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(Nov. 20, 2015) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see, we’re here at the studio about to interview the rather controversial Jewish scholar, Rabbi Gold Silverstein.

“Look, welcome to the show, but I’ve got to ask you about your name; there must be a story behind it.”

“Thank you for having me on. We’ve always enjoyed watching your show, and we admire your continued support of Israel. As to my name, allow me to say one word: my sister’s name is ‘Diamond.’”

“That suffices, Rabbi. I read a synopsis of your recent tome, ‘The God of Abraham is Alive and Well,’ in seven volumes. What were you trying to do, equal the size of the unabridged ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ book by Edward Gibbon?”

“That was the publisher’s idea. Actually, it all started out as two-hour television special but he suggested  — in his words — ‘Keep at it,’ so I did. Actually I wrote the 7th volume first, the story of journalist Daniel Pearl and Ilan Halimi:  you know, the 23-year-old Jew who was kidnapped off the streets of Paris and brutally tortured for a month or so before he unfortunately died.

“Anyway, Ilan Halimi was kept in an apartment complex where the residents had to hear him scream, and not one made an anonymous tip to the police, not one.”

“And this is in the Chapter called ‘Vengeful God’?”

“That’s right. The end result is that the people of Europe are upset; no, let me put it this way: had it up to here with their stupid politicians allowing a Muslim, let alone millions of them, across their borders. Furthermore, the people know who exactly their traitorous politicians are.”

“You’d think they would be upset with the Muslims.”

“Oh, they’re upset alright, but it’s not the Muslims’ fault for causing mayhem by killing innocent people; it’s just their way of life. Heck, they even kill each other and members of their own family; it’s just who they are. I mean, you can’t blame the rattlesnake for being poisonous.”

“But you wouldn’t want one in your house.”

“Exactly.  You get it. It’s quite amazing how many don’t. Why, just look at all the fools in your country still allowing Muslims to immigrate. You’ve got to think of each and every Muslim as a rattlesnake. You have your mother, baby and granddad rattlesnakes; your aunt and uncle rattlesnakes; and your widow and orphaned rattlesnakes, each one able to strike, to plant a bomb, stab, shoot or fly a plane into a building, if not today, then maybe tomorrow.  So why take a chance on having any of them living next door or, for that matter — to extend the metaphor — in your house?

“And that’s when I got the idea for the title of my book. If the French had an ounce of common sense, there wouldn’t be one Muslim within their borders, and the same logic applies to every country that can be counted as part of Western Civilization, including your USA. One would think that 9-11 would’ve been the wake-up call to you people, but obviously not.

“The God of Abraham saw that after Ilan Halimi was laid to rest, France failed to deport even one Muslim and, as unbelievable as it may seem to rational-minded people, continued to accept even more Muslims within their borders. I’ve been giving speeches at synagogues all over the place proclaiming that the European Union was the beginning of the end for Europe, but nobody listened. Maybe they’ll listen now.”

“Excuse me, but are you saying that the French are responsible for the murders in the restaurants and at that concert in Paris last week? Because they failed to deport their Muslims and even allowed more to come in to their country? That it was the fault of France?”

“Yes, of course. How could it be any other way? Someone let those savages in and so, as sad as it may be — and it really is sad — the French can’t be any too surprised by what happened in Paris a couple of days ago. I mean, are you? No, of course not, after all, that’s what Muslims do: they kill people.

“Listen: if you would take your mental blinders off, for once in your life, and accept the fact that Islam is a political entity and not a religion, you just might survive this world war to the death. You must think of Muslim immigration as an invading army. The consequences of Muslims within your country is the death of the innocents.

“The answers have already been written throughout the centuries; all you have to do is pay attention. Recent examples are the African embassy bombings, your Beltway Sniper, the murders in Bali in 2002, your Ft. Hood murders and so on and on. And that’s the point: murders for the past 1,400 years; last decade; last week and all of the tomorrows unless Western Civilization can get its act together and act as a coherent and cohesive force against the onslaught of Islam.

“You people of different countries are not being attacked individually, but you act as individuals. You all must consolidate if you’ve any chance at defeating the enemy and saving your civilization. The earth and the stars care not what you do: they have no vested interest in the outcome of this world war, but the human race better. You must put an end to Muslim immigration no matter where in the world and deport the savages back into the pit of corruption from which they emerged. The equation is simple: Muslims kill, so you must do whatever it takes to protect yourself, your family and your civilization.”

“And we’ve killed our time. Good luck on the book, Rabbi. Enjoyed you as a guest on our ‘Pulse of the Nation’  show. And thank you, viewers, for watching. This is Roving and crew saying goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show, guys. Hey Rabbi, you like burgers? My treat.”

Semper Fi