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by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2015

(Jun. 18, 2015) — Hold on, everyone, I need to make a couple of things very clear before I start.  First I am not equating Donald Trump to any level of deity.  We use the word messiah in a contextual meaning as opposed to that of Our Lord and Savior. Second, this is not an endorsement of Mr. Trump.

Not yet, anyway. 
There is way too much time left and way too much to learn about the other candidates.  Notice I said “the other candidates.”   That is because Mr. Trump has been around for decades. He has been an open book and has never failed to not just take a stand but to stand for his take.  It is the other candidates that we need to know more about.  Remember if you want to know what a politician thinks, don’t listen to what he says.  There is rarely an accurate correlation there.  You need to take a look at what he has done.  The American people need to take a look at what all those with their hat in the ring have done.   Granted, a few have thus far performed well.  Scott Walker, for one.  But he too seems to have several pieces of ragged baggage which need some shaking out.

So let’s discuss Trump in terms of what he is and what he has done. When we think about what he has done and how successful he has been, one need not spend much time researching it.  He tells us all the time.  More on that in a few minutes.   But what he is is what is important.  He is ruthless, he is honest and he is a brilliant Patriot who loves this country with a passion not seen since Ronald Reagan.

You will be seeing stories about how Trump has gone bankrupt and has filed Chapter 11 on several occasions.  This, those who are now lining up against him are saying, is proof he can’t handle the American economy.  The truth is, Trump himself never went bankrupt.  Only certain projects went into one form of Chapter relief or another.  This was a legal use of the law employed by Trump to get more funding for his projects.  This money did not come from taxpayers like all those failed “green” policies of Obama.  Trump forced crony capitalists to part with piles of cash they were sitting on to help his projects.   This maneuver was very complicated, but it boiled down to this.  He forced them to invest more or lose all.  In other words, a deal they couldn’t refuse.

Speaking of those lining up against Trump, what better endorsement could any candidate have than to be opposed by the likes of RINO Karl Rove and  ex-Democrat and Jeb Bush-loving Charles Krauthammer?  

Trump has shown his backbone many times over the years, not just in “Art of the Deal,” but he has never backed down on statements he has made.  For instance, he refused to fall in line with the spineless politicians and the corrupt media when Obama released a forged birth certificate.  And speaking on that subject, there are a few seeking the White House who are as ineligible as Obama.

This country finally has a chance to elect a real CEO to run the largest financial entity the world has ever seen instead of yet another know-nothing, incompetent politician, with debts and promises to repay. Mr. Trump may hold that golden key to a messianic opportunity to stop the impending disaster of total financial and civil collapse.

Trump can and will do it.
No politician can or will do it.


2 Responses to "The Donald Messiah? pb"

  1. gigclick   Friday, June 19, 2015 at 9:41 AM

    As Donald said- he is not a politician- he is a businessman and he doesn’t need any money- wants to clean up America and it’s political collapse. America as was stated “Is a toilet.” Let’s clean it up by first getting rid of the deadbeat career bums and parasites and get people in that are capable of doing a job without putting themselves first. We have the lowest criminal content in both parties you could have as we have seen over the last 7 years with 6 American Veterans illegally imprisoned by armchair heros and cowards to keep their mouths shut about the coup/usurpation of POTUS and the theft of taxpayer funds and total bungling of every government action we have seen by adolescents installed in positions they could never qualify for and total lack of experience and leadership ability. It is a crime ring out of control. Ask Hillary if she is still taking bets on Benghazi SEALS and how long they will live. Popcorn anyone? Maybe Sidney Blumenthal and Tyler Drimheller could help us out there?

  2. Robert Quinn   Friday, June 19, 2015 at 6:14 AM

    And by having sufficient funds to run and not have to sell his soul to the special interests, he is free to do what is best for this nation. His stand against Obomatrade has made him the top of my list because anyone willing to give this Muslim usurper such powers is simply too stupid or corrupt to be worthy of being President. The Republican Leadership has gone against the vast majority of Republicans and if the disastrous effects of Obomatrade become evident to the public before the 2016 election, as I predict they will, a man like Trump may be this nation’s only hope to recover and rid the party of the ObomaRepublican Leadership. I loved his comment that he would find a Patton or McAuthor to run our military.

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