by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

(Oct. 30, 2015) — The sell-out CNBC debate hosts from hell desperately tried again and again to mock the GOP candidates and get them to turn on each other like dogs. This was no debate, but a planned ‘firing squad,’ thinking they could force all the polls and support of the GOP contenders to crash and burn – especially Trump. Too bad, so sad…again.

With question and word bullets flying everywhere, the top GOP candidates not only survived and shined, but the debate hosts and CNBC now have the venom of a riled-up nation dripping down their arrogant, upheld chin. They are too narcissistic to even realize that their attack boomerang just hit them upside the head and not the GOP or Trump.

Americans have had it with media and politicians pretending to be fair, impartial and even American. Long ago we were ‘over’ with the political experience speeches. Make sure, however, you are impressed with the amnesty support, Spanish talk and experience Jeb hides behind as the Governor of Florida. Big money – Big name and rotten, sellout ideas aren’t exactly pushing him along.

How is that political experience and fund-raising working for you these days? Not that experience is bad, but where is the real leadership, integrity, courage and guts to fix real American problems? The vast majority of real Americans know we need real border security and real national security. We need a real line drawn in the sand with radical Islam. Americans want and demand real created jobs and careers. We demand our business and personal freedoms be restored and our health care system really fixed.

So many on the GOP side and the Democrat side have zero interest in really fixing America because you have to be a ‘Braveheart’ to do it. You have to stare down evil in the face and make some decisions that don’t make the back-door crooks all throughout Washington and the political world rich. Americans are finally tired of being the ones who go down the tubes. We want most of the politicians and sell-out media whores to try the sewage treatment plants for a while and see how they like it.

This time around, I could care less about political experience in the White House. I want passion, integrity, talent, love for America and Judeo-Christian values back in the White House. Bring it in 2016.

Those in the media sell-out world had better understand that all the attacks only draw the masses to get behind the mavericks and patriotic Americans running all the more.

The mainstream American media is looking more and more like an ‘Elephant Man’ – Bobble head.

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