by Robert Quinn, ©2015

(Aug. 16, 2015) — I have had a flag pole in my front yard (parking lot) for years. I began thinking about flying the flag upside-down to display my total disgust with our Republican-led Congress when these idiots gave the usurper fast-track authority to negotiate the nuclear deal with Iran and his idea of “Obamatrade.”

Since phone calls, letters and emails mean nothing to our Republican leadership which fights the conservative base of the party rather than the Obama Regime, I came up with this flag display idea as a concise way to express the critical status of our national security and promote the best person, if not the only person, on the political stage capable and willing to do whatever is necessary to save our Republic and hopefully make it great again. I temporarily put the flag display up a week or so ago, but it took several tries before I got a good picture with wind-blown flags. It was put up on a permanent basis last Sunday. I paid a professional sign-maker to make the actual sign, and I made the backboard to which it is attached. Cost was $100, and he has retained the artwork.

The reality is that the Obama Regime knew from the very beginning of the 2008 campaign that if the Republicans would not challenge his fraudulent birth records and lack of constitutional eligibility because he was black, they would never challenge him on anything.

What we need now is to force Boehner to appoint an impeachment special prosecutor with the full constitutional powers of the House to carry out Sheriff Joe’s investigation that found probable cause exists that Obama’s identity papers are all forgeries and then, before actually voting on impeachment, publish the special prosecutor’s findings and educate the media and the public. Only after the media and public are educated to the truth should the actual impeachment vote take place and be sent over to the Senate.

There is no act of treason that could possibly be more damaging to our Republic than an agent of foreign Islamic allegiance gaining the position of President and Commander-in-Chief of our Military Forces, having qualified for the position based upon forged identification documents and a stolen Social Security number. As follow-up, just look at the outcome of all of the decisions he has made concerning the Middle East. They all turn out to benefit the Muslim Brotherhood and/or Iran, and he has packed Brotherhood-affiliated Muslims in all of our government’s agencies. And our Republican-led Congress still refuses to investigate.

There is another way these treasonous cowards in Congress could use the idea of appointing a special prosecutor:  simply tell Obama that if he vetoes either the nuclear deal or Obamatrade, the impeachment special prosecutor will immediately be appointed to open up the files in Hawaii, the Selective Service and Social Security and get to the truth.

As I see it, Trump is the only man that has the money, intelligence, fortitude and determination to do what must be done if our Republic is to be saved.  I thought this display pretty-much says it all. Take the securing of our southern border as an example. Trump will simply declare a National Security Emergency, if necessary; build the wall and then argue with EPA, the Courts and other objectors later, and the courts will not stop him because he has declared a National Security Emergency. We must have a President who is just as determined to do whatever is necessary to save our Constitution-based Republic as the Communist-mentored Muslim Usurper currently in control of the Oval Office is determined to destroy it.

God bless Donald Trump, and I pray for his safekeeping and success.


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