FOX Has Lost Its Mojo


by Carl Paladino, ©2015

(Sep. 1, 2015) — Hey Roger Ailes, you and FOX are missing the political revolution of our lifetimes.  You can no longer hide your allegiance to the Old Guard and 50 Billionaires who want to give us another Romney who thought that having off shore accounts and siding with the 1% against the 99% wouldn’t be noticed and would win the day.  Your candidate, Bush the wimp, looks like a deer in the headlights.  He rings no bells with the rank and file. Afraid of his own shadow he’s on his way to the graveyard of political has-beens.

The silent majority people of America want to be led by a transparent and truthful person who has fire in the belly and respects America’s heritage and the Constitution.

Can you believe that the other candidates and the press continue to say that forcing Mexico to pay for a wall is just not possible? Watch Trump keep that promise. That’s what happens to people who have been conditioned to think that political correctness is an appropriate process to follow on foreign affairs and the world stage.

The establishment, whether Democrat or Republican, is on its way to massive change. The good old boys network of career political parasites has awakened the sleeping giant of Middle America who have had enough of Washington’s elitist rule. They can’t relate to Boehner or McConnell, nor can they relate in any way to Pelosi or Reid and the phony ignorant talking heads on TV.

The bull that shutting down the government, really fighting the Iran deal or real acrimonious debate on immigration will hurt the Republican cause next year is the rhetoric of pathetic cowardly RINOs more interested in protecting their jobs than fighting for the values they told their constituents they represented.

It’s never too late, Roger. Get on the bus or lose more viewers.

That was easy.

2 Responses to "FOX Has Lost Its Mojo"

  1. Robert Laity   Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 11:06 PM

    Carl,My friend, When I started my campaign against Obama for having usurped the Presidency during war time, even Fox news was calling people like me “crazy” and “Pinheads”. Fox is not as conservative at they represent. They could have helped expose a traitor and spy who disenfranchised the American voters both in 2008 and 2012, with the help of RINO and equally disqualified John McCain. Currently, we have four more GOP usurpers attempting to inculcate foreign influence into our nations government. Rubio,Cruz,Jindal and Santorum are ALL ineligible. None of them are “Natural-Born Citizens”. See: “There is NO ‘President Obama'”:

    P.S. I would still like to make that appointment with you, that I requested a while back.

  2. OPOVV   Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 9:35 PM

    Right on point.
    FOX could’ve been the “Beacon of Truth” and put everyone else on the back burner.
    FOX could’ve stood for something, instead of being the mouthpiece for the White House and the RNC/DNC = Federal Reserve Bank Party.
    FOX could’ve stood tall; could’ve stood-up for honor and integrity; could’ve stood-up for America.
    Instead, they just went along with the flow, as good little anti-Constitutionalist/Socialists/ “We believe in such an animal as a MODERATE MUSLIM” brain-washed little insignificant people do.
    FOX had a chance, a chance in a lifetime, but they failed to grab the Brass Ring and will forever be regulated to the GROUND FLOOR.
    We used to watch FOX NEWS but haven’t since Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace showed their true Obot/Hate Freedom’s colors.
    What a pathetic display of manipulating what was supposed to be a debate. What we witnessed was a couple of low IQ people with inflated paychecks bringing-down a possible PLUS for America and turning it into a NEGATIVE.
    Goodbye FOX. Just wish you could’ve done better.

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