by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

(Aug. 23, 2015) — Of course, as would be the attack plan, no one could easily tell who hacked Dr. Laurie Roth’s show website, www.therothshow.com. Just hours after I had posted my article confronting Google, my website was taken down.  In the 16 years of doing my national radio show and writing articles every week, I have never had my website taken down.

Now, as the ‘mystery ‘googly-eyed’ hacker has managed to take my website down, thousands cannot listen to my show archives, none of my articles can be posted and I can receive zero donations to help me back.  Someone wants to erase Laurie Roth and freedom of speech.

Recently I resigned from USA Radio Networks.  I could not afford to continue with them but am exploring other plans and seeking God.  I will come back on the national scene if there is a way.  Please pray for me.  There is a way and I will find it.

If anyone who wants me back and my website up again wants to help me fix it, I need donations.  Please make a check out to:  The Roth Show LLC.  Send to:  Laurie Roth, P.O. Box 787, Philomath, OR 97370.

Regardless of the real trail leading to the bad guys…they are no doubt big and angry like a roaring elephant.  Well…it is clear I am just a little mouse.  Perhaps Google should know about mice and elephants.  Google it.

Stand up for freedom of speech and the truth this election cycle.  Our 2016 election and country are not for sale…..pidder padder – pidder padder….


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