So You Want to be a Political Strategist (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2015

Did Barack Hussein Obama enter the White House solely through effective political strategy rather than qualifications and experience?

(Jul. 5, 2015) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This show is a little out of the ordinary, but one viewer wrote in and asked the question: ‘How does one become a political strategist?’ and so here we are, at the University in the Political Science building. Here with me is a Ms. Cooper, Dean of it all.

“Welcome, Ms. Cooper. Walking up the stairs into the building, we had to circumnavigate a rather circuitous path around all the people carrying signs that read anywhere from ‘Free the Dogs from Leashes’ to ‘Energy Independence Is Islamophobic’. What, pray tell, are these students doing?”

“Oh, it’s such an honor to be on your program. Maybe I’ll be able to change a few of your viewers’ views on the ways of the world. No, they aren’t our students, carrying signs, they’re employees’ of protest companies, like the ones that you saw in those horrible Ferguson, Missouri riots. Such a shame: a lie purported as the truth. We believe that if you’re going to riot, at least have the facts straight.”

“What ‘protest companies’? You mean to say that people get hired to go out and protest for money?”

“Just where have you been living, young man, on Mars? Of course it’s a job. On the application it specifically asks them to sign a waiver stating that their picture can be used for any purpose whatsoever. Why, when I was a student, here at this very college, I was hired by one of those firms protesting the Vietnam War. We got paid minimum wage, and if we had to go out of town, our expenses were paid for. I got to go to our nation’s capital twice and spent all of my free time at the Smithsonian.”

“So you were paid, when you were younger, by a Communist regime?”

“It’s the ways of the world, young man. Morals are expensive, and when you’re an idealistic neophyte, the world is looked upon through rose-covered glasses. That’s why Socialism is so popular with college students: they never worked a day in their life, never had to pay a penny in taxes and, as a consequence, don’t know what the heck they’re talking about.”

“What’s it take to get a degree in ‘Political Strategy’?”

“I’d say the first requirement would be good at manipulating the numbers. Let me give you an example. A poll is taken and it turns out that 80% support abolishing Obamacare, which actually reflects the results of the last congressional elections. But congress and the media don’t like those numbers, so a strategist reports that 20% are the Patriots where the other 80% are nothing more than bigots and Confederate flag-wavers, which isn’t the truth, but who cares?”

“Who cares? Why, America cares.”

“No, young man, America doesn’t care, even though it makes them feel good that they think they care, and that’s the whole ball game. A political strategist’s job is to make people believe they’re important, that their vote means something, that they can change the world, but, but, as long as the Federal Reserve controls America’s money, America is just whistling Dixie, which is why ALL the political strategists, Democratic and Republicans combined, are badmouthing Trump and Fiorina. Those two are upsetting the apple cart, and that’s dangerous.

“Those two aren’t afraid to tell the truth: what’s wrong with America and how to fix it. You see, it’s all about the status quo, which is just another way of saying get that limelight off the lobbyists; don’t even mention them. Don’t bring up the dirty laundry of how Washington really works, the world of bribes and payoffs.

“The most obvious examples are retirees of the Pentagon becoming board members of government contractors, ‘not that there’s anything wrong with it.’  No, really, the basic problem we face is the BILLIONS of petrol dollars; ‘PETROL’ as in Arab oil money; as in Muslim money greasing the little greedy hands of our judges, military and elected officials allowing Obama’s name on not just one time, mind you, but on two presidential ballots: in 2008 and 2012. Unbelievable.

“Which goes to show how powerful these ‘political strategists’ are worth, making people believe that being a ‘birther,’ in other words, supporting the Constitution, is somehow ‘bigoted and racist,’ and it worked! Can you believe that? A little kernel of a lie was planted and the people believed it, and they still believe the lie! Amazing.

“We offer the degree in ‘Political Strategist’ for the same reason any other company would: money. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some papers to go through.”

“Well, thank you very much, Ms. Cooper. Well, you heard it, too. They’re all afraid of the ‘outsiders’, Trump and Fiorina. Interesting subject, isn’t it? ‘Paid protesters’? It would be something if they employed illegal immigrants; that would be a good topic in the future.

“Well, this is your Roving Reporter saying have a good one. Have a Happy Fourth. Thanks for watching. Goodnight.”

“Another good show, crew. But you know what strikes me? Trump and Fiorina’s names keep popping up. A couple of years ago, there was this guy, OPOVV, running for president, along with a guy from Michigan, the late Larry Meyer, and, even back then, they picked Trump to be their Secretary of State, so Trump’s political track record is really pretty impressive. I mean, to get picked out of the blue like that.

“Now if the Republicans could ever get their act together and not be just half of the Federal Reserve Political Party – you know, Republicans plus Democrats equals the Federal Reserve Party – and support those two mavericks, Donald and Carly, there just might be a ray of hope, real hope for our country. But I don’t think the RNC has the gumption or, for that matter, the love of the Constitution, because look at all of their candidates who aren’t any more Constitutionally qualified than Obama is. Crazy.

“What’s that? Would I? ‘Would I ever like to interview Trump and ask just one question?’ I’d like to ask him if he’d name retired General Jack Keane as his George Patton, is what I’d ask. But enough, let’s go grab a burger.”

Semper Fi


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  1. lizMN   Sunday, July 5, 2015 at 10:15 AM

    You write so well that it’s frustrating that we cannot forward your articles to people who need to read them.

    If it were possible, I would forward your column to Donald Trump, Judson Philips (Tea Party Nation) and also to the

    We badly need to organize and need a strong leader to guide us. Too many Americans are still living in a fantasy world believing that “everything is either OK” or “everything will straighten itself out eventually.” That is not going to happen.

    Best wishes!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Since editorials are the intellectual property of those who write them, you may get in touch with OPOVV or any other editorial author about reproduction or forwarding arrangements. Also, any article from The Post & Email can be printed and faxed, mailed or distributed by hand to anyone.

    1. OPOVV   Sunday, July 5, 2015 at 3:43 PM

      Dear lizMN;
      Thank you for your kind commentary. A pat on the back is always welcomed.
      And, yes, you may send this editorial to whomever you wish to.
      You may send 2 free faxes a day via “”.


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