Just Two Years pb


by OPOVV, ©2015

(May 27, 2015) — But I really wouldn’t need two years, now would I? And I’ll tell you why. There are enough highly-qualified people, Patriotic Americans, who know the score and aren’t afraid to stand tall and speak the truth.

Some are very smart in the ways of commerce, and know that fiat money, otherwise known far and wide as Monopoly “play money,” isn’t the road to economic salvation, Praise the Lord. They see the light in abolishing the Fed and the IRS.

Some are wise in the way of “The Deal,” and those, or one of them, would be a great Secretary of State. And count on it, this person wouldn’t be giving billions to the enemy just so they’ll “be our friends.”

We know of one who would be placed in charge of the nation’s healthcare, and the first move would be to trash Obamacare.

There’s another one who would be the perfect appointee to deport illegal immigrants, and yet another to deport Muslims, and that person can’t be hoodwinked because of previous experience at the UN.

There are those among us who would be more than willing to have every child graduate from high school, and that’s any and every high school, competent in reading and writing skills.

We have competent people who have the knowledge and skills to set this country back on course, instead of the road currently traveled which will lead only to the total destruction of our Constitution. There is no denying the facts: unless we act, our country is lost.

We have stalwart and honorable military people with the talents that we need on the battlefield, instead of wasting away testifying before Congress or making commentaries on television. These are the people we need to be out there fighting the fight, while not hamstrung with petty and meaningless Rules Of Engagement. If the enemy runs and hides in a mosque, I’m requiring at least one, at the minimum, 500-lb. bunker buster on target, like now.

Two years. So the question is this: can America afford two years of OPOVV, or can American afford not to have OPOVV for two years?

Imagine, just competent people, and the heck with “reelection efforts” and “party line.” Just do the job at hand; get it done; and walk away. No “perks.” No “vacations.” No egocentric “legacy” nonsense. There’s no ego involved with anyone in the Administration. There’s no time for petty, childish behavior. It’s too late.

I say we can’t afford the way things used to be because the world isn’t what it used to be. Either we win, or we lose.

Two years. That’s all it’ll take.

Semper Fi


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