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(Aug. 27, 2015) — It is true that a very strong argument can be made that the 14th Amendment is the most powerful tool in the battle to support the 2nd Amendment, in that it forbids States and the  Federal Government from applying and enforcing laws or regulations unequally, from citizen to citizen.  In The Brief, the SAPPA Group references that Amendment in several of its Claims for Relief. 

This Amendment, even if the 2nd did not exist, does not allow any government, state, local or federal, to deny law abiding citizens their right to be armed if they permitted the rich, the elite and even law enforcement officers to carry weapons.  It is true policemen are, because of their jobs, more likely to need a firearm for self-protection than the average citizen.  But so too does the common citizen occasionally find himself or his family in equally dangerous situations. Unlike the liberal ideologues who make illegal laws, the 14th Amendment places equal value on the lives of all citizens.

We have shown in a previous article that the police are not armed for your protection, but for their own.  That they need protection when they investigate and then attempt the arrest of a criminal who just killed an unarmed citizen.

Having said that, the 14th Amendment is not about the 2nd Amendment, not directly, anyway.    It was designed, authored and passed for one reason and one reason only.   That being, to halt Democratic politicians, judges, and police from denying freed slaves and their offspring the same civil rights as whites.

Emancipated African slaves were routinely rounded up, shot or hung for no other reason than they were not white.  The unfortunate souls who met those violent fates were not allowed to carry or even own firearms.  This left them at the mercy of the well-armed lynch mobs.   Because the ex-slaves were either brought to America as property or were born of those who were, by claiming that these people were not “citizens”, the bigots were able to condone, in their own minds at least, their unfair treatment of them.

Hence, the Republican Party began to work on the 14th Amendment.  It would, among a few other things, prevent the Democrats from keeping blacks unarmed while allowing whites to use them for target practice.  The other important thing and the most imperative to the authors and supporters of this new Amendment was to remove the question of citizenship relating to the status of the slave and his children.  The Southern Democrats could no longer apply laws differently based upon the fact that blacks were not citizens. This in and of itself clearly indicates why, even to this day, the Democratic Party and its liberal leadership, still despises the 14th Amendment.

However, now the Democrats see a new use for that Amendment. That is as a tool to destroy conservative values in America while adding millions of uneducated and dependent voters to their ranks.  They now love that document and can’t say two sentences without referencing it.  But, typical of progressives, as they spout the first requirement for citizenship, they ignore the parts they don’t like.  We will explain that in a minute.

Here are a few more very interesting historical facts:
It cannot be denied that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution in 1868 was about one thing.  The civil rights of freed slaves and equal protection, under the law, for each of them.  It was not written to encourage people from other countries to enter America illegally and biologically anchor themselves here.

Two years after the Civil War, the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 divided the South into five military districts, where new state governments, based on universal manhood suffrage, were to be established. Thus began the period known as Radical Reconstruction.

At the conclusion of the Civil War, in 1866, the Republican Congress took steps to address the issue of citizenship for the freed slaves and enacted the Civil Rights Act, 14 Stat. 27 ch.31. This legislation defined and provided a definition of US Citizenship. Once again the Democratic Party tried to get in the way of liberty and equal justice for African Americans and as a result Congress had to override the veto of their legislation by the Democratic President, Andrew Johnson.

Fearing that a future Democratic Congress might undertake the dismantling of the Civil Rights Act, they sought to enforce it by way of the first clause in the 14th Amendment. Citizenship is defined in that clause as such:  All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside.

Take special note as to the purposeful and intentional insertion of the words, subject to the jurisdiction thereof.  Though these Republicans were not bound with the same intellectual cloth as the original Founding Fathers, they were however, able to foresee problems and misuse of this Amendment and included a road block to open ended illegal baby farms whose product would be new American citizens.  If they had intended to exclude just Indians and foreign diplomats they would have written it that way.

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  1. Dear TPATH;
    How. I can say that because I’m part American Indian.
    I now speak of Treaties with our Uncle Sam.
    As soon as Treaties were signed, Indians would keep their land until “the buffalo ran no more”.
    You think Blacks were there for the target practice? Ha, that statement make Indian laugh because we were a thousand times more likely to be shot or given smallpox-infected blankets. We were given maggot laden meat, rotten vegetables and told to shut-up when “we blew the whistle”.
    The newspapers would not print the truth about White man’s forked tongue.
    Yes, White men lied about everything EXCEPT our citizenship, which is one of the main selling points of the words spoken during the signing of Treaties.
    Sometimes it was written; sometimes not, but it was understood that we became real honest-to-goodness citizens.
    We were also informed that our real enemy (White man just recent enemy) — who lived South of the Border — could not become our Brothers.
    You break Treaty with every Indian Tribe by allowing non-citizens WHO COULD NOT BECOME OUR BROTHERS masquerading as lawful citizens.
    Let me tell you something: these illegal immigrants get better treatment than your military Veteran and American Indian.
    American Indian do not accept Obama as president.
    American Indian do not like Hilary Clinton killing 4 of our fellow citizens in Benghazi.
    American Indian like “Man-who-talk-like-Hawk: Donald Trump.”
    We applaud the kicking-out our sworn enemy, once and for all.
    We go on WARPATH for Trump.
    And there-in lies the threat.
    Thank you for your exellent editorial