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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2015

“The ends justify the means”

(Sep. 27, 2015) — Last week, the intrepid P&E Editor penned a piece captioned “The Face of Evil.”  The solitary deficit in the post is that it somewhat understated the “toothache problem” which has now infected the nation. More explanation of the toothache analogy later.

We are not talking here about a surface cavity, or even a badly impacted molar. Instead, we are talking about a full-blown, stage 5 oral malignancy which if not stopped and removed altogether could well shove the nation over the cliff.

To begin with, the P&E Editor’s piece is spot-on with respect to summarizing the defalcations, lies, treachery and mendacious hypocrisy that has for the last seven years characterized the regime now masquerading as the “government” of the United States of America. This is not a representative government of a free people. It is a tyrannical and treasonous cabal of Marxist – and worse – intellectual cripples whose solitary guiding principle is: expediency.

It cares not about the Constitution or the principles of self-reliance, industry, honor and courage upon which the Nation was founded. Instead, it cares only about adhering to the teachings of Machiavelli and Gordon Gecko, the former, of course, for the proposition that “the ends justify the means;” the latter for the adage that “greed is good.”

To the cabal leader, however, greed is not financial avarice for himself, although multi-million-dollar golf vacations, world travel on a personal 747 and bacon-wrapped fillets now and then is not exactly parsimonious. Wait… scratch the bacon wrapping from the fillets… that would likely violate a religious tenet of sharia law, a doctrine to which if he does not strictly adhere, he is plainly sympathetic. Question: has anyone ever actually witnessed him eating a bacon-cheeseburger? As opposed, for example, to looking at a photo-shopped image of him posted on the White House website doing so?

Instead, the greed The Emperor favors is the outright destruction of the nation – from within or without, it matters not to him – before January 20, 2017. And if its outright destruction cannot fully be achieved by then, a close runner-up goal will be the placing into motion of forces – including uncontrolled borders, massive “refugee” influxes, unqualified amnesty for all illegal aliens presently here, confiscation of retirement savings and incurring even more multi-trillion dollar debt obligations – so that, even after he leaves, the catastrophe left behind for someone else to clean up will be an impossible task, thereafter leading to the nation’s collapse. Unless removed from office before then, that will be the last day that The Emperor can, as usurper-in-chief, expectorate on the Constitution.

His latest outrage lies in his facilitation of the raping and sexual assaulting of young boys on U.S. military bases in Afghanistan. Not content with crippling future generations of America’s youth with the crush of trillions in additional debt piled up under his regime – in itself a blatant example of child abuse – he now instructs his military personnel to “look the other way” and “stand down” as Afghan military officers indulge in “bacha bazi,” or, as they euphemistically call it Kabul, a “toothache problem.”

Incredibly, it was Pravda on the Hudson that broke the story. Meanwhile, U.S. soldiers who try to stop the abuse – on a U.S. military base, mind you – are told to stop interfering. If they try to stop the assaults – did I mention, taking place on a U.S. military base? – they risk being court-martialed and dismissed from the service because, in Afghanistan, “it is a cultural thing.”

So, here we have the usurper-in-chief defending, protecting and enabling – on U.S. military bases – the raping and sodomizing of young Afghan boys which, in a normal world, would get any other person prosecuted for a felony. This, of course, all in the name of observing the “cultural diversity” in which he so fervently believes.

Much as the brave men who died in Benghazi on September 11 and 12, 2012 were told to “stand down” when Ambassador Stevens repeatedly radioed for help, our military men – and presumably women – are ordered to allow the Afghan officers to “have their way” with their “boy toys”…. on U.S. military bases in Afghanistan.

Remember, this is the same guy who insists on continuing pouring taxpayer money into the coffers of an organization that traffics for profit in aborted baby organs, because, among other things, the president of Planned Parenthood’s Federation of America’s Medical Directors’ Council;, Dr. Mary Gatter, “wants a Lamborghini.”  And if the Congress presents a spending bill to him that omits funding for her Lamborghini, he will veto it and shut down the government. Gatter gets her Lambo, or else. So there, you obstructionist Republicans.

Perhaps with John Boehner exiting as Speaker of the House, there will still be time to proceed with Articles of Impeachment. There is far, far more than enough evidence than necessary to impeach, convict and remove this malignant face of evil from the national being. Remember, malignancies tend to metastasize into other forms and organs. The solution is removal of the malignancy before death, not wishful thinking until death. And never mind that with Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell still controlling the Senate, an actual conviction of impeachment is unlikely. The effort must be made. And if new House leadership won’t even try, then perhaps we are closer to the time of pitchforks, tar and feathers than we realize.

Ask John Boehner.

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  1. Part of the current Rules of Engagement for our troops in Afghanistan is refraining from discussing seeing old men with young boys. Photographs are not allowed of such subjects.
    But that’s what Islam is all about: old men having their way with young boys and girls. Spin it until the cows-come home, but that’s Islam in a nutshell. Western Civilization defines Islam as “State Sanctioned Pedophilia”.
    Any constructive criticism of Islam is forbidden, as is freedom of speech, assembly and democracy.
    Meanwhile, Obama is welcoming MILLIONS of these savages into our country.
    Evil intent is upon us. Election? What election?
    These Republican presidential candidates better start calling a spade a spade; better start calling for the deportation of ALL Muslims or our goose will be surely be cooked.
    The End Game is “The Sharia” and the only way out of it is to deport any and all who would advocate such horror upon anyone, let alone the citizens of the USA.
    We’re living a chapter in a book either titled “The Generation that Saved the Chance to Reach for the Stars” or a book that will never have a title because it’ll never be written.