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Was Gov. Andrew Cuomo pleased with the turnout on Sunday?

(Jul. 21, 2015) — It would take a book to adequately describe the full details surrounding OUR Indian Lake event. Know this; WE continue making history. Each one of US will be proud of OUR contributions to Americanism. This is a brief summation:

  • Cuomo minions, the officials of the Town of Indian Lake, the state police and the sheriff aggressively attempted to prevent US from holding OUR picnic. They Failed – WE prevailed.
  • OUR picnic was a very memorable get-together. It’s always fun when like-minded Americans congregate together. Thanks to everyone who brought food, goodies and a happy face. Thanks to those who keep the faith. Thanks to those who persisted. I am proud to have these opportunities to be among such dedicated patriots. THANK YOU!
  • OUR protest achieved its goal – Cuomo saw US protesting him and the entire Albany legislature as he drove by on his game of hide-and-seek. It was only a fleeting moment because there was no traffic – no tourists clamoring to attend any of the customary events. Coumo was met with an empty venue at the town’s planned greeting.
  • Cuomo went to great lengths to avoid the people. His antics caused the town’s festival to be a total failure. There were only a handful of people that attended the Byron Park “extravaganza” – it was a total bust. The scheduled events – void of tourists. The town businesses– void of commerce. The boat race – ha – who knows? – Where were the spectators? Cuomo’s motorcycle ride – canceled. WE are assuming the customary Indian Lake dinner – that was moved to Gore Mountain – was attended only by “elitists.”

The elected officials and bureaucrats of the Town of Indian Lake willingly and wantonly allowed Cuomo and “the state” to manipulate their customary festival. They received what they deserved. A once-vibrant weekend filled to the brim with tens of thousands of tourist is now nothing more than a wasteland void of “tourism.”

I wish the general public could witness and be privy to how New York State is run as a police state. I wish all knew how Cuomo’s interference in affairs destroys the fabric of all things in New York. I wish the people had an understanding of how OUR authorities and officials are forced to bow down to the whims of Cuomo and the “political elite.” It is saddening and alarming ….to say the least.


We Will NOT Quit – Will NOT Back Down!

We WILL Stand AGAINST Socialism, Communist And Marxism!


NOTE : OUR get-togethers are always fun and inspiring. Big or small – they provide US with hope and reinforces that WE are not alone – not crazy or “radical.” Over the course of the summer there are many events, rallies and protests in the planning such as: FULL Repeal of the Safe Act, “Secede from NY,” anti-Common Core and a host of other injustices. Please spread the word and consider participating.


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