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by Sharon Rondeau

Atty. Larry Klayman is founder of Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch

(Jan. 1, 2016) — In an article at WND published on New Year’s Day, Atty. Larry Klayman wrote that a client he represents in a defamation case who acted as a confidential informant to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) for approximately a year “has explosive information about the sort of criminal conduct disclosed by not just Edward Snowden, but now the Wall Street Journal,” referring to an article published on Tuesday contending that the Obama regime used the National Security Agency‘s spying capabilities to capture conversations among Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, American Jewish organizations, and members of Congress, particularly in regard to the Iranian nuclear “deal” the Obama regime negotiated last year.

Klayman’s client is Dennis Montgomery, a former NSA and CIA contractor who reportedly attempted to obtain immunity from various government agencies on numerous occasions before succeeding, with Klayman’s help, in August and again in November, resulting in two respective immunity agreements.

Montgomery also supplied undisclosed information to Maricopa County Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo in his probe of the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011.  The investigation commenced in September of that year at Sheriff Joseph Arpaio’s request and has continued since that time.  Arpaio later launched a second criminal probe after receiving a communication from Montgomery claiming to have evidence that Maricopa County residents’ bank accounts had been breached by a government agency.

Montgomery was then hired as a confidential informant to produce the evidence he claimed to possess.  Arpaio tasked Zullo with supervising Montgomery’s work, which ended last fall.  In an eight-year-old civil case filed against Arpaio which remains ongoing, U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow demanded that all of Mongomery’s work product be turned over to the court and the monitor he had appointed to oversee the MCSO’s compliance with his orders.

Zullo’s testimony in the case in November revealed that contrary to the media’s portrayal of Montgomery in his role for the MCSO, the team working with him was seeking to verify that the bank breaches had, in fact, occurred and that Snow himself was “a victim.”  Following his testimony in a separate statement, Zullo appeared to confirm that the bank account breach allegations were supported by evidence Montgomery supplied.

In a conversation among Arpaio, businessman Tim Blixseth, Zullo and MCSO Detective Brian Mackiewicz in 2013, Blixseth indicated that Montgomery was asked to breach multiple bank accounts, capture user names and passwords, and alter voter registration records in a Florida district prior to the 2012 election.

In his article, Klayman commented that the FBI will be facing tremendous pressure to ignore Montgomery’s evidence.  “One can only hope that FBI Director James B. Comey and his agents will be able to withstand the extortive pressures official Washington, and hacks like Obama, the NSA and CIA, will threaten them with in an attempt to prevent them from uncovering the full extent of criminal conduct. In this regard, please do not hold your breath; the government forces in our nation’s capital are compromised, corrupt and inclined to cover up wrongdoing no matter which political party is involved…” Klayman wrote.

In June 2013, former NSA and CIA contractor Edward Snowden left the U.S., flew to Hong Kong, and revealed classified documents to reporters from The Guardian (UK) showing that virtually all of Americans’ phone calls are collected by the National Security Agency without a warrant, whether or not they are suspected of involvement in terrorist activity.  Spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also disclosed which Obama promised would cease.

Shortly after Snowden made his revelations, Rep. Steve King and Sen. Mike Lee told radio and TV host Glenn Beck that they knew that Republican members of Congress had their internet movements tracked during the 2012 election cycle.

From early in the Obama regime, this writer suspected that her telephone was tapped and contacted the FBI in a detailed letter which did not receive a response.

Klayman called the revelation of eavesdropping on Netanyahu “the latest criminal outrage” and suggested that “revolution” could come this year as a result of the systemic corruption within the federal government perpetuated by both major political parties.

“So this new year, we must all pledge our sacred honor, fortunes and lives to preserve the Republic. Our Founding Fathers, who did so in my native city of Philadelphia, on July 4, 1776, would have expected no less,” Klayman concluded his article.

In December 2013, Klayman won a victory in federal court against the NSA’s spying on Verizon telephone customers which was appealed, then remanded and decided again in his favor in November.  A change in the Patriot Act, of which a provision had been interpreted to allow the collection of phone data, was made by Congress resulting in the USA Freedom Act, which took effect on November 29 and prevents the NSA’s automatic access to the data.

Klayman also filed suit over the Iranian nuclear agreement on the grounds that it violates “Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 2, of the U.S. Constitution.”

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