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From the website of the U.S. House of Representatives

(Sep. 1, 2015) — According to their About Us statement, “Stop This Insanity, Inc. is a national non-profit 501 (c)(4) organization created in 2009 for the education and advancement of the constitutional conservative values of the Tea Party Movement. This organization was created to help give the power of government back to the people.”

The “action” page has one call for action, “Impeach President Obama & Remove Him from Office” is the header on the action item, which is the sole focus of the petition posted by the group on their TeaParty.net site. The petition to impeach and remove Obama from office has over 295,000 signers at present, and thousands of comments from those signers…

The opening statement from the group reads…

“America is under attack from within. Over the last 4½ years, our nation has been transformed for the worse so much that one would hardly recognize it. We have a corrupt, Chicago politician in the White House who is bleeding our nation to death. Since he won re-election with the help of low information voters and a compliant media, the details of even further corruption has been revealed. The time has come and we must not relent until this [impeachment] happens.”

The group offers a laundry list of impeachable offenses as the reason why Barack Hussein Obama must be impeached and removed from office immediately. The list of charges is aligned with Articles of Impeachment carefully drafted and offered by The North American Law Center (NALC) and released by the center in July 2014.

  • ARTICLE I – Usurpation of the Oval Office via criminal identity fraud
  • ARTICLE II – Malfeasance, misconduct and abuse of the Oval Office
  • ARTICLE III – Aiding and Abetting known enemies of the United States

NALC Lead Counsel Stephen Pidgeon presents the NALC Articles here… and Constitutional Accountability Coalition retired attorney Hal Rounds makes the case for impeachment here

Stop This Insanity, Inc. is still collecting petition signers here, with their closing statement as follows…

“President Obama is the most corrupt president in U.S. history. His actions are against everything this country was founded upon and stands for. He is a danger to America. We are therefore calling for his impeachment and removal from office. We urge you to join us for the good of our nation and to keep the legacy of our Founding Fathers alive.”

Working with NALC, the Constitutional Accountability Coalition (CAC) is building a state-by-state national coalition of Americans supporting the proper impeachment of the most impeachable administration in U.S. history.

The CAC group is designed to be 100% action oriented and 100% focused upon the proper impeachment of Barack Obama and anyone in his administration who is evidenced to be complicit in high crimes against the United States. They are currently delivering “Impeachment Packets” to House members demanding the immediate impeachment of Obama be taken up by the House Judiciary Committee, where Republicans have enough votes to advance Articles of Impeachment to the full House.

House Rep. Louis Gohmert recently stated – “I’ve been astounded that more of the country has not been demanding impeachment already,” he added, “but it hasn’t, and until over half the country wants to see it, there’s no use bringing it up, nothing will happen, it will gum up all the works, we won’t be able to even talk about how devastating this Iran deal is for mankind.”

Yet, over 295,000 Tea Party members have signed a petition to impeach Obama and CAC is building a coalition in all fifty states supporting the NALC Articles of Impeachment, released over a year ago in July 2014. According to Stop This Insanity, Inc.… their members have sent more than 600,000 emails and letters to House members demanding impeachment.

Clearly, public support for impeachment is strong and growing, despite efforts by Speaker John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell to take “impeachment off the table.” Gohmert says “half the country” must want it… ignoring that 70% of the country believes Obama is taking this country down from within, and Republicans have consistently refused to do anything at all to stop it from happening, saying constitutional remedies like impeachment are “off the table.”

The question is, will House Republicans listen to “the people,” or to Boehner and McConnell?

As for the people, unity in action is the key to success…

Despite the spineless nature of today’s congressional Republicans, if the people unite behind the single common cause of impeaching the most impeachable administration in U.S. history, congressional Republicans will be forced to act, or be written into history as a complicit part of the problem, allowing the utter demise of the United States without ever keeping their oath to protect and defend her…

To JOIN THIS ACTION, go to CAC or NALC today…

Unless congressional Republicans want to be guilty of breach of oath and misprision of treason, they must take appropriate action to save the U.S. Constitution and our Republic.

NALC and CAC sponsored three special radio events covering the proposed Articles of Impeachment.


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  1. So Louis Gohmert says doing what the Constitution clearly mandates will “gum up the works”. When the blind lead the blind, both will fall in the ditch (Matthew 15:14). And McConnell wants to keep throwing my and your money after this this corruption to keep it from closing. Oh well.