by Sharon Rondeau

Obama’s “short-form” birth certificate allegedly issued by the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH). The hospital Obama has identified as “the site of my birth” will not confirm the claim.

(Nov. 16, 2015) — At approximately the 50-minute mark of Part 2 of the “Fruit of the Poison Tree” recording posted by the Phoenix New Times emanating from a civil contempt hearing against Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio, Arpaio stated to Mike Zullo, MCSO Det. Brian Mackiewicz and businessman Tim Blixseth that “the government” was involved in creating a fraudulent birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama.

While Obama’s name was not specifically invoked, in September 2011, Arpaio commissioned his Cold Case Posse to investigate the “long-form” birth certificate which bears Obama’s name following its posting on the White House website on April 27 of that year.

The four were discussing Blixseth’s claim that former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery had confessed to collecting data from millions of Americans’ phone calls and breaching the security portals of major U.S. banks, including 153,400 accounts of Maricopa County residents, upon the request of the CIA.

During the conversation, Blixseth told Arpaio that an employee of CIA Director John Brennan‘s former company, The Analysis Corporation, had been instructed to create a birth certificate for Obama and ended up “with a bullet between his eyes” the night before he was to testify to Congress.

The “birth certificate” that would have been created at that time would have been the “short-form” Certification of Live Birth which appeared at The Daily KOS, FighttheSmears, Politifact, and in June 2008.

During the conversation, Zullo speculated that if someone had hacked in to the “mainframes” at the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) to create a record for Obama, it could have produced the birth certificate number which Zullo described as “being all screwed up.”

Many Americans have asked why Obama’s birth certificate number ends in “10641” when twins Gretchen and Susan Nordyke, who were born the day after Obama allegedly was, have birth certificate numbers which are lower at “10637” and “10638,” respectively.

For the past seven years, anyone questioning Obama’s life narrative or birthplace in Hawaii has been labeled a “birther,” “racist,” and many other uncomplimentary adjectives.  Many have received death threats.

The judge overseeing the civil contempt trial against Arpaio ordered the release of all the MCSO recordings associated with Montgomery’s work at the plaintiffs’ request.  Plaintiffs’ attorneys had strongly suggested that Arpaio was having Montgomery investigate Snow using possibly classified information illegally.

On June 4, 2014, the Phoenix New Times claimed that “Joe Arpaio’s Investigating Federal Judge G. Murray Snow, DOJ, Sources Say, and Using a Seattle Scammer To Do It,” referring to Montgomery.  The article became the basis upon which Snow and the plaintiffs’ attorneys staked their claims about Montgomery’s investigation for the MCSO.

Arpaio and Zullo have been vilified in the press for investigating the authenticity of the long-form birth certificate.

Congress has declined to investigate their findings, as Arpaio indicated during the conversation with Blixseth.