The Time Capsule (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2015

(Sep. 26, 2015) — “Good evenings, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see, we’re in the sub-basement of the Natural History Museum, and with us is Professor Ollie Oxford, the well-known discoverer of what is thought to be a sliver of Noah’s Ark. The good professor asked us to come here on the Q.T. because of a strange object that suddenly appeared in this little-visited part of the museum.

“Hello, Professor, and welcome to the show. You heard the intro, so what gives?”

“Tell you what, let’s retrace my entry so you’ll get a better understanding of the phenomenon that occurred within these very walls. See, I was approaching this door to check on a Brazilian Agate for a book about an Amazonian tribe I‘m writing about. They think certain rocks have magical powers. Now look at this door handle and lock. See? The dust has only been disturbed once, that’s like once in the past 20 years, and that was by me this very afternoon.

“Now we go in. Help me push this door, and see? A time capsule sitting right on this table, but notice the dust. There’s no dust on the capsule but it‘s all over everything else in this room.”

“How do you know it’s a Time Capsule?”

“Look, it says right here, ‘Time Capsule of the year 2016.’ That’s what I read and then locked up and went upstairs and called you. There’s no signal down here, and I called you because people believe you and your crew; your cameraman and sound lady do professional work that I admire.”

“Well, thank you, nice of you to say so. What next?”

“Why, we open it. Looks like we press this button. Care to do the honors, Roving?”

“Don’t mind if I do. Got enough light? No dark shadows? Sound check? No echoes? Good.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  We’re about to go on a journey in time, whether to the future or from the past, we don’t know, but all I have to do is press this button, here, and let’s see what happens.”

Roving presses the button and the capsule, which is 3’ x 1’, opens, and a movie screen pops up.  All of a sudden we see pictures of Muslim beheadings and mobs shouting ’DEATH to the GREAT SATAN!’  A narration begins:

“We were warned, but nobody listened. Even THEY told us what was in store for us. People shouted from the rooftops, but their dire predictions fell on deaf minds, minds that refused to face the Truth.

“They were told that the beginning of the end started January 20, 2009, when the enemy reaped its rewards of billions of dollars dumbing-down the American people. Teacher Unions fighting for high pay and increased benefits, yet Johnny finished his Public School Education functionally illiterate. The enemy bought television and radio stations, movie studios and advertising agencies to push their agenda 24/7, at first subtly but later on completely in-your-face.

“They arrived slowly at first, but then millions rushed Fortress Democracy after the restrictions to cross the border were completely lifted in 2009. Nobody got deported and nobody became assimilated.

“The county imploded. Solutions were offered but the people didn’t have the will nor the insight to foretell the future. Americans could’ve saved themselves and the rest of Western Civilization, but they couldn’t put it together. They believed that Islam was some sort of pagan ‘religion,’ yet they witnessed the genocide of the Christians in the Middle East. Whole Christian communities since the time of Christ were wiped out; scorched earth; temples and churches demolished and everyone tortured and murdered, just as they did to the little school children in Beslan, Russia, in 2004.

“For years, before and after 9-11, 2001, they murdered THOUSANDS, and still you welcomed them into your country.

“The end came swiftly. As soon as the last weapon was confiscated, when the 2nd Amendment was abolished by the Supreme Court with tacit approval by Congress, it was over fast.

“And it was over forever. This time capsule was recorded deep in the Rocky Mountains. This is a warning, your last warning, the only one you’ll ever get. You have the ability to change the future. The question is, will you? They have the whole power of the Federal Government, the Courts and the Military on their side, and all you have are a handful of weapons and blinders. Good luck.”

And then the Time Capsule dissolved, right in front of the camera, until there was nothing left. Even the dust of 20 years wasn’t disturbed.

“What we just witnessed was one dire prediction of our future. He didn’t say what year it was recorded, only somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.”

“You’re right, Roving. But most of those pictures we’ve all seen before. Maybe it wasn’t a Time Capsule after all.”

“Then how do you explain the dust not having been disturbed? Here, zoom in on this area. See? Not a mark. This is your Roving Reporter saying goodnight. Goodnight.

“This has been one strange experience. I’m glad we got it all on camera, right? Sound, too? Excellent. Well, let’s get back to the studio and do the usual.

“Hey, Professor, thanks. Want to grab a burger with us? My treat. Good show, guys. I wonder if anyone will believe us. What’s that, professor? Oh, right. I wonder if anyone will believe the message.”

Semper Fi


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