The Post & Email’s Fundraiser for Free Public Access Passes One-Third Mark pb


by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 9, 2015) — In our last update dated July 3, The Post & Email reported that $416 was raised toward the goal of returning the publication to free and open access to all without a subscription or registration.

More than three years ago, we were forced to convert to a subscription platform in order to pay a server bill of almost $300 monthly after repeated hacking.

Last month, we were offered an unprecedented opportunity which allowed us to consider the possibility of eliminating the paywall so that our reporting on government corruption can be read more widely.

The Post & Email’s core readership understands that being informed comes with some type of price, whether it be a small subscription or a time investment encompassing citizen activism, volunteering at the polls on Election Day, collecting signatures for a ballot initiative, or testifying to a county commissioners’ meeting or legislative committee on an issue of public importance.

However, many Americans are as yet unaware of the systemic government corruption that exists not only in Washington, DC, but also at the state and local levels.  If we want to purge public corruption, more members of the public need to know the extent to which our institutions have been compromised, something the mainstream media no longer investigates.

Last month we set a goal of $1,500 so that our expenses for approximately a year might be covered and a website technician engaged to make the necessary changes and some upgrades to the site before a grand re-opening would occur.

We are pleased to report that another $110 has been raised, bringing the total as of July 9 to $526.  There is no deadline by which the money would have to be raised.

Thank you to all who have donated, become new subscribers or renewed their subscription recently.  All funds will be applied toward keeping The Post & Email online and growing.

One Response to "The Post & Email’s Fundraiser for Free Public Access Passes One-Third Mark pb"

  1. gigclick   Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 9:47 AM

    Everyone, Sharon has given relentlessly for years now to keep us informed at what goes on behind the scenes at all levels of government corruption. Many believe that if they just wait, government corruption will go away. That thinking only allows it to get worse and it keeps growing-you can’t go hide your head in the sand-you can’t pretend it away. The mainstream press is fully controlled by DNC screening and you will rarely be told the “truth” about anything under their scrutiny. All these agencies have program writers and screening people that comb every bit of information and reshape every piece on information that reaches public showing or air time. Every network is doing this including FOX but at least FOX allows much of the truth to come through. Unfortunately, FOX program directors have chosen to not engage with the fact that Democratic Operatives have illegally arrested and imprisoned 6 American Veterans and illegally locked out ALL Criminal Presentments against any Democratic Criminals in all courts in America for over 6 years. The 6 Veterans were illegally imprisoned to keep their mouths shut and keep the momentum of this DNC coup/usurpation/theft ring running smoothly as planned while causing disenfranchisement and bankruptcy to anyone that is not lockstep with them. If you have not kept up with these tactics you either don’t care, are delusional or may lack social or political intelligence to do so. I am a Veteran and Patriot and will continue to push for Discovery and Prosecution of the DNC and RNC criminals that have been deliberately and wantonly breaking Constitutional and Federal Laws for over 7 years now. Misprision Of Felony is at hand and two political “party’s” that are living it up in DC while America burns and people loose their life goals-unless you are a team player with Marxist/Racist power brokers in DNC Nirvana. Sharon has given me answers and an education along with Martha Trowbridge and her writings to have the information and proof that would have been lost through rampant obfuscation and coverups at all levels by DNC Operatives that work 24/7 at a war that has been going on in America and Europe to force Marxism/Socialism on everyone that we have seen never works. Sharon has empowered me with an encyclopedia and wealth of knowledge that I cannot explain. As a Veteran and Patriot, it has filled in all the blanks and missing pieces that have been kept from the public and others that were experienced and intelligent enough to realize what was happening in America and the people that have been and are working continuously to force a lawless/Godless/moralless/lackluster mundane Marxist/Socialist society run by Godless robots that couldn’t care less about the individuals in America and only includes their levels of entitlement/retirement/material wealth that is based on getting more illegal alien votes and law breaking that will market them into future entitlement when we know these people need to go to jail for Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Identity Fraud, Murder and falsifying the eligibility of an Article 2 illegal dual citizen POTUS by Pelosi and Biden. Thank you Sharon for so much work, a good heart and being a Christian woman at the highest level and daughter of a Veteran that instilled real Patriotic values in her that she believes in. Please help Sharon in any way you can-she and the material are worth it.

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