by OPOVV, ©2015

(Nov. 19, 2015) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight’s show is being televised from Nixon Hall, here at the university, and we’re looking for some real fireworks tonight. What? No, I didn’t say ‘bomb;’ I said ‘fireworks,’ as a figure of speech. You’re arresting me? Are you getting paid to act like an idiot? Taxpayer money spent on arresting Roving Reporter because he said, ‘Looking for some real fireworks tonight’ on live television?

“You’re arresting all of us? Because I said the word ‘fireworks’ twice? Now three times? For your information, do you know your idiotic behavior is being broadcast, right this minute, on live TV?

“Just doing your job? What job, what job are you doing? We’re three Patriots covering the debate tonight. Okay, we’re not covering the debate tonight unless we do it from a jail cell.

“Guess what? The sound boom lady has a lightweight .38 Special at your back, so what we’re going to do is put you in this janitor’s closet, and if you promise not to use your radio, phone or yell and knock on the door, we’ll let you out after the debate. You promise? No? Very well, we’ll remove your communication devices and gag you, like this.

“You think for one New York minute we trust you not to run off the bridge into the river on the way to the police station — after you jump out — and drowning us on purpose? We don’t trust you because you’ve demonstrated that you can’t perform your job, as you’ve so aptly demonstrated this evening, on camera, heretofore known as ‘Exhibit ‘A.’

“Tonight’s debate is between CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and a former presidential candidate of 2012, OPOVV. As an opening remark, OPOVV has been allowed to show the movie ‘FITNA’ in its entirety. CAIR is, understandably, totally unglued that any truth whatsoever might be revealed about the true nature of Islam.

“There is no ‘peace’ in Islam. And Islam is, if anything, not ‘misunderstood’ in the least. We understand all too well about Islam: it’s a self- destructive spiral that, if taken to its natural conclusion, there is one male left to ‘honor-kill’ his family, and that’s the end of humanity: the end of the human race. There is no other possible outcome. It’s just the way it is. It is as it is, and no amount of sleight of hand, debate or lies can hide the truth.

“We’re in trouble with the law? For what, acting within ‘due diligence’? For protecting ourselves from an out-of-control ‘Control Freak’? No, I don’t think so. Here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to expose law enforcement for the hypocrites that they are. They purposely import Muslims, and then law enforcement violates the Constitutional rights of Patriotic Americans with the excuse that they’re protecting us. They violate our Fourth Amendment rights at airports. And we’re supposed to buy into that? Then who’s left to protect us from the very people who are supposed to protect us in the first place?

“And then, after they violate our Constitutional rights, they’ll manufacture some feeble excuse to confiscate our guns: to abolish the Second Amendment, never once, mind you, conducting a weapons raid on a Muslim armory (aka mosque). It’s the destruction of the USA by design.

“Truth be told, if we didn’t have any Muslims within our borders, the Department of Homeland Security would be a little more worthless than they already are, and we can add the NSA and the FBI to the ‘Worthless Protector List.’

“Look, all we hear is that Edward Snowden really messed us up. Oh, really? Anybody ever hear of 9-11? And how many Muslims did we deport after 9-11? Give me a break. The question should be ‘How many Muslims have we allowed in our country since 9-11?’

“It’s just too nuts. The DOJ isn’t doing its job and hasn’t since the day Obama got nominated by the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

“If we can’t even vet a candidate for president, how do you think it’s even remotely possible that we can vet any Muslim entering our country, let alone 10,000 from Syria and another 5 million from all the other 57 Muslim member states in the United Nations?

“Get rid of the UN, deport Muslims and let’s take America back from those who wish our country harm. Remember Ft. Hood? How about the Boston Marathon bombing? Those brothers were refugees and were vetted, so reported the FBI. Ha! Remember Chattanooga? The Muslims who are here today need to be gone tomorrow. And this includes our homegrown members of the Nation of Islam. If they want to play Muslim, let them do it in a sandpit in the Middle East.

“I see that our time is up. Look, I’m sorry we never got to the debate, but maybe we’ll do a follow-up. Thanks for watching. This is Roving and crew — as we let the cop out of the closet — saying goodnight: Goodnight.

“You are one piece of work, Officer, I’ll tell you that. Get a camera shot on his name tag: “Steve Hill.” Look, we’ll just remove the bullets from your weapon and drop them off at the police station, along with a disc of what we filmed here tonight. Can we do that? Good.

“Okay, Officer Hill, if you behave yourself you’re welcome to join us. No? Suit yourself. Let’s get out of here and grab ourselves a well-deserved burger, my treat.”

Semper Fi