Are Republicans Responsible for America’s Demise?


by Sharon Rondeau

Ted Hayes at a rally supporting former Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who spent time in prison before receiving pardons from President George W. Bush

(May 19, 2015) — In the following interview, black activist and radio host Ted Hayes told The Post & Email how, when he visited Washington, DC two summers ago in an attempt to bring the plight of black unemployment and other “negative social statistics” to the attention of members of Congress on both the political left and right, his plan to offer a solution in the form of the “Moratorium Proposition” was ultimately rejected by both sides.

In a previous discussion, Hayes had described how Republicans have disappointed the black community repeatedly throughout history and how Democrats have actually spurned blacks while pretending to advocate for “civil rights.”  One his website, Hayes states that “…the present political entity known as the ‘Republican Party’ controlled by the elite Republican National Committee (RNC) and as well as State and County chapters of the GOP who have based national salvation upon the ‘sandy shores’ of the economic instead of ‘bedrock’ foundations of moral values are not Republican at all, but rather some lower form of Democrat or whatever.”

Hayes believes that Republicans have abandoned their original reason for organizing into a political party.  “The true definition of American Republicanism” Hayes writes, is:

…the political values system that has been a major part of American civic thought since the American Revolution of July 4,1776.

 The ideals of Republicanism not only caused the American Revolutionary War, but it also ignited also the Civil War, almost as its’ [sic] “part II”

Those American ideals focus is liberty and inalienable rights as central values, makes the people as a whole sovereign, rejects aristocracy and inherited political power, expects citizens to be independent in their performance of civic duties, and vilifies corruption.

He then told of his trip nearly two years ago to the nation’s capital to share his plan of elevating blacks and stopping illegal immigration, which neither a “conservative” white Republican nor “liberal” black Democrat would embrace.

I went to (Rep.) Steven King…he sold us out in March. He’s mostly responsible, in my opinion, as to why we lost our country.  We almost lost it; we aren’t quite done yet.  The Republicans caved in to Obama on his amnesty funding.  This is why I don’t trust the Republicans.  They betrayed us in 1887; they betrayed us in 1964, 1965, and in 1986 with the Reagan amnesty, and they betrayed us again when they gave in this year.

So Steven King, who’s supposed to be the immigrant guy for this country on Capitol Hill…I went to him.  I’ll tell you the exact date:  It was Saturday, July 15, 2013.  We went to Washington, DC; we had 81 black people from Los Angeles.  There were two buses from the organization called the Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA).  We held a march on DC for jobs and against illegal immigration as it affects black people.  We had 81 black people and one white person to DC on two buses.

At the end of the rally, Steven King was there.  I walked up to Steven King. Everybody wanted to get pictures; I didn’t want a picture with Steven King.  I gently grabbed him by his shoulders and I gently shook him and I said, “Congressman, look into my face; can you remember this face?” and he said, “Yeah.” (laughs) I explained to him the Moratorium Proposition; I said, “Can you support that?” and he said, “Yes, I can support that.  Get in touch with my office.”  I said, “You bet I’ll do that, sir.”

After that, Sen. Jeff Sessions walked by, and everybody wanted pictures with him.  I didn’t want a picture.  Once again, I grabbed him by both of his shoulders and gently shook him and said, “Wake up, sir. Look at my face.  Can you remember my face?”  And I said, “Sir, the Moratorium Proposition…” and he said, “Yeah, I can do that, absolutely.  Get in touch with my office!”  I said, “Alright.”

Rep. Danny Davis (D, IL7)

I had talked to Jeff Sessions’ office in the past, my guys, James Spencer and Terrence Lane.  We had been doing a lot of lobbying in DC; we had talked to Jeff Sessions’ office before about the effects of illegal immigration on black folks.  I got into a conversation with Danny Davis, a black congressman from Chicago, friend of Barack Obama. He is a staunch Democrat socialist.  A lot of people on the right think that he is a card-carrying communist.  I went to him and asked if I could meet with him, and he said, “Yes, come by my office.”  So I stopped in his office on Capitol Hill, and we talked for a long time.  He clearly understood what’s going on, like Maxine Waters…all the blacks understand what’s going on.  But they’re too scared.

I said, “Congressman, the Moratorium Proposition…” and he said, “Yeah.”  He realized that the Moratorium Proposition will put the business of black folks back on the front burner of our nation’s agenda as it was 150 years ago.

This was the first time that Sessions, King, and Davis had ever heard of the Moratorium Proposition, but all of them saw that it would put the plight of black people back on the nation’s #1 agenda, removing illegal immigration.  They also recognized that it puts Obama in a bad spot, with whom they’re upset anyway. If Obama can’t support this…oohh…

So Davis said, “We’ll support that, but if you can get those redneck, conservative Republicans, you know, racists – those white folks over there to actually support black folks again…a lot of stuff could happen.  We could get the Congressional Black Caucus involved. If you can go get that Tim Scott (the black senator from South Carolina) to be in a caucus, a brotherhood of two with me on this, man, you’ll get the whole CBC,” which would mean that the whole African-American community leadership would have to swing.  But they wouldn’t be swinging politically; they’d be swinging to the idea of, “Let’s take a look at this thing about the effects of immigration on black people before we go any further.  It makes perfect sense.”

Then Davis said, “But you can never get those white dudes to do that,” and I said, “OK.”

(Former Arizona State Sen.) Russell Pearce was on the telephone with me with his deputy, Eric Johnson, and Steven King’s deputy.  Pearce understood all of the stuff we talked about. We got Steven King on the phone, and we walked him through the process of the Moratorium Proposition.

This is not to embarrass or hurt anybody; I’m doing this to make some people wake up.  Steven King said that he had been praying all of his life for this answer. He said that not only will this Moratorium Proposition stop illegal immigration dead in its tracks and turn it back, but it will also get black people off the plantation once and for all.  He was elated.  Russell was there; Eric Johnson was there; they were all there.

Rep. Steven King (R-IA4)

But then King said, “You gotta get somebody from the Black Caucus on board.”  And I said, “Sir, we have Danny Davis.”  “Danny Davis?” he said.  “Yes, Danny Davis is on board with this, sir.  You and he need to begin to communicate and organize.”

So I went back to Danny Davis and I said, “Danny, guess what?  I got a white guy from the Republican Tea Party!”  “Who you got?” “I got Steven King.  You know Steven King?”  “Yeah, I know Steven King; he’s far right; that dude’s got issues…” and I said, “Of course, but he agrees with you.  That’s the point; the far left and the far right are agreeing on something that is moral and sensible. Isn’t that wonderful?”  And he said, “Yeah.”

So we began to move these two pieces together, Sen. Pearce and I.  I regret to say that Danny Davis and Steven King both mutually – when they looked into what I call the black hole, the black abyss, the black vortex of the problems and the challenges that has black people with the sins of chattel slaves trapped in the madness that we’re trapped in that has us leading the nation in every negative social statistic –  when they looked into that, they realized it can’t be fixed.  That’s a hopeless cause.

We have spent $40 trillion on these people since 1965.  We have given them a national holiday; we have given them Black History Month; we’ve given them everything.  Look at this state.  Black liberals do not really focus on the plight of black folks historically.  They take on things like Ferguson and Trayvon and hollow racism, but they’re not serious about addressing the needs of these people in this hole.

When you see black conservatives not addressing the needs in this hole; when you see black liberals running and black conservatives running from these people, naturally that congressman, Danny Davis, is not going to be responsible for bringing this issue to the fore because then the world will say, “OK, Danny Davis:  lead us in fixing this.”  He is not going to have any of that on his record.  He would rather people stay on the plantation because it makes him a living, keeps his lifestyle going; it takes care of his family, his friends.

Same with Steven King.  As patriotic as he waves that flag and talks about moral issues – it’s about the rule of law – this man also recognized, “If I put this issue up again as it has not been since 1865, and people look to me and I don’t have any answers, that finishes my career.”  Not only that, but the Republicans, who the Democrats know are afraid – that’s why they do what they do – the Republicans know that Steven King’s office told me several years ago, before the Moratorium Proposition, I had sent his office something called the Martin Luther King Dream Act to counter the so-called DREAM Act. I sent it to him, his chief deputy read it; we were talking on the phone, I had a witness on the phone; and he said to me, “We’re not going to support the Martin Luther King Dream Act.”  and I said, “Why not?” He said, “Because it’s too controversial.” And I said, “What do you mean?”  And he said, “Well, the Hispanic community…” This is what he said, and I’m paraphrasing:  “We have won presidential elections since 1968; we have won more presidential elections, without the black vote.  We Republicans don’t need the black vote.”

That’s politics…and politics runs on money and numbers.  I don’t think he was being racist.  “So if we pick up the Martin Luther King Dream Act and go with that and it clearly exposes the wrongs of the DREAM Act, we will lose the Hispanic vote, and that is the emerging vote.  Sixty-eight thousands Hispanic teens turn 18 every day across this country.  It’s the votes.  We can’t lose that.  Why should we take on a lost people?”

That’s basically what we are.  That’s why you don’t see strong outreach into the black community by the Republicans. So when blacks whine, “Republicans need to do outreach with us,” I say, “Dudes, they don’t need you.”

So Steven King, a far-right conservative, and Danny Davis, a far-left liberal, both correctly recognized that they cannot touch this issue because no one can fix it.  Republicans recognize that if they did, they could beat Obama tomorrow or today if they want.  All they have to do is bring up the issue of slavery, or reparations, for that matter.  Because if reparations are owed, they’re owed by the Democrats.  They’d skip over Barack Obama’s skin color right away.  We will then win the fight against illegal immigration; we’ll win the fight against the Muslims; we’ll drive back the socialists.   But the problem is this:  once we’ve won those battles, guess what we still need to do?  We still need to fix the black problem.

I think we black folks are the most patriotic people in the country.  We’ve fought every single war this white man has gone out and gotten himself into.  We have fought and died heroically, and we’ve come home, and what’s still here?  Jim Crow, racism, bigotry.  We still love America, though.  We will give our lives for this country, and I love this country.  But the problem is that the people in the Republican Party are afraid that if they did this, they would have to fix it.  And they can’t fix it.  The Democrats would say, “See, black people?  The Republicans pimped you-all again.”  And that will really be the end of the Republican Party.

But this is the secret as to why the Republicans refuse to use the race card back at Obama and them:  because they don’t want to deal with us.  This is why they would rather take their chances on the illegal-alien population than work with us. And this is why they’re going to lose the country.  God’s going to chastise this country because of the immoral behavior of the Republican Party.  Not the Democrats; the Republican Party.

If I had money, and one day maybe I will – maybe God will bless me – I’m going to sue the GOP in Washington, DC to drop that name, to put that name down.  I can prove that they are not who they say they are.  That name, “Republican,” has almost gotten me killed in my community here in Los Angeles.  People want to hurt me because I claim to be a Republican, not because of the true Republicans, but because of these fake Republicans like Boehner and those guys.  They need to drop that name.

“Unlike the Democratic Party or any other political entity in history, that which dared to associate itself with the high moral station of Republicanism within the United States of America, abandoned that noble mission in preference of the same agendas, thereby loosing its way leaving a vacuum to be filled with matters that are of a contrary nature to society.

“Proclaiming and initially embracing the moral values of GOD only to abandon them makes those who call themselves ‘republican’ and not behaving themselves accordingly, is corruption worse than that of the Democrats.” — Ted Hayes

2 Responses to "Are Republicans Responsible for America’s Demise?"

  1. Loggia   Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 9:02 AM

    Interesting to read Drudge’s tweet about the TPP clandestine deal to which McConnell and Boehner affixed their imprimatur:

    “If Republicans lose 2016, it can be traced to tonight’s trade deception. At least with Hillary we get Sex, Drugs and Lawrence Welk!”

  2. gigclick   Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 12:37 AM

    The RNC is highly divided, doesn’t have the money the DNC steals to gain solidarity between their “members” like the DNC. The RNC “Tea Party” didn’t want anything to do with Bob Campbell at “American Grand Jury Online” when over 300 members tries to serve Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud charges against Bari Malik Shabazz and DNC members for falsifying Obama’s Constitutional Eligibility in 2008. Biden and Pelosi signed the DNC Papers to vet Obama knowing Obama was illegal as a dual citizen under Art.2. The worse is yet to come as this crime spree has planted seeds of incredible destruction. Having to watch this over nearly 7 years has been disgusting as there has been an endless lineup of these DNC goons. 2016 is coming-make informed votes-if you want America to be here as we know it in the near future.


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