State Inmate Files Civil Rights Violation Complaint to the U.S. Department of Justice


by Sharon Rondeau

The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division Federal Coordination and Compliance Section reportedly “ensures that all federal agencies consistently and effectively enforce civil rights statutes and Executive Orders that prohibit discrimination in federally conducted and assisted programs and activities.”

(Aug. 4, 2015) — On July 31, The Post & Email published an article after receiving a letter from NWCX inmate Jerome L Johnson alleging civil rights violations on the part of prison staff, possibly because he is black.

Like Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, Johnson refused to participate in the Pro-Social Life Skills (PSLS) class because he believed the workbook exercises required him to admit guilt.  Johnson is anticipating a post-conviction hearing within approximately the next 45 days and is represented by criminal defense attorney Gregory David Allen of Memphis.

The TDOC describes the PSLS course as “a high intensity program designed for those ranking Medium-Very High in one or more of the following LS/CMI areas: Pro-Criminal Attitude/Orientation, Anti-Social Thinking Pattern, Companions, Leisure/Recreation, and Family/Marital. Run in a full time setting, the duration is 3-4 months; while run in a part time setting the duration is 4-6 months.”

At NWCX, the course is taught by Mr. Terry Hopper, who Fitzpatrick reported threatened him on June 19 with a physical beating if he did not acquiesce to participating in the class.  Fitzpatrick declined participation for the same reason as Johnson, as he believed it would negate an appellate hearing which took place on May 19, 2015 in Knoxville.

Fitzpatrick alleges that up to $3,000 is billed to the federal government for each participant in the PSLS class.

Fitzpatrick was convicted in June of last year of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” after he attempted on numerous occasions to gain an audience with the McMinn County grand jury on allegations of public corruption on the part of judges, prosecutors, law enforcers, and the grand jury foreman at the time, Jeffrey Cunningham.

Grand juries are mentioned in the nation’s founding documents only once, in the Bill of Rights’ Fifth Amendment, which calls for a review of evidence by a group of impartial citizens whenever a person is accused of an “infamous” crime.

Cunningham was personally asked to lead the grand jury by a December 2011 phone call from Criminal Court Judge Amy Reedy, according to Cunningham’s testimony during Fitzpatrick’s trial.  Cunningham, who is president and CEO of Athens Federal Community Bank, held the “position” for more than two years, which reportedly pays $10.00 a day.

According to a spokeswoman for Tennessee State Representative John Forgety, in whose district Fitzpatrick was living prior to his incarceration, an internal investigation of the June 19 incident Fitzpatrick reported determined that there was no “evidence” of the altercation. TDOC spokeswoman Neysa Taylor responded to The Post & Email’s report containing Fitzpatrick’s handwritten description of the event that the internal investigative reports of the department are not open to public scrutiny by state law.

In his most recent letter dated July 30, 2015, Johnson stated that his case is also on appeal and identifies the same individuals, plus one, as Fitzpatrick did as having attempted to force him into the class.  Johnson wrote that the named staff are “using me as a tool in their grand theft of federal monies.”

In an enclosure to the letter, Johnson wrote that “in an act of coercion and civil rights violation and federal felony offense T.D.O.C. employees whose names are mention above are forcing me to act against myself in a frenzied attempt to torpedo my cause now on appeal!!” [sic]  One of the recipients of his letter, which cites a Title VI violation, is the U.S. Justice Department’s Federal Coordination and Compliance Section of the Civil Rights Division.

In a previous letter dated July 23, Johnson related that while Fitzpatrick was threatened with a “Write-up” and loss of privileges, the issue “went away” afterward.  Fitzpatrick is now enrolled in an Adult Basic Education (ABE) class despite the fact that he holds a high school diploma, a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree and is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Fitzpatrick first advised The Post & Email at the end of May that it appeared he would be enrolled in the PSLS course even though he was told during the intake process at the Bledsoe County Correctional Complex (BCCX) that no educational opportunities offered by the prison system were appropriate for him.

Some have speculated that Fitzpatrick was sent to NWCX because of the high degree of danger which exists there perpetrated by gang members. Fitzpatrick has been a government whistleblower since his time in the U.S. Navy decades ago and particularly as a result of a court-martial which prematurely ended his career in September 1994.

On page 1, Johnson references the 27th anniversary, termed a “birthday,” of a helicopter crash in the Persian Gulf involving Fitzpatrick and seven other servicemen, one of whom lost his life.  On July 31, 1987, The Los Angeles times reported:

The Pentagon identified the five men who were rescued from the gulf’s waters after the crash as Army Staff Sgt. Adrian W. Garrison, 33, of Robinwood, Ala.; Navy Lt. Cmdr. Walter F. Fitzpatrick III, 35, of Ventura, Calif.; Aviation Electronics Technician 2nd Class Robert G. Winslow, 27, of Lincolnville, Me.; Air Force Staff Sgt. Jay J. Crowe, 28, of New London, Conn., and Aviation Structural Mechanic Curtis Low, 27, of Arlington, Wash.

On several occasions, the Obama regime has been contacted by The Post & Email of well-documented instances of police brutality, deprivation of due process and civil rights, jury-rigging and other misconduct by public officials which Fitzpatrick began exposing in the fall of 2009 after interacting with the Monroe County grand jury foreman for the first time.  Forgery of court documents, hand-picking of jurors, conviction without evidence, and the denial of defense counsel have all been reported and substantiated by various Tennessee citizens.

Obama’s Department of Justice has stressed that civil and constitutional rights cannot be violated with impunity, including when they are “racially motivated.”

The state’s mainstream media has thus far not touched upon the systemic corruption in the state’s criminal courts which includes judges, court clerks, grand jurors, trial jurors, bailiffs, law enforcement, prosecutors, public defense attorneys, private attorneys, and court reporters.

“It’s going to take federal intervention,” Fitzpatrick has told us on many occasions.

Also notified of Tennessee’s corrupt court system are Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, and the Knoxville and Chattanooga offices of the FBI, none of which appears to have taken action as of this writing.

Johnson’s latest letter reads as follows:


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