by New York State Grassroots Groups

(Jun. 17, 2015) — Are YOU a sitting duck or are YOU able to defend yourself and your loved ones?

Are there any doubts that WE are right about FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act?
Guns Save Lives – Educate the Children – Train America…. STOP LIVING IN FEAR!
Thousands of cops running around – armed to the teeth – but they tell YOU to stay home and lock your doors. Are YOU insane????!!!!!!!   YOU are not safe inside your own home unless YOU can defend yourself… Get out of the house – arm yourself – do it TODAY!!!!!
The current amendment passed by the Senate is a feeble attempt by clever and corrupt legislators to appease gullible, trusting people into believing lies and trickery. The current last-minute attaching of repeal to rent control shows that the Senate is far worse than most will believe. Albany is organized crime – top to bottom – inside and out. BOYCOTT these worthless greedy rejects – ALL of them!!!!
Another legislative session is ending with NO good results. Albany is filled with dumb, greedy criminals that have only one skill – conning YOU into believing lies and deceptions and that they care about you.
Do YOU think YOUR elected official(s) is “one of the good ones?” WOW – YOU have been fooled!
What did Albany achieve this legislative session? NOTHING! NO jobs – NO gains on the SAFE Act, Common Core, Tax-free zones, fracking, the Moreland Commission, schools, education or Referendum. Every one of them say “It is isn’t me” – “it’s the other legislators”…..lol. Any one of them could have done more but didn’t do a single thing out of the ordinary. IMO – that makes every one of them GUILTY of high crimes – betrayal is a very high crime.
Across the state there was not one elected official who fought one tiny bit for YOUR benefit and rights. All the politicians will soon be touting that they are OUR friends and beg for donations and support. They should be BOYCOTTED. If YOU believe their excuses and lies about why they achieve NOTHING, you are a fool! Wake up – BOYCOTT all of them.
FYI: FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act WAS possible this year but many “organizations” did all they could to thwart grassroots efforts. They say, “We must fight it out in court.” That route shows that integrity and principles do not matter.
The NRA and SCOPE and NYSRPA are in lockstep – what they say is “Give us your money and let us fight this battle in court.” If you choose to believe those organizations and that their way is the best way – OK – give your money and walk away. If you believe that their way is nonsense – OK – stand and fight.
Face it, folks – we are living in an insane asylum, and the insane are leading US to more insanity.
News Flash: Your donations to politicians and membership fees gain YOU nothing. All it does is feed corrupt thinking and perpetuate wrongfulness.  BOYCOTT…..spend YOUR money on YOUR self-defense!
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