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by New York State Grassroots Groups, also posted at Facebook

In November 2014, Denver Jones ran against then-New York State Senator for the 52nd District Tom Libous. Having been convicted of lying to the FBI in July, Libous resigned his seat, necessitating a special election in which Jones seeks to be on the November ballot. In New York, the political parties select the candidates for a special election, and Jones is attempting to secure a place on the ballot as an independent at this time.

(Sep. 11, 2015) — The Denver Jones campaign keeps rolling on. As predicted; the “powers that be” are vigorously and capriciously subjecting the Denver Jones campaign to extreme hardships. BUT – Team Denver keeps gathering support and collecting signatures on his nominating ballot.

The most important aspect of the replacement election for the convicted felon – Tom Libous, is that it keeps exposing the ugly facts. We know the ruling class knew of Libous’ bad behavior but it didn’t matter because he is one of them. The Denver Jones campaign is now exposing that the cabal of the ruling class will stop at nothing to keep honest people off the ballot and prevent “outsider” voter choices in elections.

The special election to replace the convicted felon Tom Libous in the NYS 52nd senate district has been totally subjugated, subverted, undermined, destabilized, and is disenfranchising the voters.

The Republicans and Democrats were excused from having their normal 6 week period to collect 1000 signatures to get on the ballot. They just anointed candidates without any public input or scrutiny – while Denver Jones was originally allotted 2 weeks to collect 3,000 signatures. Does anyone see the unfairness? Will this be an open election process? Under the advice from the judge in the first court battle Denver keeps collecting signatures while the courts decide a fair and equitable solution.

Denver’s transparent campaign exposed that a small secretive committee thwarted 30 potential candidates and made a secret choice of a Libous loyalist. On the Democrat side its worse – Cuomo – alone – just anointed the democrat. If Denver should fail in court battles the only choices will be 2 candidates forced upon the voters by an autocratic ruling class. There will be no free election process – no input or choice by the people – no say whatsoever in the candidates placed on the ballot. This will be another illusionary election totally orchestrated by a corrupt consortium that has undermined democracy in NYS for decades.

The special election laws are specific but the law is being circumvented for the benefit of a deeply-entrenched power base. In addition to the illegalities of this special election the major parties have combined to throw court battle after court battle at the Denver Jones campaign. There is not one shred of integrity or fair play in the numerous challenges being waged to keep Denver off the ballot. There is already undeniable evidence that the first challenge produced lies and false statements being made to New York’s highest court by every person who made sworn statements to challenge Denver’s legitimate claim.

The cabal of county chairmen from all major parties and various other “soldiers” have already interfered and infringed on the wheels of justice in the succeeding court decisions and at the Board of Elections.

Denver Jones keeps collecting ballot signatures while the cabal spends countless $thousands in legal fees to keep him off the ballot. The courts will decide – eventually.

You should know: Denver Jones entered the political fray to expose corruption and try to improve on the people’s government. So far he has been successful – stay tuned – surely there is more to come.

Denver Jones For NY Senate
2800 E Main St Endwell NY 13760
607 745-0635

Editor’s Note:  While The Post & Email has not and will not endorse any candidate for political office, items such as this are posted with the purpose of exposing corruption among political operatives which deprive the people of their rightful voice in government as outlined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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