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by Dr. Tom Davis, Col., USA (Ret.), ©2015

Andrew Jackson’s supporters founded the “Democratic Party” in 1828, when he ran successfully for president after having been defeated by John Quincy Adams four years prior

(Dec. 7, 2015) — [Editor’s Note:  In a note to The Post & Email accompanying this article, Dr. Davis wrote, “When I turned 90 on January 20, 2015, I realized that my time was getting short. I got on the website of the Social Security Administration to check out the number crunchers (statisticians) Mortality figures. I learned that at age 90, one could expect possibly four more years of life before going home.

To me that meant I needed to prioritize my remaining time. I wrote down the most pressing issues I might accomplish. I eliminated a cruise to South America and to Southeast Asia among places I had never seen during my many years in the military. I also realized I was unable to attend my 73rd High School Reunion in July 2015 and to Visit Glacier Park some 60 miles to the west of my old high school…The items I felt I might accomplish, I wrote out as “My Bucket List” attached as my submission.]

#1—My Republic, your United States of America, is under siege by the forces of the liberal left Socialists. This began back in 1828 when Andrew Jackson was elected by the embryonic Democratic Party to become our Seventh President. Under his administration, the “patronage” or “spoils” system began in earnest. The multi-party political system gained a foothold contrary to the hopes, wishes and prayers of our Founding Fathers.

Today, 187 years later, the multi-party system is firmly in place. Men, corrupt men, aided by a grossly decadent banking and corporate system and a very few but vocal female members of the Democratic Party, have taken control of our nation’s government.

Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, an interloper, socialist, Muslim and inveterate liar, holds sway in the Oval Office. No records of his citizenship, as is normal, are available, having been made unavailable by Executive Order on his first day in office. These actions and others justify item #1 on my list which is as follows: Mr. whatever his name has committed so many crimes including Treason against this republic.  These were in collusion with Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, John Kerry, Jeh Johnson and others. I demand they be tried, convicted, and upon conviction be sentenced to death by hanging as befits Traitors. This leads directly to:

Item #2—The absolute necessity that We the People elect qualified American females to lead this God-inspired Republic back onto the path our Founders set for us in 1787.

Despite the plea of Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, a delegate to the constitutional convention of 1787, “John, don’t forget the ladies,” the delegates did just that! They forgot to remember. It was not until July 19, 1848; 61 years later, that American females, having been wholly shut out of the political process decided to take action. They had a most unexpected champion in Frederick Douglass. Douglass had escaped from slavery in Baltimore at age twenty and ended up in Massachusetts where he used the talents of oratory taught him by his slave master’s wife. He was a leader of the Abolitionist movement and the suffrage of all.

Douglass played a leading role in the Seneca Falls meeting which set the tenor of the movement until passage of the XIXth Amendment. The most active of the suffragettes was Alice Paul, a Quaker maiden who suffered imprisonment on orders of President Woodrow Wilson. During her imprisonment, she went on a hunger strike and her jailers forced a tube down her throat and raw eggs were introduced therein.

After the XIXth Amendment was ratified, Alice was convinced that the vote did not guarantee equal rights. She went back to college, earned three law degrees, and wrote the Equal Rights Amendment that ultimately failed ratification by three states. The failure was due in great part to the opposition of Phyllis Schlafly, “arguably the nation’s if not the world’s, most famous hater of the feminist movement.

I find the pervasive and hateful practice of gender bias in direct violation of our best interests. Women are endowed with the same rights as men, but it is not evidenced by our political practice.

Alexia Parks wrote a short but explosive book, “Ten Traits — Women of Power and Courage.” Her ending tells the entire story:

“Today, women comprise 50% of the world’s population, yet in the G8 countries they comprise, on average, only 16% of its leaders. By using the power of their vote, they can select, and vote women into leadership positions “overnight.” Overnight, women can save the world!” [Parks, Alexia (2014-01-25). 10 TRAITS of Women of Power and Courage: 10 Truths About A Woman’s Brain That Will Forever Change Your World (p. 90). The Education Exchange. Kindle Edition.] 

As I have stated, I am of the opinion that our great ladies hold the keys to our survival. I urge every voter to read Ms. Parks’ revealing book. If you are not convinced that we need an American ”Mom” to take the reins for at least a few years, you will have missed the point.  Here are some ladies well-qualified to lead; please do your homework and check out their biographies. I have done so. I begin with:

  • Cynthia Lummis, Attorney, Rancher and Representative at large representing Wyoming;
  • Kristi Noem, Representative at large representing South Dakota;
  • Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, Mom to a Down’s Syndrome baby: Known prior to birth.
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro, Former Attorney General and Judge in Westchester County, New York, legal analyst and TV Judge Jeanine;
  • Carly Fiorina, Former CEO, Hewlett-Packard;
  • Jamie Colby received a B.S. in accounting and then her J.D. at 22.

The previous is just a very small fraction of the highly qualified, attractive ladies ready to take the next step to save the republic. Moms are quite expert at saving things; Golda Meir did such for Israel, Indira Gandhi for India, Benazir Bhutto for Pakistan and Margaret Thatcher did so much for Great Britain.

So, on to Item #3—As the author of four books and in my 91st year, I donate all author’s royalties to charities.

Charities include:

  1. Smile Train,
  2. www.operattionsmile.org,
  3. St. Jude Children’s Hospital,
  4. Children International,
  5. Paralyzed Veterans of America,
  6. Disabled American Veterans,
  7. Vietnam Veterans of America and more of the same type.

Links to my books follow on the next page and the last page is a short bio.

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Each and every purchase from these 2 publishers provides approximately $4.00 that I guarantee goes to one of my listed charities or one similar.

On my Honor I do so Pledge: Tom Davis tomdavis@comcast.net









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