Breaking News Journal Interviews Eric Holder’s Cousin, Babette Holder, on Chicago Violence


by Sharon Rondeau

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(Dec. 30, 2015) — The Post & Email was informed early on Wednesday evening that media entrepreneur Ruth Bryant White has been regularly interviewing Babette Holder, cousin of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who is based in Chicago and is seeking the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Babette told White that Chicago is “one of the most segregated cities in the United States.”

The topic first discussed in an interview from December 29 was police shootings and violence in “the Windy City.”

Guest Paul McKinley joined Holder and White to describe a hearing on Tuesday he attended concerning a white police officer, Jason Van Dyke, charged with the murder of a 17-year-old black man, Laquan MacDonald, last year, which was not disclosed to the public until after Emanuel’s re-election in November.

McKinley said there is a culture of corruption within the Chicago Police Department and the city of Chicago, where Barack Hussein Obama began his political career in 1995 when he ran for the state senate.

McKinley said that Babette’s cousin, Eric Holder, refused to launch an investigation into police procedures and corruption in order to protect Emanuel, who was Obama’s chief of staff early in Obama’s first term in the White House, leaving in 2010 to run for mayor the following year.

Babette discussed the December 26 shooting of 55-year-old Bettie Jones and 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier by Chicago police after they reportedly received notification of a “domestic disturbance.”  She said that the violence in Chicago “holds in common the race of the people” with other violent cities such as Baltimore and Ferguson, MO, but that people of other races are also affected.

McKinley said that Chicago corruption has a connection to the White House.  “They’re all part of this corruption,” he said, citing a case where a police officer allegedly stuck a gun in a person’s mouth but was not prosecuted.  McKinley criticized Obama for failing to have his Justice Department intervene and deplored Obama’s devotion of time to support of homosexual unions and benefits.

In another broadcast, McKinley expressed concern for a “transgender” agenda being forced on Chicago’s public school children.

White said that she interviewed Larry Sinclair, who wrote a book about his alleged relationship with Obama in the late 1990s and was arrested in June 2008 when he attempted to step to a bank of microphones at the National Press Club.

Babette Holder stressed that there are those in Chicago calling for “unity” in the face of violence and racial tensions.

After years of development through her media initative,, White will be launching two “clean” television channels at the end of January during the “It’s About the Childconference in Houston, TX.  “It’s About the Child” will discuss alternatives and solutions to the Common Core educational program, which the Obama regime rolled out in 2011 and which reportedly includes “data-mining” of school children as well as controversial educational methods and goals.

At the end of the interview, White stated that she is hoping that Babette Holder and McKinley will be able to attend the conference.

McKinley claims that the “Black Lives Matter” movement was funded by George Soros and that its leaders “all met with Barack Obama” following the riots in Ferguson.

A new podcast from Wednesday with Babette Holder should be available online soon.  She can be reached on Twitter at

White’s interview with educator and entrepreneur “Molly” of the organization “As a Mom” revealed a “contract” parents are reportedly being asked to sign giving permission for their children to have access to the internet during school but which Molly interpreted as “a threat.”

Molly stated that as part of Common Core, children and parents are asked to complete a questionnaire containing such questions as whether or not they “live in a racially-segregated area.”

White explained that “As a Mom” stemmed from a 9-12 group.  Commentator Glenn Beck coined the name “9-12” a number of years ago in a call for Americans to unite and think as they did the day after the terrorist attacks on the U.S. on September 11, 2001.

Programming on the channels will include a constitutional education show as well as reading, handwriting and math instruction for children.

White has confirmed that presidential candidate Ted Cruz or a representative will be attending the conference as well as presidential candidate Carly Fiorina or her representative.

City on a Hill Radio has also featured Babette Holder in conjunction with White.

The conference is designed to be “A Call To Restore The Culture Of Our Children in Education, Media and our Founding Principles and Values.”  Registration can be completed here.

Media invited include:

The Daily Caller
The Drudge Report
Women on the Wall Radio
Sportz Addix Media, Las Vegas NV
International Soccer World Cup Journalists/Producer, London
The Hood Report, Chicago IL
The Compton Herald, Los Angeles, and Compton, California
The Post & Email, Connecticut
Senior Citizens The Emerald Coast Radio Show, w. Paul Renfroe, Pensacola, Florida
Patriot Journalists, Florida
Alabama Gazette,  Montgomery, Alabama
Uncle Henry’s Radio w iheart,  Mobile, Alabama
Breaking News Journal TV News Media Teams
City On A Hill Tea Party News Desk Teams
America/Nevada Matters, Reno, NV
The Devil At Our Doorstep Media,  Indiana
The Blaze News Media


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