by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 24, 2015) — The Post & Email has received an extraordinary offer from its hosting company, pair.com, such that it may be able to again be open to everyone, without a free registration or paid subscription.

However, in order to make that happen, The Post & Email will continue to need financial support to assure that it can pay its monthly obligation to pair, as hosting will not be free.  In fact, nothing in this world really is.

Before relaunching, we will need to hire a webmaster who can remove the paywall and make other much-needed upgrades to the site.

For those who have just subscribed or renewed their subscription earlier in the year, we thank you deeply for your ongoing support, for without that, we would not be online today.  We believe the news we carry is valuable to all Americans, particularly those who are as yet unaware that government corruption is destroying the very fabric of their nation.

Since its launch on August 28, 2009 as a simple WordPress blog by founder and Editor Emeritus John Charlton, The Post & Email has been one of the few, if not the only, newspaper publication aggressively covering the Obama eligibility issue. As the mainstream media cowers from the questions of Obama’s lack of documentation, where he was born and raised and by whom, The Post & Email has twice interviewed the lead investigator of the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse about the criminal investigation which found that Obama’s only publicly-available documents are “computer-generated forgeries.”

We have recently provided in-depth analysis of the ongoing lawsuit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio not found in the mainstream media in which the judge acknowledged the “birth certificate” investigation and demanded information provided by a confidential informant beyond the scope of the racial-profiling civil suit.  On May 6, some of Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo’s emails were turned over to Judge G. Murray Snow and the monitor he appointed to oversee the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).

We think The Post & Email should become the mainstream media, hence this new proposal.

If every person reading this article could donate $1.00, The Post & Email could raise enough money to maintain its current online presence for more than a year. We particularly ask that anyone registered at Level 0 who has been reading the “free” articles  consider supporting us in this way, since it will enable us to share our news with anyone who has been unable to subscribe in the past.  Please ask those people if they would consider doing the same on a one-time basis.

Just $1.00 from fewer than half of our free subscribers will do it.

Your editor will post daily or weekly updates as to the amount of money raised. Our goal is $1,500. Once we reach that, The Post & Email will hire the webmaster, have the paywall removed, make the upgrades to improve reader experience, and open itself up as a free service while keeping protection against hackers in place.

We considered a GoFundMe page, but since that company has proven unfriendly to Christian businesses, we will keep the fundraising in-house.

Donations to support this effort can be sent by PayPal to payments@thepostemail.com or to The Post & Email, PO Box 195, Stafford Springs, CT 06076.

Even if we achieve this goal, we must remember that “freedom is not free.” Someone is paying the price, and someone is fighting the battle.  For those not on the front lines, your support is needed for those who are.

Please circulate this article in its entirety to all of your email lists, and we will see how it goes.

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  1. Sharon, I think I have been reading the P&E since almost its beginning. I do not know of any other site that I respect the quality reporting as well as the quality of the comments. You have a quality following that should be and is probably envied by the MSM. A real no nonsense site that is worth continuing. I only pray others see the value I see and help. Semper Fi Sharon you amaze.