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(Jun. 25, 2015) —[Editor’s Note:  The following article was written on Wednesday, June 24, 2015.]

In a mighty leap today, the Cody Robert Judy for President Camp laid bare before all the foul charge of the United States Supreme Court that Mr. Judy fails the ‘in forma pauperis standing’ he had sought from the Court six weeks ago, that the Court sat on from March 30th until the June 18th, 2015 CONFERENCE hearing, filing a “MOTION FOR A IFP (in forma pauperis) RECONSIDERATION REVIEW” that was expedited overnight express mail and should be in the U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow morning!

“The totality of INJUSTICE is laid bare before the American Pubic in this flagrant foul upon the poor seeking justice,” Judy said, with his Motion for Reconsideration Review. ” I feel I’ve got to try to stand up for the poor,” Mr. Judy said, “because even Donald Trump isn’t giving a dollar for the cause of the Constitution. I personally tweeted him asking for help two days ago on the printing cost of upward of $2,000 after hearing him brag that his net worth was 9 Billion in his announcement for President of the United States. Not a word back, folks. That should tell you something. The Rich Republicans are fat cats that do not give two cents for the Constitution or Justice, just like Mitt Romney ignored this central national security issue in the election of 2012 and lost because of it.”

Mr. Judy expressed great sympathy for the poor who suppose that fat-cat Democratic Party contenders like Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, who was also given two personal tweets from Mr. Judy to file an Amicus Curiae, or “Friend of the Court” Brief in defense of the United States Constitution in this Case over a month ago and refused.  Judy stated, “She obviously isn’t interested in helping the poor, defending the Constitution or preserving the Union of the United States of America in this central defense of the United States Constitution, striking at the core of our Nation and Sovereignty.

“People, you have got to understand that they are selling you out, farming you out, pimping you like slave traffickers of the People. They don’t care what color you are. They don’t care if you’re middle income, or low income; all they care about is that they are insulated from the greatest and most successful Supreme Law this Nation has risen from becoming by it the Leader of the World in many fields of industry. Their actions tell you they HATE the Constitution of the United States of America. My actions tell you I love it! I am fighting for you and this Nation from these blood-sucking vamps who call themselves politicians swearing oaths to the great Constitution, and then winking and uncrossing their fingers as they step off the stage.

“If you would be free men, you have got to join me in this Campaign Fight. You have got to dig in and stand up like free men. You have got to believe in JUSTICE, believe in LIBERTY, believe in FREEDOM, believe in the American Dream again! If you don’t believe in these things, no one is going to believe in you. I believe you can stand up and be counted in the Liberty and Freedom this Nation offers in opportunity! I believe you are wonderful, beautiful people that God loves and does not want to see sold into slavery again.

“My heart is grieved that Obama after the lust of his own heart has sacrificed you on the altar for his gain and glory without repaying you the service of the Constitution, which has provided to you the vehicle to become a great place in this world! With and by his actions he seeks to drive you into a dark abyss and the Republicans you see cheering him on are no different. Look at his witness to you. A forged long-form birth certificate, a forged draft registration, and my Case in the United States Supreme Court lays bare all his FRAUD upon the Republic for which we stand!

“Please join us today in the call to RESTORE this Nation. We have got to clean the inner vessel first and then look to see what help we can be to the World. RESTORE our own Example as a Standard and beacon of hope for Justice for all.”

The following is the MOTION FOR A IFP (in forma pauperis) RECONSIDERATION REVIEW, that Mr. Judy, Petitioner in the Judy v. Obama/aka Barry Soetoro et. al, Case No. 14-9396, in the United States Supreme Court filed today. His hope is that the Court will grant it, and GRANT Certiorari before the Court Summer Recess so that when it comes back in October his Case will have a Hearing.

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