puts as many roadblocks in the way of ‘legal’ gun ownership as possible, which is why your average US citizen just ignores them anyway. I’m not going to say that 100% of the people I know have guns that aren’t registered, but I’d bet that number is — at least, at the minimum — 99% and a very large fraction thereof.

“Used to be if you were lost you went to a policeman to ask directions. Nowadays if you go up to a cop you’re likely to be shot or arrested, and that’s the truth. It’s a different world, that’s a fact, and it’s not a safer world by a long shot. And because it’s not safer, we need to be armed, to be able to protect ourselves more than ever.

“A few years ago there was a presidential candidate who said, if he were elected, that every girl who graduated from high school be awarded a lightweight revolver along with her diploma and that every women, upon applying for a driver’s license, should be required to show a loaded revolver in her purse. Too bad he wasn’t elected, but I bring this up to show the vast difference between a previous presidential candidate and Obama. Day and night: no room for compromise: either the woman can protect herself or she’s easy prey. One would’ve thought that would be a no-brainer, but it is not so: an Obot mind is a wasted mind.”

“That’s all very well and good, Professor, but that doesn’t address the Administration’s desperate attempt to get our guns. What now, really, is going on?”

“By whatever they can get away with, is your answer. By hook or crook; by Executive decrees or orders or whatever mumbo-jumbo they wish to employ to make it that much easier for the government to shove Sharia Law down our throats, whether we’re breathing or not.

“Or let me put it this way: the government wants our guns by abolishing the Second Amendment, and if it takes the trashing of the whole Constitution to do it, then that’s the price this Administration is more than willing to pay to accomplish its goals. Let me say this: disarming the American people does not apply to Muslims, okay? Are we clear on that? So what we’re going to end up with is hoards of Muslims going from house to house, dragging people from their homes and slitting their throats at the curb, just as ISIS does. Am I clear? Do you finally understand what’s at stake?

“The raping of women in Europe is just the tip of the iceberg; just the bow wave coming our way and the crucifixions and the dead bodies lying in the street; the severed heads placed on posts in the city park are but the wake of the destruction that we have to expect. Study Beslan, Russia, for the Truth that is Islam. The question is: do you want to protect yourself and your family, or do you want to become just another corpse in the pile that they’ll bulldoze into a ditch outside of town?”

“Gee, dire predictions from the Professor. I see that we’ve run out of time, so on behalf of my crew, thanks for watching: Goodnight.”

“My God, couldn’t you lighten up a little? Little kids watch our show; you’re just a ‘Prophet of Doom.’ Let’s go get a burger. You’re welcome to join us, Professor, if you can keep the diner conversation lighthearted. My treat.”

*For those of you who want the Truth about what Islam really is, with nothing held back, read about the horror that occurred at that schoolhouse in Beslan, Russia, where the deaths of the girls were carried out according to the dictates of the Qur’an. I warn you, it’s not for the faint-of-heart, but if you want the truth about who AND WHAT we’re allowing in our country, it’s REQUIRED READING.

Semper Fi


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