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Do our military “leaders” bear allegiance to a person or the U.S. Constitution?

(Jul. 17, 2015) — Letting the America people down by not upholding your Oath to the Constitution doesn’t cut it with this Honorably Discharged Veteran. Strutting your stuff in spit-shined shoes and wearing knife-edged creases doesn’t mean much these days if illegal orders are blindly followed. The truth of the matter is that your Commander-in-Chief is a fraud, and just because he hasn’t been arrested and sent to spend the rest of his miserable and worthless life in a cage down GITMO-way by now doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be shackled (as LTC Terry Lakin was) and paraded for all to see on his way out of here.

If it isn’t readily apparent by now, Islam is on an unrelenting march to conquer the world, and has been for the last 1,400 years. In a Muslim’s concept of time, a week ago was yesterday, as was this date 800 years ago: all the days of the past are yesterday. Because of the Muslim’s strange and alien sense of time (to us), imagined and persevered slights and failures on their ancestors’ part is a burden to be carried on their collective shoulders to be avenged, and if  Muslims are required to die while doing so — as those Muslims who died in the World Trade Center — so be it, for, as it says in the Quran, Muslims who are collateral damage also get a ticket to Paradise.

Most of us figured out the chain of command years ago, but there are always some who haven’t received the news and, to be truthful, there are those who will always be left behind, and there’s no clearer example than the German Jews who refused to believe the stories of the concentration camps. We see them today: Jews who’ve voted for Obama just because he claims to represent the Democratic Party. That Obama is an agent for the terrorist-sponsored State of Iran whose main and stated goal is to bring “Death to Israel! Death to America!” appears to be completely immaterial, and that Hillary will follow in Obama’s footsteps (that is, of course, if Obama leaves after his second term) has been quite obvious, beyond argument, ever since his days in Chicago.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the Chamber of Commerce for the Islamic State of Iran, and there seem to be as many sub-chapters as there are grains of sand: Boko Haram; PLO; Hamas; Hezbollah; and all of the rest, all funded directly from the coffers of the Ayatollahs of Iran. The nuclear treaty that Obama just made with Iran frees up billions of dollars in order to purchase weapons for its sponsored terrorist groups worldwide.

The merchants of war will be the first vendors to arrive at the airports of Iran, from all over the globe, including Russia, North Korea, China and, yes, even the United States. After all, even Communists chase money, and Iran will suddenly have billions to spend. First items to be procured will be defense systems to protect their nuclear weapons plants. Yes, the secret is out: remember Iran’s story that its nuclear enrichment program was for peaceful purposes, for nuclear power plants generating electricity to grow their economy? Well, we haven’t heard that lie for a while, now, have we?

Thanks to Obama doing his job for the Iranian government so successfully, Israel has no choice but to take out Iran’s weapons program by force. And because Obama is acting on Iran’s behalf, Obama will use all available assets to insure that Iran builds the bomb. In other words, he will order the American military to protect Iran from Israel. To put the cards on the table, Obama will protect Iran by ordering the military and whatever NSA can bring to the table to share with Iran’s military: satellite and communication intercepts immigrating from the IDF.

Creeping Sharia takes on many forms, and none has been more insidious, AND BLATANT, than allowing Muslims in our military. One would have thought that the murders in Kuwait would’ve awakened a few sleepyheads at the Pentagon; that the Joint Chiefs of Staff would’ve gotten wise, but that would be asking too much of the dimwits who are in charge of our military.

Because the Joint Chiefs of Staff have allowed Muslims in our military, we have the massacre at Fort Hood to thank them for. To imagine that a Muslim while on active duty in the United States military would lift a finger to protect Israel or America would be incredulous at best.

So, a question for all the members of our military, present, reserve or past, will you go to war against our strongest and most faithful ally against the onslaught of Islam, or will you follow illegal orders from an ineligible person who has been masquerading as the president for the last seven years? Will you stand by your Oath to the Constitution, or will you follow illegal orders and become a traitor?

The choice is between your country and a fraud. LTC Terry Lakin chose his country; what will you do?

Semper Fi




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